McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift {Oct} Know Reality Here!

Latest News McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift

Have you got any text stating McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift? Read here to know if the message is a scam or real.

Hey guys, are you unaware of the recent scam being carried out in the name of Mcdonald’s anniversary? This page is going to show complete knowledge of this fraud. The fraud occurrence are mostly found in the Philippines. Indeed there are many other nations too.

Recently, the fraudsters tried to circulate fake text on social media about McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift. However, this was done via social sites, but the scammers also shared this with users through messages.

Well, get extra details of this scam going through this page discussion further.

Latest News Regarding McDonald’s Scam

Well, we saw many sources supplying the controversy of the McDonald’s text scam. It’s said that scammers over social media posted a link saying it’s about McDonald’s anniversary gift. The text was sent to users through messages too.

That text asks people to visit the link and get whatever gift they desire through McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift.

Clicking on the provided link will give a dollar seven hundred coupon gift. The text was delivered to many individuals, mostly through Facebook. Thus, many of them have been scammed.

Users who opened the link weren’t directed to McDonald’s. Instead, they got diverted to some other websites. So, beware of these scam links circulating everywhere.

However, we will suggest some tips to stay away from getting trapped by fraudsters. Please continue to read down the information given below.

Details About McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift

  • The texts are sent to users mostly via Facebook and also through instant texts.
  • The text asks the innocent receivers to open the link
  • The text promises to give gifts of $700 to people. Although, individuals has to send the same text to other members
  • These texts are frauds. People need to stay away.
  • The link doesn’t reach to McDonald’s site when opened
  • We saw that McDonald’s anniversary had been celebrated before.

How To Be Safe From These Scams?

However, you may be safe from being scammed by McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift if you follow the listed points.

  • Don’t open any links without authentic knowledge about the links
  • Don’t share or post any text with others without any proper knowledge about the same
  • Don’t share any personal information about yourself if asked
  • Block such kinds of texts or pages sharing these scam links.

How To Examine The McDonalds Scam Text?

By examining the text and what it states. The McDonald text states:

  • A promise to provide gifts of approx. $700
  • People can get free rewards by clicking the link
  • Ask people to answer some questions
  • Ask users to open the provided link


So, McDonalds 66th Anniversary Gift text is certainly a scam message that is spreading everywhere. There is no official post made by McDonalds Instagram page about any anniversary or such gift rewards. 

So, beware, and don’t get scammed by any such tricks by following the listed points of being safe.

Have you received any such scam text? Please comment below.

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