Why You Should Buy the Latest Mid-Range Phone Over an Old Flagship Model

Complete Information About Why You Should Buy the Latest Mid-Range Phone Over an Old Flagship Model

Yes, flagship phones might look more appealing with aggressive designs and more premium build materials, but are they actually better than the latest mid-range phone? The answer to this is not as simple as you think. You should also consider the fact that flagship phones aren’t good for everyone as people have different preferences. 

We’ve listed all the major reasons why buying the latest mid-range phone makes more sense than an old flagship. Before you scroll down to discover where you stand in all this, we cannot overstate the importance of having a reliable and fast internet connection at your home. Apart from catering to your connectivity and entertainment needs, a fast connection makes sure that all mobile phone users in a house get to install the app updates timely to stay protected and enjoy the best features available. All this without sacrificing bandwidth or paying a hefty premium. 

Consider using Quantum Fiber internet because of its super-fast speeds, affordable prices, and no data overage charges or cancellation fees. This kind of value proposition is hard to beat. Reverting to the topic, here is why a mid-range phone is a better buy than an old flagship phone.

Better value for money

Mid-range phones cater to the average consumer that wants a decent smartphone experience without sacrificing any of the important features. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad phones and have nothing good to offer. On the contrary, mid-range phones have caught up with the latest tech in most areas.

When a flagship phone is launched, users are actually paying for the R&D that went into manufacturing that technological marvel and the premium to be the first ones to use it. As time passes, the tech trickles down because it becomes widely available and is not new anymore. While that might put off enthusiasts, most mid-range phones are better suited to cater to an average user’s needs. 

Better battery life

Mid-range phones often have better battery lives than their flagship counterparts. One reason why that is that manufacturers don’t have to cram too many powerful components inside the smartphone, thus freeing up space for a bigger battery. Secondly, the components used in these phones demand less power. For example, most flagship phones come with a Periscopic camera that physically moves to offer lossless zoom. This consumes more power than budget camera hardware with no moving parts. 

Similarly, these phones don’t have some advanced features like a higher refresh rate, wireless charging, and curved displays to take up more real estate. All this translates into better battery life. 

Latest software and longer software support

Google keeps releasing newer versions of Android, and Apple does the same with its iOS versions. Getting the latest phone means that it will ship with the latest available software right out of the box. You won’t have to spend any time waiting for the manufacturer to release a software update for your specific model.

Every year, all major smartphone manufacturers release a ton of new phones in the market. After the initial release, they have to keep releasing regular updates as per the norm. This makes it difficult for the manufacturer to cater to older devices. Moreover, an old phone has already consumed most of its update cycle before you buy it, which means fewer updates in the future. However, if you get the latest mid-range phone, you can keep enjoying security and software updates for longer. 

More accessories

Apple started the trend of trimming down phone boxes in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly. We’re getting into whether that’s the right way to go about this or not. It just is, and you have to deal with it. Taking the cue from Apple, almost all other smartphone manufacturers have eliminated accessories like a charger and earphones from their flagship phones.

One could argue that a person who’s buying a $1300 phone can afford to spend a bit more bucks on a charger. However, a person buying a mid-range phone doesn’t want to spend any more bucks on the phone, that’s why they’re looking at the budget offerings. This is why these same manufacturers include chargers and accessories with their budget offerings, which is good news for you. 

More connectivity options and features

Tech trends can be weird sometimes as we’ve all witnessed the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from most modern phones except Sony. You have to use a separate dongle if you want to connect your 3.5mm headphones to your phone. Fortunately, this hasn’t trickled down to budget phones just yet, and you’ll find it on most of them. The same goes for expandable storage and IR blaster. 


If you’re not a tech enthusiast or a brand loyalist, getting a flagship phone in today’s market doesn’t make much sense. You’ll be surprised to see how far mid-range phones have come since the early days. You can do most of your tasks without any hiccups on these phones and not break the bank in the process. Choose wisely and stay happy. 

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