Laddygo Reviews [Dec 2021] Read Truth About This Site

Laddygo Reviews 2020

Laddygo Reviews [Dec 2021] Read Truth About This Site -> The article is about the authenticity of an ecommerce site dealing with ladies clothes and accessories.

Hey ladies!!! Are you looking for a complete collection where you will get your required dresses and accessories from head to toe? So, what are you waiting for? Shop now from Laddygo.
Here in this article, we are going to reveal authenticity through different Laddygo Reviews and our expert insight. Keep reading…

We are living in the age when a woman is the busiest bee of the house. She must work like a horse and look like a deity. Maintaining everything is not easy unless you know the right place to shop for yourself. Therefore, almost all ladies in the Unite State and the United Kingdom are looking for a reliable place to buy online.

Laddygo is one of those smartest online ecommerce sites that have all collections that a modern woman need these days. Form everyday use to the most happening parties, you will get all type of clothing and accessories here.

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Is Laddygo legit?

Now, a question comes naturally to the buyer’s mind- is Laddygo legit? The digital platform is full of illegitimate sellers. For the buyers, it is hard to differentiate the authentic from the dodgy one. Therefore, before buying, they look for the right ways to find out the authenticity of a website.

What is Laddygo?

Laddygo is one of the ecommerce stores in the United State that is dealing with ladies clothing and accessories from 2010. The vast online selection is full of trendy clothes, inner wears, and accessories that fit for all occasion. Products come at an affordable and reasonable price. The sellers provide the highest quality materials and designs in every item.

Laddygo put their customer’s priority first and bring new items of their choice. The strong logistic system of Laddygo can deliver products on time to the United State and the overseas. The international logistic system provides the best service in product supply and delivery.

Specifications of

  • Product: Ladies apparel
  • Website:
  • Email id:
  • Contact No.: 852 81915515
  • Shipping time: Starts the process as soon as the order-place
  • Delivery time: 7 to 15 business days
  • Return/ Exchange: Accept return or exchange within 14 days of receiving the product. (Condition apply)
  • Refund: Accepted (except some items)
  • Mode of payment: Dotpay, Credit or debit cards, Bank Transfer, PayPal

Pros of buying from

  • Huge collection of all type o clothing will surely turn your head off.
  • You will get a vast collection of shoes here.
  • They provide you with all height quality materials.
  • Products re getting at affordable and reasonable price
  • Dresses for all accession are available- from formal to partyware to swimsuits.
  • Very fast shipping and delivery system is available.

Cons of buying from

  • Delivery is little late in interior or outskirts of the United State
  • Online card or bank transaction is available. No cash on delivery is available.
  • No review section is available for new buyers.

Customer review on

One of the biggest default of the website is there is no review section available. If you are a first-time buyer, you cannot find any positive or negative review of the past buyers of the website. With the help of our referrals and researches, we come to know some inside stories of the website.

The website looks very attractive and reliable at a glance. However, a lot of adverse reports are there about the site. The website offers a lot of discounts for no reason. Studies say that it could be a trap. Also, some of the personal Facebook posts say that the website is not an authentic one. They are running a scam under the name of online ecommerce sites.

The company has its social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but they have no reliable posts. Also, we can’t find any satisfied customer of the website.

The Final Verdict:

From all the studies and inside stories, it has been cleared that buying products from the site might be a little risk. Also, there is no prominent verdict from any past buyers that it is a 100 per cent scam company.

The Facebook button of the site is linked to another page. It probably means there is no existence of the company name on Facebook. At the same time, Instagram and Pinterest profiles are inactive. There is no post at all.

From all the aspects we do not recommend you to buy products from this website.

47 thoughts on “Laddygo Reviews [Dec 2021] Read Truth About This Site

    1. I ordered a shirt from Laddygo, it took a little while to come in but was well made and true to size. I just ordered another one because I was so happy with it

      1. I placed a large order , they told me they were a legit company and I could trust them. I took them at their word and hoping to receive my order
        I took a great chance. I hope you keep your word

      2. Hey i bought stuff 3 different times from laddygo the 3 time i new something wasnt right my order wasn’t bein shipped out i email ed them. So many times they refunded my money on 1 of the shirts i ordered then it says them shipped the other one out i will never order from them again ur order takes up to 30 to get even if u pay for faster shipping there scammers i believe 100%

    2. This company is a phony and do not deliver or refund it’s all a lies. They emailed me and said monies being refund s as fret my credit card co sent them letter and they said refunds approved and would email me confirmation. That was two months ago, I’m out 169$ and wife never recieved any clothing and paid for expedited shipping! This company is phony scam! Please tell all. And good luck trying to contact. U can’t!

