Online Websites Reviews Reviews [July] Worth or Waste of Money! Reviews Reviews [July] Worth or Waste of Money! -> Read this review if you want to purchase printed masks online. 

Are you possessed with the need to purchase more stylish masks? Then will surely assist you in finding one that suits your needs best. 

The new normal involves every individual stepping out of their house clad with a facemask and gloves. It has what been advised by the CDC as it ensures you don’t spread the virus through your infected droplets. It will also provide an un-infected person doesn’t breathe in the infected droplets. Reviews will be informing you about a distinctive set of products offered by it. The brand manufactures products out of the United States and has been accumulating some impressive collection of reviews from customers. Let’s jump into this review, read it till the very end to get clarity regarding its legitimacy. 

What is 

The Locostylish is an online retail store that offers customers with products such as the facial masks, bandanas along with waist trainers and invisible bras for women. The products are a mixed batch of desirable, and most asked for items. They are all women-centric products and may limit their customer reach. 

Their about us section mentions that they aim at being a website with a distinctive tone towards women’s fashion. Reading further tells you that all products mentioned are not currently available on the site. This makes the about us section sound phony. 

The retailer offers worldwide delivery along with adequate contact information. Contact information such as the customer care phone number or email id are mandatory to allow trust building amongst new customers. 

What is unique about

After looking at the websites, the best seller section will tell you that their printed and sequin masks sell like hotcakes. Why should you not look your fashionable best even when you have to put a face mask? They are at the moment a necessity, and the retailer offers face masks that will amplify your outfit of the day. 

These masks are made up of breathable polyester fabrics with valves and two activated carbon filters free along with it. They are completely washable and reused for as long as you want them to. 

The retailer is offering discounts by which you will get a certain percentage off on the 2nd, 3rd or 5th purchase of the masks. Keeping this factor in mind, the website has shown some unique signs. 

Specifications of

  • Products- face masks, bandanas, women’s waist trainers and other sports tools
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number– +12132603334
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time-7- 25 business days 
  • Shipping fee- Free shipping on standard and express shipping 
  • Return- 30 days from the date of delivery 
  • Exchange- can be made within 30 days of delivery 
  • Refunds- not mentioned 
  • Online payment- must be done through Diner Club, Discover, American Express, Visa card, maestro or master card. 

Pros of using the

  • The website has a valid SSL certificate 
  • It allows for secure online payments 
  • There are various modes of online payment available 
  • The retailer offers an extensive range for women to choose from 
  • They provide worldwide shipping 
  • Their exchange policies allow quick action to take place
  • The shipping details offered are clear 

Cons of using the

  • The about us section mentions products that are not currently available on the site 
  • The social media link provided opens one that has a different name 
  • They provide misleading information 
  • They offer free shipping only on making purchases above $69 
  • You can only pay for purchases online 
  • It has a horrible trust score index 
  • It uses a Shopify platform 

Customer reviews of

The reviews are available on the website all show five-star ratings of the product. The reports are available with images. 

The customers talk about the purchase is excellent and that the mask fit them well. There is also a mention of them receiving the product quicker than the anticipated time.  

However, the reviews are only present for the masks, which means the other products are not favoured. Also, the information about the products is limited, and there is no mention of the dimensions. 

Final Verdict- 

The Reviews thus concludes that while the retailer may look like a legit one with its SSL certificate. It may not be one and could be providing false information as it was set up some six months ago. 

This was established by checking its trust score index, which came out to be very low. Hence, we do not recommend this online retailer. 


    1. I am waiting for my order of mask filters. I lost my order number… it my name is Tom Taylor. Shipping address: 6274 Callaway Place. Rancho Cucamonga. CA. 92737
      please check on my order.
      Thank you

  1. Placed order june 6th paid for expetided shipping …no product …..USPS tracking number says item not received …emailed for info on item no response will be seeking restitution from credit card company …..Do Not Buy from this vendor !!!!!!

