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This article describes a Chinese web-based novel featuring a lonely and long journey and about a famous chapter of the novel. Read on Martial Peak 1979.

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About Martial Peak (MP)

Martial Peak is a web-based Chinese novel based on exciting genres such as martial arts, harem, and action. The author of the novel is Momo.

The novel consists of 60009 chapterstranslated by Disaster Scans and Divine Dao Library. The official website of the novel is

The story in Martial Peak is a long, lonely and solitary journey. However, various situations in the story make the storyline more interesting and exciting. As a result, the novel got listed in the top ten Chinese phone novels.

Martial Peak 1979

  • The 1979th chapter of the Martial Peak novel is titled “Poaching”.
  • PewPewlaserGun and Silavin translated this chapter.
  • This chapter involves significant characters such as Kang Si Ram, Yang Kai, Zhuo, Alchemist Fan etc.,
  • The story revolves around Kang Si Ran and his difficulties with the Pill Pavilion associated with the poaching of his two alchemists. 
  • The novel discusses the contract between Yang Kai and Kang Si Ram to stabilize the current situation.

More About Chapter 1979

  • Kang Si ram got surprised by the unexpected action by the Alchemist Fan in the Martial Peak 1979. But, of course, Kang didn’t anticipate this sudden movement.
  • The leaving of Alchemist Fan added more tension, worries and anxieties inside the mind of Kang.
  • Kang tried to control the situation by taking the initiative to stop the Fan from obtaining stability.
  • Fang Hong disliked Kang’s initiative and expressed his frustration to Kang using his eyes.
  • Kang got annoyed by Fang’s sudden involvement in the issue.
  • After starting at each other, the duo started arguments with words stating their reasons and viewpoints on the current issue involved with the alchemists. Learn about the Martial Peak 1979.
  • During the heated conversation, Kang lost his words and stood still without opening his mouth.
  • Another character Zhuo Ning Si entered the scene and enquired about the surname of the alchemist.
  • Zhuo got interested in the alchemist Yang and enquired more about him, and finally, she took the plunge and asked Yang to accompany her. Her request made Kang Si Ran furious. 


Web-based novels received massive global acceptance after the massive surge in mobile device readers. Martial Peak is developed in such a way to entertain the readers with impressive stories. To know more details on this novel, visit here. 

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