    1. The website says Paris France you are billed from a company called Piu Fashion Limited in Hong Kong . I have ordered from them, never received a thing. They’re website I have no account & had to open a complaint with the BBB, Attorney Generals Office & file a dispute with PayPal for a refund!!

      1. I teeceived all but 1 of my items ( it took a month) . however, I was very satisfied with my tops & my shoes I bought from here. I ordered down a size (I’m a med & I ordered small) & everything fit only thing I didn’t like, it kept detouring me when I tried to write them about the item I did not receive ( I ordered 6 items & the 1 I didn’t review was an anklet that was 3.99) & I couldn’t find a phone #. Overall I was happy with their merchandise

    2. I am skeptical to purchase clothing due to website not answering my request to show a sizing chart as I am a plus size woman, thanks.

    3. I have ordered from them and received the dress which was very good quality. For perfect and arrived with me in norwich uk within 3 weeks. O took the chance and it paid off the item i ordered was 29.99.

  1. Yes, China! No way to contact them. Email address is INVALID!
    They told me that I never purchased anything when I asked for a refund.

    1. My order shows in been at FedEx since July 12 2020 I called FedEx and now laddygo has to contact FedEx so obviously FedEx lost my package

  2. I have not had a problem. I’ve purchased 3 items, waiting each time for the previous item to come in because it takes a very long time to receive your items. That said, sizes run extremely small. I’m a heavy set American woman who wears an XL usually in the US for a T-shirt. I had to give a shirt to my daughter that was an XL but the quality was so good I reordered it in a 3XL and it fits perfectly. That said, they respond to emails each time. They have tracking on their site and I accidentally ordered a shirt twice and they sent me an email from their Purchasing Team asking me if I was sure I wanted to keep the duplicate order. This was I surprising touch of good customer service I didn’t expect from this company, so my final verdict: I will most likely order again. They have built my confidence level and I love getting good deals!!

    So if you can be patient, give them a try. I’m sorry about some of the experiences of the other buyers. But for me, I give them 3.5 stars only because it takes several weeks to receive an order. They are in Hong Kong. Hope this helps.

    1. Yes…this helps…thank you. I am waiting for an order. I like the style of their clothes. I hope they fit. Thank you for your time. Psalms 1:1-3

  3. I am going to the Local fraud agency and file a complaint if I don’t hear from this Company, Laddygo. I had no problem placing the order. I am trying to trace it and different companies pop up… that I try to find a connection, does not respond… They give you a form that does not function. How is this Company allowed to continue?

    1. How do I get a refund its been over a month and no product still does anyone know a way to contact this company I need help !!!

  4. I got my order today but there was no packing slip included. I really like what I ordered and they are of good quality but they are too small. I want to exchange them for larger sizes but the phone number and e-mail site don’t respond. Please somebody help me find an address or phone number so I can contact them.

    1. I place an order on June 6, 2020, and it is August 6, 2020. I sent an email and their response was sorry for the delay and we can give you 15% off your next purchase(well shot it want be another order). I am so mad because of this has happen to other customers why is Facebook allowing them to advertise on their page. At this point I have sent another email and still haven’t heard anything from them. I just want my refund. Who can we call to stop these people from scamming innocent hard working people. You place the order within 3 minutes they have charge your card and got paid. Hell do t charge my card if you not plan I g on sending my items.

  5. I have purchased a dress with Laddygo on June 19. I paid expedite shipping to receive it in 3-5 days. They charged me on the same day, however it is July 3 and I haven’t received my package yet. On their website it just says the order was confirmed on June 19, nothing else. No information about shipping my package. Definitely not a serious and honest business!

