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Lamerlook com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Lamerlook com Reviews 2020

Lamerlook com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> This blog informs you about the unique clothing line for women.

Are you bored with your current wardrobe and the same old clothes?  Then, ladies, it is time for you to visit Lamerlook.

One’s personality is often analyzed by the way the person is dressed. On the one hand, a bad look can ruin your day, while on the other, a good look can win you loads of compliments, thereby, boosting your confidence. Therefore, this site helps you to customize your clothes as well as accessories in your style.

Lamerlook com reviews tell us that the site is taking up innovative measures to help women build their styling quotient. It not only understands the requirement of the customer but also provides improvisations to make the clothing style look better.

If you, too, are interested in styling your wardrobe then this is the site you have been searching for.

This site is hugely in demand in the United State and has been able to capture the right target audience with the varied options it provides to the users.

To have a better understanding of the site and the services offered, we recommend you to go through this blog. And decide what is best for yourself. Sounds good?

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So let us start by asking:
What is Lamerlook

Lamerlook is an online site which provides women, worldwide, with a large variety of fashionable products, including summer shoes, adjustable wedge-heels, sneakers, beautifully crafted neckpieces, bottoms and jewelry to accessorize your styling.

But if you wish to personalize your shirts, dresses, etc., then you can contact the site to request for your design. The site has been successful in creating multiple new designs for the customers and receiving praise from happy customers.

One might ask how is it possible to render such a huge collection of women’s clothing so easily? Well, Lamerlook is associated with professional suppliers and production houses which makes it easier to fulfill the intense selection process. 

Now one might wonder, what is so unique about Lamerlook com that makes it favorable for someone to shop from this website?

Well, the other sites might help you to shop online, but this women-centric site provides you with your fashion of clothing at a click of a mouse.

A woman is known for her uniqueness. It is her way to express herself in the world. This is where Lamerlook comes into the picture.

One might want to try a new look every day. Be it a party look or a casual morning look, you will find a customer collection of every style, profession, hobby, sport, etc. at Lamerlook com. The site also provides shipping offers with worldwide delivery.

Before you place your order and be a part of this experience, I would like to provide you with more information about the site, including advantages, specifications and customer reviews.

Specifications of Lamerlook:

  • Product: customized and unique clothing style for women
    Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH
  • Email:
  • Processing time: 4 business days
  • Shipping time: 10 business days
  • Exchange: 15 days from the delivered date
  • Returns: 15 days from the delivered date
  • Refunds: processed within a week

Pros of purchasing from Lamerlook:

  • Customized clothing, as well as accessories, can be ordered online
    • Importing fees do not apply to most of the countries
    • Easy returns, refunds, and exchanges are available

  • A unique variety of clothing is available at reasonable prices

  • The option of fast delivery is also available


Cons of purchasing from Lamerlook:

  • Taxes for a few countries are applicable
  • Return shipping cost is applicable
  • Delivery takes as long as 30 days
  • Exchange offers are available for only those products which are in stock

Customer reviews on Lamerlook:

Lamerlook com has been able to successfully satisfy the customers with their specific requirements. The happy customers have been appreciative of the variety of clothes and discounts offered on this site.

A few customers might have complained about the delivery time. But the refund/exchange was implemented very quickly if the customer was not happy with the product. Besides this, shipping taxes imposed on international deliveries have disappointed a few customers.

Final Verdict:

Lamerlook is a women-centric site which helps you restyle your wardrobe. Even though Lamerlook is a recent registry, all the necessary details are shared on the website in detail. It is a unique website that helps to groom your personality differently.

Hopefully, we were able to give you a clear picture of the website including benefits, specifications and customer feedback. After careful review, we can say that it is a legit website.

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  1. I would have never ordered from this website if I had realized that it was going to take so long. Also, the tracking number is not identifiable by any of the carriers that I’ve checked. It FEELS like I got scammed because it SEEMS really sketchy.

  2. I ordered two different orders 43 DAYS ago.. Really why does it take that long still have no idea where they are at. All i keep getting told its on its way. Ya ok dont think so. I do not recommend this company at all..

    1. Same here!!! I ordered on April 29th , it’s August 27th today and I still haven’t received my order. I can no longer track the package yet it states “partially shipped”. I am so unhappy, to say the least, out $100 and their responses have failed to provide quality customer service. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this company.

  3. I ordered from this site 2 MONTHS AGO and still haven’t received my order! I do not recommend this website AT ALL!!!

  4. I ordered from this website and am still waiting for my order 3 months now cannot track and each item is shipped separately cannot contact and the one thing I did get is nothing like what was pictured

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