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Martlifestyle Review,

Martlifestyle Reviews [June] | Think Before Buying Here! >>  This article talks about a website which sells grooming products.

Do you want to buy household products from a good website? Then Martlifestyle.Com has various such kinds of products. The products are sold at reasonable prices on this website. However, the buyer has specific queries about how valid this website is, that is getting popular in the United State and the United Kingdom.

In this review of Martlifestyle.Com, we have included all the benefits and disadvantages of getting products from this website. Read this Martlifestyle Reviews to get an insight into this website and its products. 

What is 

It is a shopping website that sells a good range of products. These products are quite useful for you, such as Dent Remover for cars and Instaflex Trainer for your abs. With Instaflex trainer, you can flex all parts of your body, including ab, glutes, shoulder, arms, and chest. So, it’s an ideal way to lose weight without hitting the gym. 

There are various products for grooming on this website, such as Makeup Sponge and Ionic Hair Brush. This hairbrush produces ions and helps remove any curls from your hair. So, it kinds of straightens the hair. Save yourself again and again from going to the parlor to get your hair straightened. 

This brush is an excellent and useful commodity and is sold at a price of Rs 1881.98. It is a reasonable price given the utility of this brush. You can opt for any color of this brush, pink, purple, or black. 

If you are fond of gardening but hate to get your hands dirty, then you must opt for the Gardening Wizard gloves sold on this website. While wearing these gloves, you can easily plant seeds and trim the plants without getting any dirt on your hands. 

There is also a Reclining Chair sold on this website. It moves to and fro and is a perfect accessory for holiday trips. It can be packed easily because of the aluminum frame. It can stand perfectly well on the rough ground also. When tired from excursions on a trip, you can comfortably rest on this chair. 

There is an LED maskwith seven different lights. These lights are perfect for curing various skin problems like acne, aging, oily skin, inflammation of the skin, fine lines, and loose skin. So, no need to use botox for removing the fine lines from your face. You can get perfect wrinkle-free skin with this mask. LED treatment is quite beneficial for the skin and is used by spas worldwide now. 

Specifications of

  • Products offered-eyebrow, makeup, grooming products, 
  • Address-Not included on the website. 
  • Shipping time-not mentioned 
  • Return-30 days after you received the product
  • Refund– When the return is received, and the refund is approved. 
  • Mode of payment-not mentioned 

Is Legit?

  • The address and name of the owner are not present on the website. The site was registered on 3rd June 2020. 
  • No reviews are given online about the Mart Lifestyle.
  • The site does not have any social media accounts from where the users can get some information. 

Pros of getting products from Martlifestyle

  • This website sells excellent grooming products like InstaFlex Trainer  
  • The site uses Https protocol due to which your information is safe. 

Cons of getting products from Martlifestyle

  • You can only trust the information on this site at your discretion. 
  • Historical information is given on this site which might not be accurate 
  • Sales of certain products in certain areas might be restricted. 
  • The company guarantees that its products might not be as per customer expectations. 

What are the customers saying about Martlifestyle? 

No reviews are given about the site since it has been launched six days back. The display of some products on the site might not be accurate, and hence your order might not be as per expectations. 

Third parties sell some products on the website, and the is not liable for the damage caused by such products. 

Final Verdict 

Since the website has been launched six days back, it is up to you to buy the products from here or not. The website does not take any guarantee for the accuracy of product information provided there. 

This website does not provide any warranty on its products. Our Martlifestyle Reviews are not positive. 

Any of the employees of the website will not be responsible for any loss caused to you by the website’s products, as stated in its Terms of Service. They further say that the employees and the directors won’t be responsible for any loss arising from the use of goods purchased from this website. 

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      1. I also bought the dino racer on 13th June 2020, still yet to receive it. I tracked it on until 2 days ago – the page is expired and never working again.

        1. Omg! The same thing has happen to me! I bought it June 18th and I have got nothing. The tracking is expired.

          1. I purchased one in June of this year and it’s now 6 months later and no dino toy. This site is a scam and I’m reporting it to the BBB!!

          2. Same thing I bought it on June 6 and still nothing like I emailed them and they don’t even email me back

        2. Me to we ordered I’m 24June a Dino racer for our son…unfortunately still get it… paid money but the websites is expired!!!

        3. Yes I have 3 months that I have been waiting for my order my son to he said when is going to come like
          I do not understand this

        4. I had the same experience, I purchased on June 9th. Tracking said it left county of origin on July 16th and shortly after that tracking page disappeared. I have emailed them twice inquiring with no response.

