Landswitches com Reviews {Jan} Is It Scam Web Page?


Landswitches com Reviews {Jan} Is It Scam Web Page?  >> A website to provide the gamers with various gaming stuff on huge discounts, is it reliable or not.

Are you a pro gamer? Are you excited about every day’s updates on new gaming devices?Are you having the fascination for the latest gaming devices? Then don’t worry because we are mentioning here our unbiased Landswitches com Reviews.

We will mention all the details related to the website, United Statesbased, and how it is beneficial to people worldwide.The website is recently coming in the news, and people are curious about it, so let’s figure out the various aspects.

What is Landswitches web portal?

As we know, people are searching for various upcoming websites as these provide a considerable amount of discounts and deals to the buyers. So, the Landswitches web page makes the buyers engaged with its portal’s gaming stuff.The gamers must be happy as another website is swinging on the internet. The Landswitches com Reviews says that the website has managed to ensure the famous Sony play stations, Xbox series, and Nintendo series.The website has meant for the gamers as they can enjoy shopping from here. The website is also trending because it runs the Black Friday Sale, where humongous discounts are offered on the various products.To find the details further, please stay with us, where we will share the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews.

Specifications of Landswitches web site

  • The website can be reached via the link
  • This website has a wide variety of gaming stuff like Xbox series, Sony play stations, and Nintendo series, which trend for gamers as per the Landswitches com Reviews.
  • The website has shared its contact number as 570-517-4896.
  • The web site’s domain is very young as it is created on November 24, 2020.
  • The email address for the customers to reach customer care is mentioned as 
  • The website’s locational address is as per their web page is 8800 Nagle Ave, California, 91331, United States
  • · 
  • One can get the product’s return within the fourteen days of receiving the product.
  • PayPal, MasterCard’s, Visa are the mentioned payment modes mentioned on the web portal. 
  • The website has mentioned some refund policy, and it can be initiated to the original payment mode.
  • The Landswitches com Reviews says that the shipping policy states that the shipping fee is 10$ for each product, but it can be available at free shipping if the order value exceeds 40$.
  • The buyer can expect the order to be delivered within 1 to 5 days.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are mentioned on the website as the social presence.

Positive of Landswitches web portal

  • The website has a secure SSL connection.
  • The website has an HTTPS protocol connection.
  • The website has great discounts to offer to its buyers.
  • The website has mentioned the contact information for the buyers.

Negative of Landswitches web portal

  • The website is a recent launch and not widespread.
  • The website is offering only gaming devices, and that too very limited.
  • The website has no Landswitches com Reviews.

Is the Web portal Scam or Legit?

The website has been researched for all the factors, which are responsible for making it legit or not. The website has shared the contact information, but that seems to be fake. There are no customer reviews for the website, neither on the website itself or any other external web portal.

The website is very new and has no attempt to make any promotions for it. The trust index of the website is shallow and has null traffic. So we consider this web site as a suspicious one in our Landswitches com Reviews.

Customer Reviews for the Landswitches web portal

Our research team has searched for all the here and there on the internet for the customer reviews but unable to find any. Upon researching, we have encountered a web page where bad words have been mentioned about the website. Many have said it as a fraudulent website. So we don’t advise you to take this website as a safe one to visit.

Final Verdict

The website’s final line says that a scam and suspicious website with the proven facts as mentioned above. The unbigoted review is concluded based on the no on website customer reviews. Many people have said bad words about the website, fake contact details, and little stuff.We advise our readers not to visit the website as this may cause you trouble. Kindy share your comment on Landswitches com Reviews.

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