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Are you a planner when it comes to holidays? Well, we know a family member always takes up the responsibility of planning the holiday as per the budget. Reviews will relieve your work of location search and updates with easy to understand articles. The United States experience versatile climatic changes, which lead you to plan a getaway with family or friends?

What is

It is a website on which you can find plenty of articles on locations that are perfect for summer holidays. From Bali to Europe, you can get the recent updates before making any move for your vacation. This portal is handled by Becky, who is the owner. There are different categories of summer holidays, travel, summer fashion, luxury holidays, and more. 

You can browse through the categories to find your desired article. Becky also uses bright and high-resolution pictures to show the real nature and atmosphere. Reviews are also available on the website. 

Can trust be laid on

It is a common question that comes into our minds when we browse a website. Hence, it is essential to know your expectations and requirements. If you are inclined towards understanding the climate, atmosphere, and a destination’s details, then the website is right for you. Just like any blogger and travel agent, Becky also puts forth every minute detail about a particular destination to assist you better. 

What can you find on

As per our research skills, we find articles on lifestyle and fashion humor of French Riviera, the atmosphere in Ibiza, Bali, etc. Reviews present you some recent reports that are posted on the website. 

  • Beautiful Bali– You get essential details on travelling places and atmosphere of Bali with vivid pictures of a swimming pool and beaches. 
  • Blue Color- In this article, you get details on places where you can enjoy oceans and water activities. It is well-detailed and featured with clear beach pictures.
  • Days in Ibiza- If you are planning a holiday in Ibiza, this article is perfect for your knowledge. It depicts the current days in Ibiza that must be addressed before planning a vacation to this location. 
  • French Riviera- She is a fashion icon for most youngsters. Hence, Becky has covered a story on her fashion statement and lifestyle to guide you all. 

What is troublesome on

We never believe in bad-pointing any product or website. However, we have to do so in this case. While researching for our Reviews, we find the categories are not fully-functional. Almost every section shows the same content and website layout that makes us confused. You will not be able to find a much-specific article that you may see on the homepage. 

The categories that we see on the website are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Long haul
  • Luxury holidays
  • Reviews
  • Summer fashion
  • Summer holidays
  • Travel

The website shows that it has 19 articles. It is not valid! There are only 3-4 write-ups on destinations for summer holiday and the stay. Those articles always pop-up on every category no matter how you search them or what is your requirement. It is not the best feature of any website. Or is it? Tell us your version of the website visit.

Customer Feedback.

The website is young; we mean it is approximately two months old. Hence, we cannot derive positive Reviews from our sources. We can acknowledge that the articles are well-written, but picture positioning and layout is dubious. It makes the users uncomfortable on every page.

Final Words:

Just like Becky, we also write articles to guide and assist you. However, we have no customer feedback or comments to justify our Reviews. To contact Beck, you can leave an email message to We are still to find the legitimacy of this email address. 

The website is poorly designed and troubles readers on every page or article. Besides, the pictures are static and overlap the content whenever we scroll down and up. It is frustrating because we cannot read the content without adjusting the scroll-bar. 

If you are keen to plan a summer vacation to different destinations on this website, then bear the troubles while reading. Nevertheless, we imply that some numerous reliable sources and websites give authentic information on locations. They also never trouble the readers with unnecessary picture pop-ups and sign-up boards.

Leave your thoughts on our article and also on down below!

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