Kwik Hang Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Product?

Kwik Hang Reviews 2020

Kwik Hang Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Product? >> This article talks in detail about an online company that sells easy to install curtain rods and brackets.

Our home is our relaxing pad, isn’t it? There is no doubt that home decor reflects our personality to a large extent. 

Curtains and drapes are integral to a beautiful home but entail some messy installation. Here is a brand that claims to sell cool yet easy to install curtain rods and brackets.

Kwik Hang curtain rods and brackets are manufactured in the United States, but they deliver worldwide. According to its website, the company business is family operated and owned.

Let us unearth more about this brand through the following Kwik Hang Reviews.

What is Kwik Hang? 

Kwik Hang is an online portal dealing in curtain rods, brackets, and hardware.

  • Its website displays a video that explains the hassle-free and no-drill installation process to customers. All you need is a hammer or mallet for installation.
  • Kwik Hang seems to save your time and effort with its revolutionary products.
  • Also, the Kwik Hang curtain rod brackets are sturdy that can hold up to 20 LBS weight.
  • The FAQ section on their website answers almost all the questions that one can think of.
  • The brand claims to have 25,000 satisfied customers. 
  • All this sounds super cool, isn’t it? 

Before you head to its website to place an order, we recommend that you go through comprehensive Kwik Hang Reviews.

Specifications of Kwik Hang:

  • Products- Curtain rods, curtain brackets
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Contact phone number- Not given
  • Shipping fee- Applicable outside the United States 
  • Shipping time- 5 to 7 business days, also depends on the method of shipping.
  • Exchanges/Returns- Eligible within a 30/day window from your delivery date
  • Return address- Kwik Hang, c/o Returns, No.521 Mount Hope St., North Attleboro, MA 02760, United States
  • Refunds- Applicable after your returns are approved. 
  • Mode of payment- Online through significant credit cards, debit cards, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal

Prerequisites for Kwik Hang bracket:

  • Your window should have a wooden trim.
  • The width of the window trim should be minimum ½ inch to a maximum 1 inch. 
  • For windows more expansive than 60 inches, a centre support bracket should be used. Windows with dimensions 31 to 60 inches require one centre support bracket. Windows with dimensions 61 to 19 inches need two centre support brackets

Pros of Kwik Hang: 

  • Easy to install curtain rods and brackets
  • Very quick no-drill, no-nails, and no-screws installation
  • Time-saving and requires less effort
  • No mess, no holes, no damage during installation 
  • Easy to remove, disassemble, and store
  • Comes in five colours that go well with any home decor- Black, white, silver, bronze, and brass
  • A lot of payment methods are acceptable.

Cons of Kwik Hang: 

  • Kwik Hang Curtain rod brackets are suitable only for windows that have a wooden trim.
  • Very critical customer reviews
  • The customer pays for the return shipping costs.
  • Sale items are not returnable. 
  • No refund for gift items purchased, only store credit

Is Kwik Hang Legit?

Going by its website, Kwik Hang seems to be a renowned brand. It claims to have a significant number of satisfied customers. Its foolproof website is another feather on its cap.

But any company can design a website to suit its interest. Therefore, it becomes essential to discover more through detailed analysis and online customer reviews.

Our article on Kwik Hang Reviews will help you discover if Kwik Kang is a legit name or not. 

By the end of this article, you will know whether you should buy at this site.

Customer reviews on Kwik Hang: 

The website boasts of having great customer reviews. Sadly, this is not the case if you search online. It is a clear indication that the reviews on its website are fabricated.

Among the many reviews available on the Internet, negative reviews outweigh the positive ones. 

While most customers are complaining about delayed or no shipment at all, a few criticize them for no refunds.

A handful of customers who were lucky to receive the products are not at all satisfied with the quality.

Many customers are irritated as the company does not seem to respond to emails or Facebook messages.

Despite being in the business for seven years, Kwik Hang has not been able to generate promising reviews from customers.

In this light, there is no wonder that customers have given it a one-star rating.

Final verdict: 

As per our Kwik Hang Reviews, the brand is very susceptible to fraud.

We conclude by a warning not to buy anything here.

If you want to add anything about Kwik Hang, post your comments here.

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