Reviews [Jan 2021] Why Is It Hyped So Much? Reviews 2020 Reviews [Jan 2021] Why Is It Hyped So Much? >> The article consists of the new social media site and its features.

There are several social media available where anyone can make their account and can do whatever they want to do. They can upload images and videos and share thoughts, images, and everything within a second. In this article, we will talk about Reviews and cover all the information about it.

Omar Rivero, the founder of the Occupy Democrats of the United States, launched an alternative of Facebook. Rivero and Rafel are famous personalities, and they have more than 7 million followers. He created the social media to send messages to all in his way; he doesn’t want to bind himself with Facebook.

Rivero didn’t like it because there is a specific pattern of the working system of Facebook. He launched his social media where your comments don’t overshadow by any famous personality as we all know about the fake likes and followers. So, all he wants is to provide a suitable platform to raise the voice.

What is is opposite to Facebook, but an alternative to Facebook, in liker your involvement and the likes, will decide the popularity of the post. Any famous personality will not shadow it. You can also earn the gold and silver stars if your likes become a trending one.

The social media has now become more for a political campaign, and that is the reason why it is Rivero launched his social media as an answer to Facebook where no-nonsense post get hype instead liker focus on the root value of the journalism.  Recently few articles were ranked on top, and the article was related to the news related to Trump.

One false news spread was that Trump released no funds to Puerto Rico for help, which was trending on top on If the media asked Rivero questions, he said that he didn’t mention himself as the owner of, then he said that I don’t want any fame. I am a political person, and that what should matter.

The work I do must be on-trend via public welfare and not like mentioning their name in the social media account. Rivero has no page in his social media, and he said earlier that he doesn’t want any attraction from social media as we don’t want to follow the same ideology of other social media.


  • Owner – Omar Rivero
  • Origin – United States

Pros of

  • is not like other social media.
  • You can set the targeted audience to provide your message to a particular audience.
  • You can also find contributors and experts related to sports, fashion, and politics.
  • Without waiting for the post for trending, you can reach directly to the marked audience.
  • Anyone can create the page and ask for help from the experts, which is best suited for artists and social reformers.

Cons of

  • The social media liker is new to the public, and it will require time to get famous.
  • Social media is slow to upload images and videos.
  • The mobile app is not working correctly.
  • Many of the users are facing a login issue.

Is legit?

Yes, it is the legit social media site where lots of users are already connected. You will face some issues regarding login because, in the mobile application of, it is lagging and not uploading the images.

What did the users say about is a smarter social network which appreciates your involvement, the more likes you get, the more your post gets visible to more people and will deliver to the right audience. The is also available in the play store and the IOS. 

Both platforms are available; according to the users, the application requires updates as few users face uploading problems. They are unable to upload images. The most amazing feature that the users like about is the targeted audience post. 

You can post your audience in the right direction where you will get recognition; it’s not like a post of a cat; a dog will overshadow your post. Each post will get a separate weightage. Only those audience who will understand the particular post will receive the job directly. 


During our research, the website is founded by Omar Rivero, who is the foundation of occupying Democrat. The site is genuine and legit. We found few unsatisfied Reviews by the users related to the lagging and some technical issues.

20 thoughts on “ Reviews [Jan 2021] Why Is It Hyped So Much?

  1. I deleted my FB account a few days ago and signed up for Liker only problem I’m not able to share and post from other feeds such as news or sports feeds..Any suggestions.

  2. O.k., when I look at a post and click on it to see a better picture, and when I click back out, why does it take me back to the first post at the top of the page? I’m halfway down the posts and I have to scroll all the way back down to get to the post where I was, to continue reading the other posts. Please fix this. Thank you.

  3. It’s a lie that it’s a liberal app. You get to CHOOSE what you want to see and not see, unlike FB. I’m actually spending more time on it than on FB because I have more like-minded people on there! Love it!

  4. I was on Liker until they started allowing hate groups like Black Lives Mater and then I left and will never go there again

    1. BLM is not a hate group…..your review gave me every reason to checkout Liker. In my semi-humble opinion anyone who busy the BS that BLM is just looking for a reason to not support racial equality.

    2. If you think BLM is a hate group, no wonder there is a BLM. Unlike the right wing lunatic fringe they don’t drive around with military grade weapons shooting people. Like the Proud Boys. Now that’s a hate group. On the dark web

  5. I’m newly experimenting with Liker. I feel it has potential, but work needs to be done. I primarily use my tablet, and I find navigating Liker to be slow, unresponsive, and quite clumsy. This is not the case on my desktop, though. I’m hoping they improve the usability. While I like the targeted groups, I don’t think it should be an either/or situation. I want a personal page where I can post to the general public, as well as more targeted abilities.

  6. It won’t let you post pictures it doesn’t like, puts you in facebook timeout, plus you can’t expect help from the support. LIKER. Com comes back MAILER DEMON
    Site page LIKER you add comments that never get address or repaired

  7. After being on Liker for 2 months, I found the material showing up like meme’s are hijacked from all over the net. Zero originality with people bitching more then on FB.

  8. I’ve earned a founding member badge for this piece of software and in my honest opinion Liker is a bigger piece of crap that Fartbook which I have also used and discarded as useless due to over the top censorship!Liker is hard to use and as a consequence it is shit….plain and simple. Don’t bother wasting g your time trying to figure it out. I just closed my founder account because this software is so big invested,freeze invested and just poorly written and executed that you will only end up frustrated and pissed off after a few weeks usage. Do yourself a favor and tell all your friend DO WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS TURD PIECE OF SOFTWARE. NUFF SAID!

  9. Liker is poorly administered and buggy. Support is unresponsive. I really wanted an alternative for social media, but Liker, sadly, isn’t it.

  10. The original document above is very badly written and only just qualifies as “English”. Is this important?

  11. So now it’s “down for maintenance and upgrades” for the past week. To be truthful, I’m not that hot on it. I haven’t been able to learn how to share articles from other sources (it’s not given as an option on websites) and not even other users will answer my question about this, much less user support. I’ll give it another week or so, and if it’s not up and greatly improved, I’m uninstalling it.

  12. Liker has been down now for almost two weeks, citing maintenance and improvements. I hope this is true! There are many times I just get the blue twirly thing.

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