Microsoft Rewards Roblox (Dec) Scroll Down for Steps

Microsoft Rewards Roblox 2020

Microsoft Rewards Roblox (Dec) Scroll Down for Steps >> This article is content about the right procedure to get free Robux from the Microsoft Store. The steps may surprise you.

These days, most people look after the free Microsoft rewards that they can redeem from their earning points for the Xboxes and the Microsoft stores, or the Microsoft gift cards. However, some people are getting cheated by the dodgy sellers. People these days has controlled by the digital world. Therefore, they are very much encouraged by the Roblox games.

Most of the young adults are getting involved with those games, and they want the shower of free Robux. Therefore, it is essential to find out it is possible to get free Robux from the Microsoft Rewards Roblox or not for the United States residents.

What is Microsoft Rewards?

Signing up for the Microsoft Rewards, you can get 100 Robux free. You can get it from the free program of Microsoft rewards. Logging on, you will get five points for every search. You can get it from the below activities. After saving the points, you can redeem them from the Microsoft Store online and Windows 10. Here are some of the rewards as followed.

  • Roblox Gift Cards
  • Sweepstakes (toward a chance at winning on the Xbox series, A pro X bundle, and many more)
  • Xbox cards that include game passes and live Xbox games
  • Gift cards towards your favourite outlets such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, Hulu, Starbucks, etc.
  • Free Robux Microsoft Rewards 

How to Get 100 Microsoft Rewards for Free

As per the online gamers, it is possible to get free Robux till 100 through the Microsoft rewards games. Here are the following steps.

Step #1: go to the Microsoft Rewards

Step #2: click on the button “Join Now to Claim Your Robux.”

Step #3: Create a new account

Step #4: Scroll down to the button “More Activities.”

Step #5: Click on the option “Claim your Robux” and then click on “Redeem Now.”

Step #6: Click “Redeem Rewards”

Step #7: Now, complete your phone verification.

After these seven steps, you will get the Free Robux Microsoft Rewards through your email account soon.

After that, enter your PIN, which is provided in your email, and complete the verifications.

Now, find out your free Robux on the top-right corner of your profile.


  • One should create a new Account on Microsoft to get the free Robux because a Microsoft account will not provide and redemption for 100 Robux once you confirm.
  • Only the gamers from the United States can get free Robux promotional.
  • The promotional offer for the Microsoft Rewards Robloxwill be valid till 16th March 2021, 11.59 PM ST.

The simplest wat to get Microsoft Robux free

  • Complete your daily activities.
  • Click on the “more Activities” after the scheduled ones.
  • Complete the quest punch.
  • Earn more than 5 points for every Bing search.
  • Ensure that you are logged in from the current Microsoft account.

The Final Verdict:

Microsoft Rewards Roblois open to all. However, one must apply the right ways to get it. Also, you must know the activities that bring you more and more Robux from the Microsoft Store. Remember that getting quick money is not the right way of earning. Also, Microsoft provides its users with lots of Robux. Make sure that you are correctly applying those processes.

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