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This topic entails a few fascinating facts about Martial Peak 1948 to help readers know about the recent release and the details of web novel. Stay tuned.

Are you crazy about fantasy novels, including the Manga series? Many teenagers and youngsters usually pass their time in funfilled activities.

Many of them from Thailand, Indonesia, India, the United States, and other parts of the world adore reading fiction series and fantasy novels.

Recently, Martial Peak 1948 has grabbed the attention of many viewers. So, let’s see what 1948 of Martial Peak is all about.

What does Martial Peak contain?

A complete fantasy Chinese Novel, Marvel Peak, has about 6009 chapters and Momo, the Chinese author wrote it.

Currently, Martial Peak is being transcript by Divine Dao Library, making several readers excited about the launch of translated chapters.

This Chinese web novel is from Xuanhuan, Mature, Martial Arts, Harem, and Action genre. Besides, the total number of translated chapters of Marvel Peak is 2824 found at Disaster Scans.

What is Martial Peak 1948?

Martial Peak’s chapter 1948 is a recently launched chapter from the Chinese web novel from the Manga series.

User’s crazy about the Chapter 1948 may read it online, as it is available over several online reading platforms.

PewPewLaserGun and Silavin are the translators of Chapter 1948, and Dhael Ligerkeys and Leo of Zion Mountain are proofreaders and editors of Martial Peak’s new Chapter 1948.

How is the journey of Martial Peak?

Martial Peak’s journey is a long one, solitary and lonely. You should persevere and be steadfast in suffering in Martial Peak 1948. Perhaps you can continue and breakthrough on your quest to become the most powerful.

To educate its followers for this trip, High Heaven Pavilion puts them to the ultimate exam. Kai Yang, a poor sweeper, acquired a black book a day, launching him on the path to the top of the martial arts world.

Is it a top-listed web novel?

This web novel was listed among China’s top most popular phone novels.

It dominated the June charts in 2014 with about fifty million visits and is still among the most popular online mobile novels, including Martial Peak 1948. Still, it is going strong, and as of July 2015, it was still at the top of the rankings.

Who are the top characters in Martial Peak?

Among the most fascinated characters of Martial Pear are the following:

  • Bi Luo
  • Bing Yun
  • Chi Yan
  • Embodiment
  • Hu Jiao’Yer
  • Hu Mei’er
  • Ice Feather
  • Meng Wu Ya
  • Mo Xiao Qi
  • Qiu Yi Meng
  • Shan Qing Luo
  • Su Mu
  • Su Yen
  • Tian Yan
  • Xia Ning Chang
  • Yao Jun
  • Yun Xuan
  • Yang Kai
  • Zhan Hu Hen
  • Zhang Ruo Xi, and more.

How often do the martial Peak’s chapters are launched?

Martial Peak’s chapters are usually scheduled for several chapters each week. So, you may stay tuned to the web.


Martial Peak 1948 is the recent addition to the Martial Peak, the Chinese web novel. The web novel consistently releases chapters every week. Usually, it launches seven chapters a week.

Recently, the new Chapter 1948 has created excitement among online readers. Hence, we provided its detail in the guide above.

Moreover, you may read more on Chapter 1948 of the Martial Peak here.

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