Lily and Fox Review [Dec 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Lily and Fox Review 2020

Lily and Fox Review [Dec 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Love Nail art, Lily, and Fox USA that sells a variety of nail wraps that client can easily DIY.

The cosmetic industry is growing with leaps and bounds. One can find new products entering the market with each passing day. There are a lot of new websites that are emerging to cater to the increase in demand. Are you looking for a website that sells nail wraps in the United States

Lily and Fox is one site that offers attractive nail wraps at an affordable price. The girls like to wear attractive nail wraps almost every day to be in recent trends. They love to flaunt with such nails.

Read our Lily and Fox Review to know more about this site.

After reading this article, you will know a lot more about the site, its functionality, pros, and cons. 

What is Lily and Fox?

Lily and Fox is a website gaining popularity in the United StatesThis site sells quick adhesive nail wraps. The best part about the nail wraps is that it doesn’t require any heat to activate it. One can find a great variety of designs on the site for the nail wraps, and all of them look visually appealing. The website seems to be a quick alternative to salon visits. 

It brings a lot of convenience to the customers that they can do their nails themselves by using these nail wraps. The site has given a quick trip to the users in the way that the customers can preserve their nails for a long time after keeping a top coat on the nails. Though, the nails do not mandatorily require a topcoat.

The nail wraps come in a variety of colors and designs. No matter what your preference is, you will surely find something or the other on this site. For Lily and Fox Review, users mostly have positive things to say. 


  • Website information: The site sells various designs and styles of nail wraps.
  • Email Address: 
  • Time of availability of customer care: 9 AM-5 PM.
  • Availability days of customer care: Mon-Fri.
  • Phone number: 1800-298-8058


  • Users think that the site has given them a great alternative to visiting salons.
  • The site is user friendly.
  • There is a lot of variety available.
  • Most of the products come in an affordable range to make a selection easily.
  • Widely spread options entertain customers to 


  • The users feel that the nails think plastic.
  • Sometimes the customer care is not available.

Is Lily and Fox legit? 

Lily and Fox have gained a lot of popularity in the United States. This site is known for the attractive nails wraps that one can avail from this website. For Lily and Fox Review, the site is legit as there are authentic customer reviews for it. 

The customers have mainly positive reviews for the site. There is adequate information about the owner mentioned on the site. The site is not too new. 

This site has an SSL certificate. It makes us believe that the site is legit. It is the reason why this site has made some loyal customers in the United States.

Customer Reviews: 

There are a lot of customers who adore this website. They have claimed that this site has helped them save a lot of time, money, and efforts. As per the site’s real customers, the site has helped them get a lot of variety at their fingertips as they can easily click on the options that they want and change their nails without having to adjust their entire schedules and squeezing in salon appointments.

Various customers claim that the nails on the site seem plastic. There are some negative reviews written on the quality of the nails. Though, a lot of positive reviews can be found for the site online for Lily and Fox Review.

Final Verdict: 

Thus, we would recommend our readers to try this site. This site will help them change their nail colors often. Also, the site offers a cheaper alternative to visiting the salons.

After analyzing various aspects of the site, we have found that the site is legit. This site offers some great options to the users, allowing them to choose the nails best suited to their personality. 

The pins are also easy to apply, which adds another brownie point to Lily and Fox Review.

If you also have any feedback about this site, you can write to us in the comments section below.

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