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Complete Information About Meda Heights Review

While the flat I’ve been renting has served me well, it was finally time for a change. Several variables, including closeness to employment, safety, and the availability of necessities like supermarkets and schools, prompted me to investigate potential new communities and locations.

Additional personal space was a driving factor in my house hunt. Apartment life has its drawbacks, such as limited closet space and the constant presence of neighbours. So I thought, If I owned a house, I could alter its layout and decor to better suit my preferences. I looked for a new place to live for weeks, but nothing was affordable or met my other criteria. I happened to come across the Meda Heights project on NoBroker’s website. The claims of high-end features, cutting-edge design, and reasonable rates piqued my interest.

I went through the website because I was curious. I was delighted by the website’s detailed descriptions of the complex’s numerous features, such as its many floor layouts, pool, and rooftop club. The trip further increased my admiration for the large rooms, beautiful scenery, and helpful personnel. When I set foot in Meda Heights, I knew it was the ideal place to settle down. Thus, this Meda Heights review is based on personal experience. 

Top-Notch Meda Heights Amenities 

The modern fitness centre in Meda Heights makes it simple for residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The complex’s magnificent swimming pool is ideal for relaxation and recreation during the hot summer months. The rooftop lounge at Meda Heights is one of the property’s most notable features, as it offers breathtaking views of the neighbouring area.

It is a wonderful place to relax and socialise with neighbours and friends. The on-site laundry facility eliminates the need for residents to travel to a laundromat, making it convenient for them to do their laundry without leaving the complex. Parking is abundant here, ensuring residents never fret about finding a spot. The complex has a maintenance staff available around the clock to resolve potential problems. 

Finding an affordable home with enough facilities can be difficult for many people. Meda Heights Housing Complex, on the other hand, is a great compromise for individuals like me who don’t want to spend a fortune but still want to live in a high-end neighbourhood. You’ll be surprised to know the Meda Heights price for each apartment. The complex offers a range of floor plans, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments priced between 1.01 Crores and 1.34 Crores.

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A House In Meda Heights

Location advantages

Due to its prominent location in the IT Corridor, one of Bangalore’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, Meda Heights offers its residents exceptional lifestyle options. A few kilometres separate Columbia Asia Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, Swastik Hospital, Parkmed Hospital, and Ayur Central. Top-tier educational institutions such as The Scholars Montessori, Brilliant Beginnings, and Anjanadri High School are nearby. The Carmelaram train station is just seven minutes away. I am near several supermarkets, making grocery shopping convenient.

First-rate amenities

The complex features a variety of abundant amenities, including a fitness centre, swimming pool, rooftop lounge, and pet-friendly areas. These amenities make it simple for residents to maintain an active lifestyle, interact with friends and neighbours, and live life to the fullest. Residents of Media Heights are part of a thriving community. The complex sponsors numerous events and activities throughout the year, uniting residents and fostering a sense of community.

About Meda Constructions

MEDA Constructions, founded in 1985, is a remarkable company that guarantees construction quality and the dependability of strategy in the real estate profession. The technical staff at Meda has been responsible for ensuring the building’s technological superiority. Meda has the absolute capacity to provide cutting-edge technology in numerous construction-related areas. They have concluded more than ten projects and are constructing three exclusive projects.


In conclusion, Media Heights Housing Complex is a good choice for people seeking a high standard of living combined with a convenient location. The complex provides its members with various amenities that facilitate an active and social lifestyle, such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, rooftop lounge, and pet-friendly spaces.

Those who value convenience and affordability often choose Media Heights because of its excellent location and the strong feeling of community there. Thousands of verified property listings on surely helped me in finding the best properties in Bangalore. I would highly recommend you check the listings on the NoBroker website before heading to the sites.  

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