      2. Damn thieves have no shame or even have the courage to show their faces I hope they take advantage of my money but I will not stop someone making them pay for their scam in case they still want to know this is my order # 11747

      3. I bought this Dino racer in June and still hasn’t received it I believe this is a scam don’t buy from this place

      1. I purchased a dino racer on the 4th of july and have yet to recieve when my tracking got close I can no longer track my package and haven’t received it yet has anyone received one

        1. I ordered one on 23 Jun 2020. Tracked it through pryexpress. Received tracking that it had arrived at country of destination, back in July 15. After that PryExpress ceased to exist. Have sent email to MARTSLIFESTYLE twice and have not received a reply. Folks I think we have been had.

        2. I bought one about 3 months ago and yet to get it. I had a feeling when I saw it but just figured they had an over stock of them

        3. The same as me. I ordered mine in June up till now I have yet to receive anything and nobody is responding to my email

      2. I ordered my Dino racer on the 6th of June . I tried to use the tracking number and it also came up as an error!! I still haven’t received it. I’ve been sending them emails but no response. There’s no number on the website either!

    1. I’m still waitg this is the 6weeks mark …..the last thing I seen on the trackg , that the item was in the city destination. And now I try to look at the trackg it is giving me the info. when I put in the order,and going on another website w No info.
      On this item …….I think who ever order frm this website have been scammed. ? My grandson was so much looking forward to this Dino ride. Phony company you guys are JackAssses!!!!

        1. Bought the Dingo in June still waiting to receive. Very disappointed. Hope I receive it or I will be speaking to my attorney.

          1. Anita, call your bank and let them know this is a scam. I had to do the same thing. My order was placed June 21st and still nothing ? I have emailed and the tracking # ceased to exist

          2. I bought the dino quad (2) in June and I track it and then it expired.. I just wanna get my fucken money back.

      1. It has been 7 weeks since I placed the order for the Dino ride and still have not received this order. Tracking site show “504 Gateway Timeout The gateway has timed out” error message. I send numerous emails to the seller, but no response. My son’s birthday is next week and he was really looking forward for his present. I am so disappointed and pissed off at these BASTARDS!!

    2. I got a dino racer and never received it if I dont get it soon i will hit my bank up and get my money back from you

    3. I bought a Dino racer June 18th, nothing yet. Have not received anything but a confirmation email and a bogus tracking number . Here it is August kids are going back to school. This is unacceptable. How do I get a refund ??

    4. I purchased the Dino racer for my nephew back in March 3rd 2020. Never received it. It gave me some updates on the tracking. But I tried to track it again and the page is expired. It’s no number to call. This was a scam and it’s messed up cause that’s all he keep asking me about and I lost out on $65.14. We all need to try to find a solution or something cause this is unfair!!!

      1. I bought the Dino racer and smart unicorn June 8th. Still haven’t received it. I think that whole website is a joke and a scam like wtf

    1. I bought also a Dino racer and nothing has arrived
      I email them and got a respond due to Covid-19 shipment is taking longer it’s been 2 months and nothing yet so mad that people can do this to us they should return our money back!!!

    2. Comprei dois Dinos no dia 13/06/2020 mas, até agora não foram entregues. Já enviei e_mail para eles mas, até agora não responderam. Não consigo mais rastrear. Realmente acho que fomos enganados e não sei o que podemos fazer para reaver nosso dinheiro.

      1. Yes still waiting and I’ve been checking the tracking all this time and they were good until yesterday and today the tracking information can’t be found what’s going on

  1. I brought this item on jun 10 I haven’t receive a confirmation neither a tracker number dispute no communication no money fuck that and fuck y’all scamming ass site

  2. I bought my Dino June 23, got an email it’s been shipped w a tracking number included in email it 2-6 weeks for delivery 2-4 days before u can track I’ll give it 2 weeks then file a dispute w my credit card company

  3. I ordered the Unicorn interactive toy motorized says it shipped I ordered couple wks ago no update where shipped from

  4. I placed an order for the Dino on the 9th June 2020. After completing the payment transaction i didn’t receive anything from them. No order confirmation nothing. I have checked with my credit card company and they have taken the money. I have sent multiple messages through their ‘contact us’ web page and also emailed them multiple times over the last month. I have not heard a single thing from them. I have now raised a dispute with my credit card company who are currently investigating it. THIS IS CLEARLY A SCAM SITE PLEASE AVOID!!

