Marvin Roger Law (Sep 2020) Scanty Review for Clarity.

Marvin Roger Law

Marvin Roger Law (Sep 2020) Scanty Review for Clarity. >> In this article, you explored a fake e-mail scam!

Do you receive an e-mail from Marvin Roger Law? The Attorney Office of the Marvin Roger firm was recently in the news for the fake e-mail sent to many people in the United States. The phony e-mail was claimed to be sent from the company.

The insurance-related people’s e-mail from Marvin Roger Law stated that the receiver is about to receive some amount. This article will provide you with all the details of a fake e-mail to make people aware of this scam.

Is Marvin Roger Law e-mail Trustworthy?

The insurance-related e-mail news is being circulated over the internet. It is claimed to be sent by the attorney office of Marvin Roger Law. The reputed and legitimate attorney desk has denied sending such e-mails. It is just a phishing scam sent by cyber crooks.

Hence, we request people not to believe any message that asks you for your personal or bank details. A legit company will never ask any details through electronic media. 

What is Marvin Roger’s law?

Marvin Roger Law is a trusted and legitimate company in Toronto that provides comprehensive and personal solutions to legal issues. It helps in resolving legal issues that may arise intersect or independently. Besides, the reputed company’s lawyers resolve law disputes of families, plan to draft wills and power of attorney, business law solutions by taking the necessary step in resolving the issues.

The legit company that offers holistic legal solutions to the people in Toronto for more than twenty years was in the news for fraudulent e-mail sent by the scammers in their name.

However, it is not sent by this law firm. Believing such messages will land you in a trap of scammers. 


The news of an insurance e-mail is circulated over the social media platforms that claim to be sent from the reputed Marvin Roger Law firm’s lawyers. The receivers believed in the message to get some amount through the documents left by their deceased relatives. Many receivers paid the amount. They are now worried about getting their money back, which they paid for the sender’s processing fee. 

To avoid such scams, we advise ignoring the e-mails or any message that asks to pay the amount or bank details. People who have received such e-mails can report to the nearest local authorities or report officially to the Federal Trade Commission.

Final Verdict:

Many users in the United States received an e-mail stating that they are supposed to receive some amount through their relatives’ insurance documents left at the attorney office. It asks the receiver to represent their deceased relative that will help the receiver get funds. The fake lawyer that claims to belong from Marvin Roger Law asks for a fee to process the documents. Many of the target victims made the payment to receive the insurance money left by their deceased relative.

However, it never happens. It is a phishing scam targeting innocent people using the name of a trusted law firm. We advise you to share this information with your loved ones to make them aware of such fake e-mails. 

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