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Littlechelo com Review – Shopping Here Is Risky or Not

Littlechelo com Review 2020

Littlechelo com Review – Shopping Here Is Risky or Not -> We intend to enlighten our readers regarding the legitimacy of the site.

If you are looking for products for your kids or grocery shopping online, then Littlechelo is the site for you!

In recent times, online grocery shopping is the best resolution to avoid interaction with extrinsic factors such as contaminated air and air-borne diseases. Worrying mothers find it challenging to buy desired baby products while taking care of their toddler.

Littlechelo provides a fantastic solution to all the above problems. It is a medium to purchase groceries, baby products, office supplies, and school supplies.

Littlechelo com Reviews suggest that the site is recently launched in the United State and is working to offer a wide range of products to the customers at an affordable price.

This online store enables you to spend your time doing things that you enjoy more, while they do all the work to deliver your requirements at your doorstep.

But it is imperative for our readers to survey the site to avoid any fraudulent activity happening with their hard-earned money.

Therefore, we provide you with a detailed blog to find out: Is Littlechelo com Legit or not?

Is Littlechelo com Legit?

Due to the advance in the ever-growing scams in the online world, it is necessary for all users to cautiously examine the validity of a site before sharing their financial details with them.

To assist our readers and spread awareness, it is our responsibility to guide them in the right direction.

Here, we specify the pros and cons of the website. But, first, let us start with what is Littlechelo?

What is Littlechelo?

Littlechelo is an online store that delivers your daily groceries like pulses, rice, tea, coffee, masks, sanitizers, etc. It is a lately registered company and is less than six months old. 

It also provides cosmetics and home decor items. The site sells all these goods at a very reasonable price.

The site do not provide an SSL certificate but promises to deliver items at zero shipping fee.

Why is Littlechelo unique?

This online store spoils its users with an abundance of options for school supplies for kids, baby products, and home furnishings.

Apart from the different variety, Littlechelo has been successful in tempting the customers by its meager prices. The unbelievably discounted rates allured customers to visit the site repeatedly.

These factors make this site unique. But is the site trustworthy enough to share one’s account details?

Let us walk you through the specifications and customer feedback of this online portal. And it might help you to decide for yourself: if you are interested in shopping from this website.

Specifications of Littlechelo:

  • Product: Baby products, groceries, and office and school supplies
  • Email:
  • Contact number: (832) 962-7983
  • Address: Carlos Enterprise, 7030 Hazen St., Houston, TX 77074
  • Shipping/processing time: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: Not mentioned
  • Shipping fee: Free of cost
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Returns: 14 days from receiving the order 
  • Refunds: Not mentioned
  • Mode of payment: Online payments only

Pros of buying from Littlechelo:

  • Products available at discounted rates
  • The shipping fee is zero.
  • The varied product range is available
  • Customer service is applicable

Cons of buying from Littlechelo:

  • Does not provide SSL certificate
  • Poor fabrication of site
  • Unrealistic prices as offered by other fake sites
  • Illegitimate business contact number
  • Phishing for credit card information

Customer Reviews on Littlechelo:

Customers have trust issues with the site as they do not have an HTTPS association. An SSL certificate helps to secure your data. Lacking the same makes this site conceivably suspicious.

The excessive youthful nature of this site due to its new registry raises a question on the validity of the website.

The unbelievably discounted rates might lure a few customers, but it is claimed to be a method of phishing credit card information by some other customers.

Zero social media presence and lack of information on Exchange/Return/Refund policy have resulted in disappointed customers.

Final Verdict:

The site provides attractive discounted offers and free of cost shipping.

But lack of HTTPS association makes it risky for potential users to work on this site. The site is accused of phishing credit card information and using it for personal advantage.

The website does not provide any links to clarify exchange/return/refund policies. It has a dreadful social media presence.

Keeping in mind the above factors, we refuse to recommend the site to our readers and conclude that it is scamming its customers.

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