  5. I ordered this Dino race on 06/14 and still have not received it I’m so disappointed on this BS website…

  6. We bought 3 Dino riders June 19, 2020 . Two went to one address the other went to one address. Payment was taken swiftly from our account for all three, the single shipment has a tracking number and is out for delivery, the double shipment still has not be pulled for shipment no tracking number, no response when I e-mail them…NOTHING . Awaiting delivery of the one rider ( by July 21, 2020 no later) Then I will be attacking their credibility reaching out to BBB having my bank dispute the purchase , file an action lawsuit , letting fb know of their practices and any thing else that crosses my mind. AVOID THIS VENDOR !!!

  7. I ordered 2 dino racers for my two sons on June 23 and last I received a tracking number on pryexpress saying July 6th it. Was shipped from its origin country. So if not here soon. And it’s not what I ordered I will be having my credit card company investigating this place. Just sad because our kids will be so upset. Should be a shamed of their selves doing this to people.

    1. I brought a Dino racer, tracked it on pryexpress said it arrived in city of destination now the site has gone!! Not happy gutted for my lad as I don’t think it will show up!

    2. Same bought Dino racer pryexpress said arrived then can’t track any longer. Sent email no response. How do these bastards get away with it ???

    1. I ordered 2 racers for my sons in June I had the tracking on the 16th july it said it was in transit. Still not recieved them tried going onto tracking today and the page cannot be found….

      1. J’ai commandé 2 quatre roue Dino et j’ai reçu une paire de lunette RayBan je me suis fait
        Avoir c’est une arnaque et le site est par là suite disparue de la

        1. I see advertisers on my Facebook page. And bought 11th off June Dino racer for my son. Have confirmed order. Today 15th of September. Still not received. I think Fecebook have to be responsible for advertising SCAM

  8. bought two dino racers and never received….. that was almost 6 weeks ago. i think we all got scammed. ive emailed customer service and nothing.

  9. When will my package arrive? order number 6AA8E48F0C3414C. I ordered fromjune21, 2020,it’s not been one month yet,please let me know immediately. Thanks

  10. I ordered 1 dino rider 3 unicorns riders and got I tracking number for the lot paid over $380 for this and have heard from them once what a shame this is I knew it looked to good from the start if I haven’t heard from them in 2 weeks I will be fighting for my money back

  11. I have bought a dino quad bike for my sons birthday. i have had received a tracking number to track package from up to 2 days ago, and now I can’t click on link to track it!

  12. I bought a dino racer , i received a tracking number and untill two days ago i could track the package , but two days ago both the martlifestyle website and the tracking went down , so i have low expectation on this………
    They answered an email about a week ago when the tracking went down the first time……….
    If i have nothing by next week , then i will put a claim at my creditcard company………..
    Since no one here received anything , i doubt it will ever arrive………..
    Which is truly a shame my son is eagerly expecting his new toy , i hate to dissappoint him……….

  13. Hii.. do you receive the dino racer? I also bought one for my kid.. The information state that the product will be receive on 4-6 weeks and now almost 6 weeks , I not receive yet the product, sadly just checking the website tracking, but the website can not open

  14. Purchased Dino racer 6.16 – got shipping notification…now when I click on the tracking number it says shipping information no longer available…and their website has been deleted. What a scam.,..who wants to do a class action lawsuit ?

      1. Bonjour
        Une commande également pour le dino racer et rien reçu. Je pense que faire une action collective peut-être préférable pour faire bouger les choses..
        Comment souhaitez vous procéder?
        Melissa H

      2. I bought the dino racer also I got two text the last text said my package was in the destination city after that the site say unavailable. I pray Martlifestyle doesn’t let the children down And deliver the long await dinoracer. I know mail service is slow so I’ll give it 1 more week. I took a screen shot of my transaction so if I have to notify my Bank I will.

  15. Hola. La verda. Este. Sitio son unos estafadores. Ya. Más. De un mes. Q ise una compra. Y. Aun. No me a llegado. Tenía. Un número de rastreo y ya. No aparece

    1. Será q esta compañía son unos estafadores ya somos muchos los q caímos en su estafa hay q reportar y q nos regresen nuestro dinero q ahora no e a fácil sacar como para regalarles dinero ??

  16. I ordered a Dino rider on the 6th of June 2020 and haven’t received it or an email not happy at all

  17. Bought a Dino racer June 8th. The last undate on pryexpress was the next one after arrival in destination city. I think it said “ going through process facility” …… again.
    2 months I’ve been waiting on this and so has my daughter.
    It’s bullshit. I’m going to call my local post office to see if maybe they received it but stupid me!!! I didn’t screen shot the tracking number. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Danielle , you should of received it in your emails. I got two emails one with tracking and other saying it may take up to four to six weeks considering the circumstances with COVID 19

  18. I have ordered a Dino racer 9th June and now the tracking website has stopped working. I think this company is a scam and I will try to get my money back from the bank.