  6. I have trying to get in touch with this company since week to return items dresses are too small one dress that came today suppose to be denim it’s like a cotton material then it’s a one size fit al I’m a plus size & the other dress is nothing like it is in the picture & I just want
    My money refund back because none of the merchandise is right no exchange just my refund back & there is no invoice paper to send nothing back

  7. I ordered a blouse from them that was suppose to be a v-neck but it arrived with a collar not a-v-neck. I left a comment about it on their Facebook site. They contacted me after I left a comment and they seem very sincere about assisting me. It’s seems they are really trying there best to get my order straightened out. It’s a very pretty blouse & I really like the fabric. It’s pretty much wrinkle free. I’m just hoping they can get my order straightened out. Liked the v-neck style they showed in their picture. Was really disappointed when it arrived having a collar. I believe they will resolve the issue. They seem to be really making an effort.

  8. I bought a dress and bikini in June 11th 2020 and its now July 14th and nothing has arrived it just says processing and no other means of contact, no one is responding or apologising, now reading the above I fear I have been scammed and they’ve taken my £50 and done one. These sites need taking down. Facebook shouldn’t allow ads like this.

    1. I ordered from them., the items were too small. Emailed them, you can send back the items but they’re in China and too costly so I opted for the 50% coupon and will use to reorder the items. I’ll have to sell the ones I received. They were fast in responding to me.

      It’s hard to find the support email on their website but once you do they respond fairly quick.

      I will definitely order from them again but in 2 sizes larger than they suggest.

  9. Do not order from this company. They make it look like it is from Great Britain but it’s China. I ordered on May 6th. I just received 3 of my four pieces Approximately July 1st. They came separate so I couldn’t return in 14 days because I was waiting to do return together. I waited almost 8 weeks for a partial order but they won’t accept a return. I did get an email offering me a whole 15 percent discount towards next order. Do they think customers are stupid enough to order again? It’s insulting. The email states that it is because of COVID. I understand it would take longer but I received clothing from another Chinese company Chloeshe, it was delayed but it got here in 6 weeks and they responded in a timely manner. The sweat outfit And dress I ordered from Laddygo is so paper thin can’t wear in public. The blouse looks like they combined a pattern part child , part maternity.

    Now looking back they wouldn’t except credit card or atm only pay pal which I will have to now dispute. They are taking advantage of people because where else can we shop right now.

  10. My order shows in been at FedEx since July 12 2020 I called FedEx and now laddygo has to contact FedEx so obviously FedEx lost my package

  11. This company is a scam!!!! I ordered from them 47 days ago and have yet to see my purchases. Only today 47 days later I was told one purchase has been discontinued. WOW! I did receive a link to go to, to get a refund.. But it took several tries and could not get into link. With trying various other ways to get to them I finally received a button to get a refund..also telling me to be patient while waiting for my refund. WHAT another 47 days??? Watch out for this company!

  12. Ordered from this site on July 22 and nothing yet…the website just tells me my e-mail address is not valid and yet they sent me confirmation.


  14. My order is still showing proccessing….2 months now…do not order from laddygo. You will not get your order! Should be againt the law to, its like stealing money from innocent people.

  15. This company is a SCAM! I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. I finally received my orders and they are NOTHING like the pictures shown of items. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE products sent. Not what I ordered and GARBAGE items. Do NOT order from them!

  16. Kathleen can you post the email address you have? I forgot to put my apartment number and package was returned. Trying to get in contact with them to resend

  17. I’m italian.the style of this clothes are very elegant and tempting. Keep in mind that they are doo cheap that if something goes wrong you are loosing $ 20.
    I order all bunch of stuff and I am very happy now with it.
    You find this kind only in njemanarkus or armani or versace .
    I’m sure I’ll be very happy when I got them.
    If no felivery.
    I’ll post a scamm allert and that’s it.
    You are buying grom Honk Kong.
    Not around the corner.
    I like laddygo.

  18. I ordered from them., the items were too small. Emailed them, you can send back the items but they’re in China and too costly so I opted for the 50% coupon and will use to reorder the items. I’ll have to sell the ones I received. They were fast in responding to me.

    It’s hard to find the support email on their website but once you do they respond fairly quick.

