Lxyawn com Review {Sep} Is It A Scam Online Site?

Lxyawn com Review 2020

Lxyawn com Review {Sep} Is It A Scam Online Site? >> Please Check out the post to know whether to go with this online shopping website or not.

Do you need a genuine Lxyawn com Review? Then, your search ends here! 

This article brings all the relevant information in the simplest form. All you have to do is just to read every section of the post carefully. 

Lxyawn.com is an online store deals with unique products such as gift items, personal care, makeup-related products, sports-based things, etc.

The company has established a good rank in the United States

But, the online scammers always hunt to make people fool through their website to make money. That’s why we serve our customers with the simple website or product reviews so that they can easily judge whether to go with particle site/ product or not?

So, let’s begin our review.

What is the Lxyawn store?

Lxyawn is an e-commerce shopping site that offers health care, beauty, gifts, surprises, outdoor sports equipment, car accessories, household supplies, garden-based tools, items for kids, pet products, popular games, and musical instruments, etc.

Lxyawn com Review noticed that all collections are selling at exciting discount rates. Currently, the website is running ‘SALE’ for the users. Under Hot sale section, you can choose fantastic home decorative items or gift products. 


  • Locate the official website by visiting the link www.lxyawn.com from your browser.
  • The store is offering free delivery on orders above $39. 
  • $5 discount on an order above $100.
  • Shipping fees: $6.99 (If order under $39).
  • The company accepts international orders. 
  • International delivery time: 7 to 15 business days. 
  • Estimated delivery time: 10 to 20 business days. (Same rules are applicable to United States natives).
  • Returns are accepted if you returned items within three days after getting the order. If the delivery time is not detected, you have to return the product within 30 days after shipment. 
  • Refund credit time: The Company has not given the exact time. 
  • Payment method: Payments can be made through online modes such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. 
  • Store’s contact details: baxgpnzh1922@gmail.com

Pros of the Lxyawn store

During our investigation of Lxyawn com Review, we noticed the below points which could be a blessing for online shoppers: 

  • It brings a fantastic collection of gifts and family-oriented products. 
  • You can get the costly items at such low prices as the company offers high discounts/ free shipping/ coupon codes, etc.
  • There is no distance barrier as the company is offering worldwide shipping. 
  • If customers are not satisfied with their order, they can also return the item. 

Cons of the Lxyawn store

  • The website age is less than one year. The web address of the store is bought on May 14th, 2020.
  • The location of the store and contact number is missing. We know that a legit company always discloses such information to build the client’s trust. 
  • The discount and other offers on the website are unrealistic. 
  • The company hides the refund credit time. That’s too doubtful.
  • The web pages of the website are poorly optimized. The content or graphics looks copied or not seems professional. 
  • Although we have detected its official Facebook page, there’s no customer ratings or positive comments regarding products or services. 

Customer Reviews

At the time of searching the Lxyawn com Review, we checked several links on the web search along with its website and store’s official Facebook page. Unfortunately, we couldn’t identify any feedback from the clients. 

Final Verdict

In brief, we have come up with the following points which could best conclude the Lxyawn com Review

  • If we start with its products and offers, you would be glad to look great at lower prices. But, have you noticed the offers are unbelievable. Many scammers charge low prices to trap new buyers. 
  • If we check the ‘About us’ or ‘Contact us’ page of the site, the store also hides the relevant details such as founder, phone number, or company history. On the other hand, if the company is legal, they never hide such information from their buyers. 
  • The company’s Facebook page is showing a picture of someone instead of a logo. How can we trust the authenticity? It has enough followers (more than 5K), but we didn’t locate a single review from buyers. 

Thus, we can’t recommend you purchase because it looks as a scam site.

Please feel free to share your opinion or experience if you know anything about Lxyawn.com.

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  1. I have bought a steel drum but when I paid the item for some unknown reason the website is now unavailable??? Is this a Scam did I just pay $88 for nothing ?? I have contacted them but very sus email address!!! Anyone had a similar experience

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