Mellifluously Reviews (Sep 2020) Explore About This Album!

Mellifluously Reviews

Mellifluously Reviews (Sep 2020) Explore About This Album! >> The article outlines the significant features of a newly launched, exciting music album.

No one in this world does not love to hear great music. Music of different genres appeals to everyone’s senses. Thus, there are many die-hard fans of various genres of music. Apart from the pleasure that listening to good music provides, it has many cathartic values also. Music therapy has been known to uplift people from various lows in their lives. 

It has also been used to treat various diseases. Hence, it’s no wonder that singers and songwriters regularly come up with new albums, and people listen to them with great elan.

An album that has been recently released in the music circles is Mellifluous. It has been launched in the United States. Right now, the audio is available in Amazon, and many music lovers might be excited to know about Mellifluously Reviews and how it has fared in the music scene, or is it something to look out for.

What is Mellifluously?

It is a music album that has been recently released. It has been created by the artist Sunshine for The Masses. The artist is based in Denver, Colorado. He has previously sung many songs like Spelling Tuesday, Slowly (Fast), How!!, Summer, 1.1, Last Train, Lugubrious, Satellite, and Sleep. 

The artist’s real name is Nathan Harms. The album can also be found on the site The mellifluous album has a total of nine songs starting with ‘When It’s Done’ and ending with ‘Save me (With Your Love)’.


  • Product type: A digital music album from the singer Nathan Harms called Sunshine For The Masses.
  • The songs can be downloaded or heard online.
  • The run time of the whole album is around 36 minutes.
  • The album is self-released on Amazon and the creator’s website.
  • The product dimensions are 5.5 x 5.5 x 0.25 inches; 2.5 Ounces

Pros of Mellifluous album

  • The people have the option of listening to the album either online or through download.
  • It has various songs that can appeal to a wide age-group of people.
  • The album seems to have nice sound and vocals.
  • The album is priced decently at around $10.00

Cons of Mellifluous album

  • There are not many Mellifluously Reviews available on the internet.
  • The artist is not quite popular in various platforms.

Is Mellifluously legit?

After examining the album from various places, we have concluded that the singer is not popular or well-known. But that doesn’t mean that he is some fake person trying to sell something in the guise of a music album.

As a matter of fact, he has sung many songs earlier and has a legit account and a profile on However, there are no customer feedback or reviews on the album, which can naturally lead one to believe that the album or product is not genuine. However, that does not seem to be the case here.

Scroll down Mellifluously Reviews below for more clarity.

What are people saying about Mellifluously?

As mentioned above, there are hardly any Mellifluously Reviews present on the singer’s profile on his website or anywhere else. It seems like not many people are aware of this singer. Hence, they haven’t tried listening to his album.

In amazon, one can see that the album has received a five-star rating and only one positive review. His previous album is also available on amazon. Here too, like Mellifluously, only one review is present, which is a positive one. The album was released on July 31, 2019.

Final verdict

To conclude, we can say that in the absence of Mellifluously Reviewsone cannot really form a definite opinion regarding the album or product. Although the creator seems to have worked hard on the songs, yet the lack of popularity or any evidence of its influence anywhere make it difficult for us to see it in a good light. 

At the same time, there is no harm in trying out a new kind of music. Many new songwriters and singers are trying to establish their mark, and Nathan Harms, the man behind Sunshine for The Masses, seems to be one of them. 

The songs primarily deal with joy as opposed to his previous album, which mainly dealt with depression.

It is worth mentioning here that since the album is digital, one can play it on their devices. By listening to the album without actually downloading it, you can form a fair view of the songs. It’s a nice way of knowing if the songs of the particular artist appeal to you or not.

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