Mesa County Mask Mandate {Oct} Read On Mesa Mandate!


Mesa County Mask Mandate {Oct} Read On Mesa Mandate! >> The essential details about newsletter released by governor of Mesa County for Corona precautions.

The country with the most number of corona cases is the United States, where the President himself is infectious. The country’s citizens are not taking the situation of a pandemic seriously, so the fatality number is more than two lakhs in the country.

The country and the states need to take necessary strict actions to overcome the situation. Otherwise, people will continue to get corona infection, and the death rate will keep increasing. Therefore, keeping the case in mind, the governor of Mesa County, a Colorado country, has a mandate.

The mandate is about wearing a face-covering in public. All the people above the age of ten need to compulsorily wear masks or else that can become prey to legal actions. Read more details on theMesa County Mask Mandate further.

Where is Mesa County?

Mesa County is one of the 64 counties of Colorado that is a state in the United States. The government has a population of 1.5 lakhs and has a mandatory policy of wearing masks due to the corona.

News Release from the governor’s office:

The Governor Jared Polis of the Mesa County released an order on mandatory covering the face with a cloth mask whenever you are in public, mostly indoors. He said that social distancing is not possible everywhere, and thus wearing a mask in enclosed areas can help prevent the corona infection.

Mesa County Mask Mandate says that all the Coloradans who are above ten needs to wear a mask as this is essential for the economy’s growth, and it is for the county’s benefit. The citizens’ health is of most importance, and thus all must wear a mask that should cover your nose.  

Who needs to wear a mask?

‘Mesa County Mask Mandate’ says the people going in an enclosed area need to cover their faces with a mask compulsorily. The enclosed area is not a person’s home or a room in the hotel or motel, or any private place limited to 2-3 people.  

The people need to wear a mask while availing services like public transports, taxi, rails, and mass transportation. All the students at an educational facility need to wear a mask.

Who exempts from the mandate?

The following people exempt from the rule of ‘Mesa County Mask Mandate’:

  • All the people who have a hearing disability and are talking to people who are also hearing disabled, then lip sign is necessary to understand the language.
  • All the people who are in a restaurant or an eating place need not wear a mask.
  • People who are availing of a personal service where a mask is a hindrance need not wear it.
  • All the people engaged in religious service, giving a speech for broadcasting, people involved in the essential services like fire extinguishers or medial field people need not to wear a mask.


The final line on the ‘Mesa County Mask Mandate’ is that all the people going in an enclosed area need to wear a mask and cover their face upto the nose. Only the people exempted from this rule need not to wear a mask. The government is necessary for the economy, and the citizen must follow it. 

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