Mcdonalds Sainsburys Review (Sep 2020) Explore More.

Mcdonalds Sainsburys Review

Mcdonalds Sainsburys Review (Sep 2020) Explore More. >> This article speaks about an outlet of a popular fast-food chain.

McDonalds always brings in memories of childhood and Happy Meals with it. Whether you are in the United States or the United Kingdom or anywhere globally, McDonalds evokes fond memories of their sumptuous food.

Today at McDonald’s Sainsburys Reviewswe will try and evoke those memories while jotting down details about McDonalds’s new outlet at Sainsbury, Crawley Sainsbury Drive Through.

So, stay with us till the end and do let us know if this was helpful for you.

McDonald’s Sainsbury- a Few Details

The McDonalds Sainsbury outlet is at Crawley Avenue West Green, Crawley RH10 8NF, United Kingdom. It is easily accessible by car and is open from 6 am till 11 pm as other outlets of the United States.

McDonalds Sainsburys Reviews checked the menu for all our readers and found every item on the usual McDonald’s menu. 

The outlet is facing the main road and has both drive-in takeout and seat in facilities. Though smaller than usual McDonald outlets, McDonald Sainsbury maintains acceptable hygiene standards and is clean. There is a sizable staff, trained and helpful.

Overall, McDonalds Sainsbury can be called a standard McDonald Outlet. 

What are people saying?

It is an open secret that McDonald’s share fans in the United Kingdom, the United States, or worldwide. McDonalds Sainsburys Reviews found further affirmation on the same when they reached out to customers of this outlet.

Most customers rated it average, “It’s McDonalds” is what the majority replied. Some felt this was the best alternative if you have a movie to watch as any other takeout would be late. Many customers in the seat in the arrangement were mainly kids from 10 years to even teens close to 15 years old, and they loved the food.

While people of all ages used the take-out services, it seemed the seat in customers were mostly unaccompanied children or an occasional adult. 

McDonald’s Sainsburys Reviews approached a few adults as well to get a better picture of the service. Here we came to know that the outlet is infamous for lousy service. Wrong take out orders and rude behavior is typical. Customers were more forthcoming about one staff named Amelia, who is usually responsible for such debacles.

The online reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, and others also confirmed the same. However, McDonalds’ service and quality depend on the shift and timings or day one visits, which applies to the United Kingdom, the United States, and worldwide.

Final Verdict

McDonalds Sainsburys Review would recommend the Sainsbury outlet to people. Although several people reportedly had a bad experience, the outlet is immensely popular. In fact, in June 2020. when the outlet reopened post-COVID, cars choked the roads of Crawley and authorities had to intervene.

Do visit McDonald’s at Sainsbury if you visit Crawleys in the United Kingdom from the United States or elsewhere. 

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  1. Ameliah actually spit on my food when I told her I didn’t get my burger. A lot of attitude in her voice when I ordered. All in all very bad service

  2. Ameliah should be fired. To begin the ordering process she came on the speaker and not only made me wait for at least 20 minutes but then mocked the fact that I am of African descent by not only saying “Wakanda forever” but also saying that I am so black she had mistaken for a piece of shit. Then as if I thought things could not get any worse she mocked the fact that I work in fast food and suggested that I should kiss her ass and “ take her stupid ass fucking dumbass job” and then after several minutes of making insults to my heritage she finally and this very miserable encounter by throwing a cup of lemon to the face and sexually assaulting me for what appeared to for a makeshift sex tape of her costumers. The worst part was when I asked to speak to her manager she denied me service and cut my dogs penis off with a hatchet and shot him in the eye with an AK-47. Just a miserable hour of my life that I will never get back.

  3. Some girl called ahmelia thought it would be funny to throw cups of hot coffee on to me and my 3 children, we received 3rd degree burns are traumatised. We will seek legal action if ahmelia is not immediately fired.

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