5 Things That Are Used In A Medical College

Top 5 Things That Are Used In A Medical College

Medical students spend long hours in medical college as they learn about various aspects of the human body. During their time in medical college, medical students get acquainted with human anatomy and organs. They also learn about the causes of diseases and the ways to cure those diseases. There are several items that a medical college requires to train a student to become a competent professional doctor.

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5 Things That Are Regularly Used In A Medical College

Surgical Equipment And Implants

When a medical student undertakes a class on a human dissection he is introduced to various surgical implements. In earlier days surgical equipment and implants were very rarely available in micrometer dimensions. However, in the present day, most surgeries require micro-implants. microneedles etc. This is because this equipment helps in performing less invasive surgeries.

Today most patients and doctors prefer less invasive surgeries because they reduce blood and speed up recovery times. Hence, medical colleges use equipment manufactured using medical micro molding techniques to teach their students.

Medical micro molding techniques are used for the manufacturing of microneedles, dental implants etc. Micro molding produces high-precision instruments and delicate implants that weigh as little as a single gram. Today, microneedles find a host of applications in skin treatments and eye surgeries. 

For skin injections, microneedles are used to create tiny painless holes through which medicines can be injected. For the treatment of the eye micro apparatus can be used to target the delicate and fine internal structures of the eye.

Bone Sets And Anatomical Models

Medical students are required to carry a set containing all the bones of the body during their first year in college. These bones may be real human bones or 3D bones made using PVC. These bones help a student study the shapes and sizes of various bones as they occur in the human body. Moreover, they also help in studying the regions in which muscles attach to the bones of the body.

An anatomy model helps students understand the positions of various internal organs like the spleen, the liver in the body. Moreover, these anatomical models are often used to disassemble and then reassemble various organs. This helps in a better understanding of the human body. They also help understand the connections between the organs of the body via blood vessels and nerves. 

Dissection Boxes

A fresh medical student purchases a dissection box. A dissection box consists of several instruments like scissors, magnifying glass etc. Apart from this, a dissection box has forceps of various dimensions, it has needles, coverslips to cover slides after specimen preparation etc. 

These days many medical colleges have dissection rooms fitted with devices such as a webcam for classrooms. These serve many purposes; they help maintain discipline in the dissection rooms. They also make the classes more manageable when a single teacher has to oversee many students.

Lab Equipment

Doctors and medical students usually wear a white lab coats during their working hours. The white lab coat has traditionally been used by the medical fraternity as a sign of their profession. Apart from this wearing a lab coat or an apron during dissections helps protect the clothes from being soiled. 

Apart from white lab coats, medical colleges need latex gloves in large quantities. Hence, the medical college authorities can get in touch with good latex surgical gloves suppliers. A contract with these suppliers will ensure that the medical college keeps getting its regular supply of latex gloves. 

Latex gloves have many advantages like they provide a good fit on the hands. Thus, they fit tightly on the fingers and are comfortable while performing surgeries and dissections. 

Latex gloves are also highly durable. Hence, they do not tear even if worn for long hours. 

Labs also use glass medical containers for conducting pathology experiments and for doing other kinds of texts. These glass medical equipment are sanitary to use and also do ot chemically change the properties of the samples given for assessment.


Most people associate a stethoscope with a doctor. Most medical students also use stethoscopes while they are going for rounds visiting patients who have been admitted to the hospitals. A stethoscope is a device made from a ptfe tube that helps amplify and hear the internal sounds of the body like the pulsations of the heart. 

A stethoscope has two earpieces with which a doctor can listen to the sounds that are amplified using a resonator. A doctor can make a diagnosis about the improper functioning of body parts based on the sounds he hears in his stethoscope.


Medical implements like dissection tools, stethoscopes, anatomical charts and models form the basic foundation of a medical student’s training. When a medical student feels confident in using this equipment he can go ahead to practice on live patients.

Young students usually assist senior doctors in real surgeries and perfect their skill sets. Thus, mastering the use of instruments right from college is important for being a good doctor. It is this dedication to long college hours that make a great doctor, who serves the needs of society at large.

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