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Do you love reading web novels? Do you know the benefits of reading novels on a regular basis? If not, let us inform you that reading web novels and other graphic novels creates a good habit and prepare your mind to read graphics faster and more accurately. 

Today, we are here to discuss one of the latest chapters released for the Worldwide famous Martial Peak web novel. People have been asking many questions about Martial Peak 2004, and we are here to address them all. 

About the Martial Peak Novel

Martial Peak is a Chinese web novel written by Momo. As per the details available online, this novel has 6009 completed raw chapters, out of which 2896 chapters are already translated. 

Martial Peak covers writing genres like Harem, action, Mature, Xuanhuan and Martial Arts. Even though it is a fiction web novel with numerous chapters, readers seem to love it like other popular novels. 

Currently, Martial Peak 2004 and 2005 chapters were translated and released on several online sites. 

Synopsis of Martial Peak

Martial Peak web novel follows the journey of becoming a martial peak which is lonely, long and solitary. The person walking on this road must be unyielding and survive through it all. 

To become a Martial Peak or the strongest of all, one must remain and breakthrough everything and continue the journey. Clans and other groups like Sky Tower prepare their disciples to become the Martial Peak in the most brutal ways. 

In this novel, we see Yang Kai, a lowly sweeper, get the secret book to become the Martial Peak. 

About Martial Peak 2004: Scratching

In this chapter, we see that Kai meets the Evergreen Divine Tree whose soul is inside a human body, named Qing. 

While Kai and Qing talk about the Evergreen tree and Kai’s aura, Qing suddenly starts feeling itchy. He asks Kai and Tiea to scratch his back. Tiea shows Kai the correct way of scratching Qing’s back- by killing the Barbarian Beasts living in the Divine tree. 

In the end, impressed by Kai’s help, Qing offers him a leaf of the Evergreen Tree that would help him return to his residence with a single thought. 

About Martial Peak 2005: Stay and Become Mine

The story of Martial Peak 2004 chapter continues in Chapter 2005, where we see that the Shaman Grandmaster meets Shaman Niu and gets impressed with his skills as the herbalist. 

When Shaman Niu asks to leave the Frost and Snow clan premises, the Grandmaster asks him to “stay and become mine.” Shaman Niu gets angry and fights the Grandmaster. We see Niu saying “illusion” and Grandmaster asking Liu to let him finish his sentence first. 

Readers’ Reviews

This novel has received mainly positive reader reviews, with almost 6.5K readers bookmarked it on an online website. 

Final Words:

Martial Peak 2004 is one of the latest chapters of the Worldwide famous Chinese web novel. Its next chapter, 2005, is also available online to read for free.

If you want to ask any doubt, please comment below.

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