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The write-up on Kuaron Harvey Full Video has provided the details on the incident recorded on a social media live session. 

Who was Kuaron Harvey? What has been going on with Kuaron Harvey? Who was Paris Harvey? For what reason is Kuaron Harvey news moving as of late? Kuaron Harvey Full Video heart-slowing down case has once more turned into the moving subject nowadays. This episode occurred in the US, and the subtleties of the mishappening shocked individuals in the states. Allow us to peruse a few basic subtleties on the point here.

Kuaron Harvey Case Foundation Outline

On 25th Walk 2022, there was the Kuaron and Paris Harvey case. After over a year, this case has acquired fame again since individuals have not disregarded it. The video from the episode has likewise been re-posted on Twitter. Kuaron and Paris, two minor youngsters, are associated with this episode. At the point when 12-year-old Paris goes to her cousin Kuaron’s fourteenth birthday festivity at his home, she gets her hands on a firearm. From here, the narrative of Kuaron and Paris’ hopelessness starts.

Disclaimer: We demand our perusers sympathetically cease from watching the famous video about this case since it tends to push down.

How Did Kuaron and Paris Kick the bucket?

After the birthday celebration, Paris’ folks returned home, and she remained with his cousin for an evening. They were playing with the gun that Paris had tracked down in the house. At 12 PM both went live on Instagram. Paris put the weapon behind his cousin’s right ear playfully. However, the weapon was not locked, and it went off unintentionally.

Kuaron fell on the floor with his ear dying, and in an attack of dread, Paris coincidentally shot herself as well. The children passed on, and the adversity was kept in the live meeting. The video immediately turned into a web sensation yet individuals began examining the case. Many guaranteed that Paris unintentionally shot Kuaron, yet she shot herself as a demonstration of self destruction after how she treated her cousin.

Viral On Reddit Video of Kuaron Harvey’s Demise

The viral video was eliminated in line with the Harvey family since they were broken to the center in the wake of losing two children. The police did all that to guarantee the video was eliminated from the web and saved the family from stress and catastrophe.

The gun was a self loading gun, and it was not locked. Albeit, the young lady didn’t expect to hurt his cousin’s sibling. The couple was playing and living it up. Everything occurred unintentionally.

Harvey’s Response to the Video Moving on Youtube

Police were educated by Paris and Kuaron’s grandma that there had been no actual quarrel and that the two children were partaking in their experience with one another. The Harvey family will remain by each other. She added that the firearm unintentionally released instead of being terminated deliberately.

Individuals are discussing different points on the web, similar to why Paris ended it all. Be that as it may, nothing is yet clear, and the police investigation into the circumstance is as yet continuous. Cops are likewise attempting to sort out to whom the firearm had a place. On Wire, the occurrence video was likewise famous.


The Harvey Family was crushed after their children Kuaron and Paris kicked the bucket, matured 14 years and 12 years, individually. According to sources, on Kuaron’s birthday, Paris tracked down a gun at her cousin’s home. And keeping in mind that playing with it, she coincidentally kills Kuaron and afterward shoots herself accidentally. Peruse genuine subtleties here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the insights concerning Kuaron Harvey?

A1. Kuaron Harvey was a young man, and on 25th Walk 2022, it was his fourteenth birthday celebration.

Q2. How did Kuaron Harvey pass on?

A2. Kuaron was shot by his 12-year-old cousin Paris Harvey on 25th Walk’s 12 PM.

Q3. For what reason did Paris Harvey shoot Kuaron?

A3. Little Paris had zero desire to kill his cousin’s sibling. The gun she found at his house was not locked and was discharged coincidentally while she was playing with it.

Q4. For what reason did Paris was at Kuaron’s home?

A4. Paris went to Kuaron’s home to commend his fourteenth birthday celebration. And afterward she remained back at Kuaron’s home for a night stay.

Q5. Is the video on Kuaron Harvey Episode accessible on Tiktok?

A5. No, the video film has been taken out from every one of the virtual entertainment destinations. Albeit many professed to have the video yet the first video isn’t accessible.

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