  19. I ordered mine on 13.06.2020 still yet to receive anything. page disappeared when it got to destination city. Now I cant even track anything. God help us!

  20. I guess we did get scammed! I bought a dino for my nephew a month ago and i was able to track it u til couple days ago the website went down!

  21. I ordered a Dino racer on June 21 got tracking number but can no longer track the package!
    Looking into getting my money bk this is CRAP!!!

  22. Ordered Dino racer for my great grandson on June 19th got order no and tracking no. Latest which was over week ago was that item had reached destination company. Pryexpress web site went down week ago and I emailed mart lifestyle they replied that it was a glitch and would be up and running soon which it was. Then it went down again and now website for pryexpress has gone emailed again got reply saying they would look into it personally and make sure I got it. However connected my credit card company regarding this and they have refunded me my money. So this tells me the whole thing was a scam. It’s hard to tell my great grandson he won’t be getting his birthday present. He was so excited about it.

  23. My mother in law found this online on facebook and she fell in love with it for our little son for his birthday.
    She got it off my bank and we ordered it on the 11th june
    For 3 weeks we could see the tracking order and It had appearently been shipped on a cargo boat
    I checked this on Friday as it is his birthday in august.
    I can no longer track the parcel and the site has vanished?
    I cant believe that these scams and shit sites are still allowed on without any fucking warning or anything.
    we can fly to space but cant make sure a website is legit?
    my mum is now so upset and distraught and I doubt we will get any money back and shes so gutted for my son

  24. I also purchased the Dino racer and same thing got the tracking number and it show it was in transit last I checked but when I went in again to check on it the tracking webpage is deleted. After I had made the purchase I was iffy but I felt better receiving the email updates and tracking number and now I’m sure that money is gone And not getting back .

  25. This Company is full of crooked ass mother fuckers. I ordered a Dino Racer on June 10th and still haven’t received it. Am disputing with my bank today. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL.

  26. I bought one Dino racer car for my 2 year old son in June 20 2020. How long will I receive it. It’s being 1 month already

  27. I ordered a Dino Rider also on the 18th of June and still nothing. I got confirmation and order # that they sent to me, tracking nuber also. I’ve been checking it daily and the last one I got was that it arrived in country (US) and then the website for tracking is now down, wth. My 3 year old grandson is still waiting for his dino rider. Very disappointed with this company, will be contacting my CC company to get my $ back.

  28. I made the same purchase like many of you and didn’t receive anything except for a sad face from my daughter. I say we start a group and lawsuit here we come. Or Jail time for companies taking money from people.

  29. I ordered a Dino Racer on the 10th of June. I received a order confirmation and thereafter I have not heard a thing from them or received the item. I am going to take this further.

  30. I ordered a package on 6/21/20 for 2 dino racers. I received my tracking number and had been able to track my package. The last tracking I was able to receive said it had landed in the designated country. I have emailed them twice but with no answer. I try to track the package again and it tells me there was an error. My son’s only 2 and he asks me everyday where his dino racers is at. I know have to explain to him that it’s not coming bc people don’t think about what they are doing to other people. Truly disappointed.

  31. It’s a very big scam!!!
    I bought two for my sons on the 20th of June…
    Got tracking number, now the site is no longer active.
    Only God know how many of us they played.
    I had a suspicion on this price and the site, but fell for it when I saw the payment site was secure.
    I have reported the transaction and vendor as a fraud .

  32. have ordered on facebook ad, on 17th june 2020, got shipping information but if click on it. its shows no shop available. so its fake. i paid $69 , no item arrived , i do not think it will arrive. message received from phone number, not recognise: +13235777165. facebook should take action about this scam.

  33. hi i have ordered and paye obviously but my two sons have been waiting 6 weeks now for them
    i get on the order the track it and says the session is expired why ans what is happening as i have been reading everyone review
    and we all on the same page if so i will contact my bank and put it down as a fraud order

  34. over two months later, and the two Dino riders I order still haven’t arrived, not response to emails either!!!