    I will definitely order from them again but in 2 sizes larger than they suggest.

    1. Hi, would you mind posting how to locate the support email on their site. I have 5 items coming at least one or two fit.
      Thank you for posting. Leigh

  19. Two items were ordered and arrived very late from the order date. As the items didn’t fit, I asked for return information. They informed me that my return request is over 14 days from the date I received the items (which is not true) and as such, they will not refund the items.

    This company is definitely a fraud and should be investigated.

  20. I ordered 4 items from this company. It took a long time to get to me in Florida, USA. The items did not fit so I did a return by creating a return ticket. I have emailed them a couple of times to ask if they did get my return. No response from their side. Do not know if I am going my lose my money or not?! I am going to report them to PayPal as well as BBB! Do not order from this company at all!

  21. I placed an order on Oct 11th. I received it on Oct 30th. It does come from Out of the country so I expected a longer delivery time. I ordered 5 dresses and only 2 fit the way I like. I packaged the 3 to return and used their shipping label. They deduct 7.99 for return shipping. As they know it is now on the way I have already received the funds in my PayPal account, that was just posted. My daughter ordered from them first and she as well as I love the clothes. The ones that didn’t fit me were a little tight but I really don’t feel it’s because of where they are made, because we have that problem everywhere. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.

  22. I placed an order for 13 tops/sweaters on October 17,2020 and still have not received any of my items. I have opened a ticket to check status multiple times and the last time I was told 3 out of the 13 items would be ready to be shipped by November 15, 2020. Tomorrow is November 15 and I will be reaching out to them for my tracking number as they had no problem taking my $225. They better deliver my products soon as I wanted to where them this winter.


  23. I cannot believe I have once again ordered a top online from what appears to be a SHAM!
    Wish I had read the reviews prior to ordering.
    The contact number in an above message has too many digits.
    If anyone has a valid phone number please respond and post o this site.

  24. Worst mistake of my life
    Don’t. Ever. Buy from them. If I could give negative stars I would. It has been 3 weeks, expídete shopping was paid and it hasn’t even been shipped. I asked for a cancellation and I found a number online I thought I was lucky. I have been in contact with them for a few days now they have been rude up until today, I received a phone call early in the morning telling me to get on my computer and download a software app. That was probably my first mistake but I did it anyways although I was a little suspicious, the customer service rep told me he needed me to do this in order to send me the form, he sent me the refund form and it was only a Google doc so I don’t understand why I had to download this app. Anyways, I gave him all the information he needed and after a while I was getting emails from Amazon in my actual email saying I requested password changes and I did not so I got suspicious and asked the man to get off of my computer because that is what basically was happening he was on my computer. He said to give him 30 seconds and not press anything and I press some thing and he got angry and threatened me and told me he will delete all the information on my computer. I kept asking him to get off of my computer and he was telling me to give him a second and so I pressed another button Trying to close my computer because I was skeptical and worried. I was correct because he completely freaked out on me and asked me why I did that now he’s deleting everything and now I have no files and everything has been deleted off my computer and he told me I will not receive my refund ever. I open dispute with PayPal and Chase and hopefully it will be resolved. I did this for my mother who fell for this scam of a company and I guess like mother like daughter I fell for this one as well and now we are both screwed. Don’t buy from this company PayPal shouldn’t even allow it

  25. I really liked the clothes and shoes they had posted on Facebook and on their website. I ordered several pairs of shoes and a blouse. After a long delay which they said was due to Christmas shipping, I received the items. I tried them on and found they didn’t fit even though I had used their size conversions charts. I couldn’t find any info on how to request a refund on the clothing or on their ads. I finally resorted to writing to the newsletter url within the 14 days after I received the merchandise and didn’t get an answer to my email. Then, disaster struck and I had three family members that came down with Covide 19. They were my mom, her brother and my brother. They all live two blocks from me so I was very involved in getting them diagnosed and care. When I finally had a few minutes to try and reach LaddyGo again, I wrote another letter and explained my situation. I never got a reply. Now I am stuck with shoes that don’t fit and a blouse with sleeves that are too small.
    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Their refund policy is a sham and they do not reply to any contacts you try to make.
    Do Not give out my email address.

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