      1. I order one month ago still watling its scam how they let this people get away with our money dont but locostylish .com thiefs

  2. I’m Mohammad I have ordered a new pair of masked the tracking number dose not match Please reply the request . Thanks.

  3. SCAM!!! Dont waste your time like locostylish wasted mine ! I never received my order , after paying 4 expedited delivery nothing it’s a SCAM !!

  4. I am still waiting and I purchased express shipping for 3-7 days which my items are still not here. I will never order from here again and then they tell me 12-25 days in the what’s up app since I needed to download that then you try to talk to them and nothing. The phone numbers don’t work when you email them nothing when it comes to your money. They are horrible. Never again for me.

  5. I recently ordered several masks from Locostylish. I placed my order through PayPal on June 16, 2020. The masks were reasonably priced, and I was anxious to get them before we went out of town. I was worried that they would not get here in time so I paid $18.99 for Express Shipping so that it would arrive in 3-7 days. Then the wait began. Finally, on July 6, 2020 I contacted Locostylish to inform them that I still had not received my order. I heard nothing back. So, on July 8, 2020 I contacted PayPal through their resolution center to indicate that I paid for expedited shipping and the product still had not arrived and there was no indication that it had shipped. On July 9, 2020 I got a message back saying that the order had shipped and was in transit. I had placed tracking on the order and USPS emailed saying that they were notified to expect my package for shipment but had not received it yet. On July 10th USPS sent an email saying they had finally received my package that morning. I asked Locostylish for a refund only on the shipping cost since I did not receiver the package in the correct time frame. Their response was they would urge the shipping company to make it reach me soon. Again, I contacted them to request a refund on the shipping cost only, not a full refund. The package was delivered on July 13th. Their response was to simply say that my package had been delivered. The ones that are supposed to be breathable are nothing more than a thin piece of foam. They are breathable and perfect if you don’t care about protection. The material is so porous that it would not stop any virus or bacteria. The other four are washable valve mask that look sturdy in the pictures by are actually quit flimsy. I am so disappointed in this company and will never order anything from them again.

  6. What all these people are saying is true. I paid extra ($18 for express delivery too) and ordered end of June. Nothing but a tracking number to usps that does not update and no progress has been made since. $60+ for a bunch of masks and shipping and they cannot even return an email.

  7. I placed three orders with this company which is suppose to be in CA. and yet in the payment says it is coming from China! I too paid to have these expedited and I have nothing! I called my bank and this is getting disputed on two orders and if I don’t get the other masks in another week they will be disputed! This is a scam!

  8. Ordered masks on July 4th paid for express shipping. Received email on July 7th stating USPS notified of shipment along with tracking number. Have been Trying to track shipment since with no luck. Sent email to company trying to find out where my masks are, but have not received a response. Looks like I’m out $50 and still need to order masks.

  9. Yes this company is a scam I have sent 3 emails to them regarding my order no one has responded so I am taken action with my bank to receive my money and I’m following a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I advise everyone who may any purchases to follow suit and do this same thing

  10. The same. A lot people like me. I order. 4 masks and i not receive any information. And. I dont receive my masks

  11. I agree with the customers that state loco stylish is a scam. My order claims to be in Inglewood California an hour and one half drive away from me yet my order has not moved in nine days. Loco stylish does not respond. My order is still sitting waiting to be mailed therefore waiting to be received. I will be disputing the charge with my bank. SCAMMERS do not order from these crooks!!!

  12. I do not recommend Locostylish. I placed an order on July 1. They ignored my emails requesting a status update (since I unfortunately didn’t do my research until after I placed my order) until I went through PayPal. They are making excuses saying that 1 mask (out of 14) was popular and that is why all of my order hasn’t shipped?! After researching the Internet, I have requested a full refund or I’m putting in a claim against them with PayPal. Wish me luck. Don’t order from them!

  13. I ordered 6 masks beginning of June. Paid 18 dollars for 3-5 business days delivery still no order. I want my masks I already paid for. It was over 50.00 where are they! If I don’t get them by August 1st I’m contacting the better business bureau.


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