  35. I also ordered 2 dino racers. As of today 7/31/20 still no dino. I shoulda did more research to good to be true now that I look at amazon and walmart and target for the item they cost close to 300.00 dollars. The tracking number was through pryexpress looks like the site is DOWN.. It’s real sad that’s its people like this that false advertise take our money and think that’s okay.. I’ve realized a while ago that it was a scam. Now i know to research. If the site don’t have things like… ABOUT US.. CONTACT INFO.. SHIPPING INFO. If the site don’t have these I’m not ordering. Stay safe and research everyone to prevent these people from taking our money

  36. I ordered dinosaur ride on from MetLife style still haven’t received it they drop tracking so I can no longer track it they will not get back to me . They do not text you back or answer your questions I do believe it’s a scam but I’m still waiting it’s been eight weeks

  37. I ordered the Dino racer For my son on 6-9-20. Received an email confirmation a few days later stating it had been shipped. Last i saw was that my package had reached the country of origin and I’ve been trying to track the package and now everything has disappeared. Y’all are pathetic! And i see I’m not the only one who has been scammed by these thieves. Smh. Just pathetic!

  38. Yeah I ordered one too back in June still have not received it I think we should do a class action suit put this company and all those other companies out of business that get away with doing this to people this is bullshit all the kids are waiting for it and can’t even receive it nor do they have the decency to get back to you

  39. Ordered Dino racer on 19th June for my great grandsons birthday. Got tracking no and was able to track it at first. Said item had reached country of destination then went down for the second time. I have contacted my credit card company and they have refunded my money. Can’t believe I fell for this scam. No chance of getting anything from them they just wanted your money.kate

  40. i have ordered mine in June as well still did not receive them, really upset i bought this for my son’s birthday hope i will get them soon before his birthday.

  41. Do not by from this website ordered an item 21st June now cannot track item. Emailed 3 times and only got automated answers i have one very dissapointed grandson on his birthday


  43. I ordered the Dino racer back in June of this year as well. So irritated no update or response. I even emailed them asking about order to no avail. This is ridiculous!! DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL!!!

  44. I purchased the dino racer on June 16, 2020. I received an email on June 18th 2020 stating the shipment was on its way and was able to track it until after it was in transit after arriving in the country, after that the tracking link says expired. I emailed the company by replying to an email that they had sent to me with no response.

  45. This is definitely a fraud disputing with my bank now over charges for a dino racer and 2 cellphone mounts This is a Big Scam The website or freight site no longer exist.

  46. Same it happened with me too,it has been over two months,since we ordered this dino ride product but we didn’t received it yet,there is no contact from vender.pls let us know how yo track the order!

  47. I believe this is a fraud site and fooling people. I urge everyone to stop purchasing anything from this site. Also I suggest you all to equire about the businesses they have through Zendesk site as they have been receiving and sending the emails through it. They can be exposed. I am trying to contact them. If we all will complain together, that might help.

  48. I ordered a dino racer for my son on june 9th and still have not received it. No longer able to track my package after multiple emails.

  49. I ordered one early June as well still have NOT received it yet… I think I may have been scammed I am extremely upset as have I also looked up nor tried to with the tracking info I had and same thing page is expired time ran out I can see absoultely nothing its a total let down! I cannot even email anyone either. Terrible

  50. Got a dino racer for my son and have emailed the company due to it being 2 months of waiting!!! I told my friends to never get anything from here. It has to be a scam we are all out money.

  51. I ordered on June 15, I got a confirmation and tracking number. Like everyone else on this page I got nothing.

  52. I order from or my grandson birthday never got it can’t get in touch with them and no phone either to here crooks there should be a law a bout how they scam you. I’m so up set my grandson really wanted it.

  53. On june 20,2020 i brought the Dino Racer i received an order number and a tracking number but i still haven’t recieve anything since i go on the website and it says it’s unavailable and i cant tract it what can i do about it.

  54. I bought the same thing on the same day tracking goes to pry express and keeps reading timed out bad gateway

  55. I ordered 2 Dino racers back on June 6th. Not has arrived yet. I got shipped email witha tracking number. But now the website is not valid. Grandkids very upset. Karen T. in WI

    1. Do you remember how much it cost. I ordered one for my son BEFORE June and have come to the realization we all here got screwed hard. I’m planning on filing for fraud through my bank but I don’t remember when the exact date of the purchase was but maybe if I can give the bank the exact amount maybe they can look through the dates for the specific money amount so I can get money back

  56. Please this is one of the many times I have tried to contact you about the following order that I have not received yet. I need if the order is not sent to me please make a deposit of my money in my account or I will proceed to make an official claim.

  57. I paid and ordered dino racer ate june for my sons Christmas, it still hasnt arrived.
    I have emailed them twice I went on to track my order and it says link doesnt exist.
    I want my money back

  58. I ordered one on June 18 and it still hasn’t come. I’ve sent two emails with no response. I’m having my bank dispute the charge and getting my money back. SCAMMERS!

  59. We paid for one i June 2020 we got an order number and tracking number and still have nothing. And now the email address is blocked. Disgusting on their behalf.

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