Kpouy Reviews [August] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Kpouy Reviews

Kpouy Reviews [August] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> The Portal provides home indoor and outdoor items, some gadget accessories, kitchen aids, beach canopies, etc.

Are you looking for some new website to buy some exciting things for the household? Is Kpouy Reviews still revolving in the back of your mind? Stick with our article and read it till the end to get clarity about it.

The website is based in London and appears to be another e-commerce website selling a variety of items. It claims to deliver all over the world, including the United States.

Although the Portal lacks clarity over certain aspects of shipping and returns still its displayed items gain some attention of the online buyers.

What is a Kpouy website? 

It is a website that appears not very well designed or structured though it smells a variety of products. From canopies, hammocks to indoor items, gadgets accessories, some items for the kids, and even lamps, etc

It displays all sorts of random products for sale with a decent price range. But it lacks completely in reliability factor with no social media presence. 

Nothing is found as real Kpouy Reviews based in the United States or even in any other country. 

Its social media presence claims all get falsified upon a deep dig in. Still rad below for more details about the website.

Specifications about Kpouy:

  • Type of Website: It displays a variety of different indoor, outdoor, home, kitchen, and other items that are required by every household.
  • URL:
  • Address and phone: Not shared
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping cost: It provides free standard shipping on orders of $ 39 and above. It also offers some other chargeable shipping except the standard one.
  • Payment mode: It accepts payments via online wallets and cards.
  • Refund and return: It claims to take all possible items as returns within 45 days of delivery.

Pros of shopping at Kpouy:

  • The website provides different categories of items all in one place.
  • It does accept returns within 45 days with some conditions apply.
  • It provides different free and chargeable shipping options.

Cons of shopping at Kpouy:

  • The Portal is not well designed or structured and displays some random products for sale.
  • It has almost no customer reviews making it less reliable for shopping.
  • It even shows some copied content all over the website, so it lacks real authenticity of its own.
  • It claims to exist on social media platforms; however, nothing was found upon clicking on the links even placed at its website.
  • Its return and shipping policies also do not provide complete clarity of the facts; instead makes the consumer more confused.

Is Kpouy Legit or some scam website? 

The website does not appear a real genuine site from the way products are displayed randomly. Moreover, the entire website content appears to be copied along with the in-display product pictures. 

No real consumer shared feedback or review is even found anywhere. So the question Is Kpouy Legit or not does get a direct answer, but it does get negative indications. That can be considered a fake website due to a lack of specific facts and reliable factors.

What do the customers say about Kpouy? 

There were very few Kpouy Reviews available over the internet. None of them shared any of the real customer experiences. However, all of them indicated the Portal as a scam and risky website.

Such things do indicate a negative side of the website though no firm direct experiences are revealed. It might be because nobody has tried it yet as it appears too risky.

Final verdict

It appears to be created in 2020 and hardly has any customers it seems from the reviews. But some things do appear doubtful, including the Portal’s content also seems scripted and copied. 

Nothing much can be said with a guarantee about the products being displayed on the website. However, the site lacks any proper structuring and displays some random products on its home page. 

Even its policies and about us sections also reveals some copied content from another website. Such things questions the credibility of the website. Yet it does not share any office or warehouse contact address or phone line number. Such things raise more doubts and make the Portal riskier to invest in.

Hence we suggest refraining from investing in such websites. Do share your feedback or experiences below about the Portal. Thanks for reading the article.

0 thoughts on “Kpouy Reviews [August] Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. Bad experience. Purchased a hammock WITH STEEL STAND is what it said on the website. Days later ONLY THE HAMMOCK arrived so I waited and waited and no Steel stand. After emailing them for a week, I finally got a response saying the there is an error on the website and it actually does not include a stand and that I would be eligible for a 10% refund. So, who in a sound mind would buy just the hammock for 35bucks? And they want me to leave them a positive feedback? Seriously ?

  2. Its a scam , they wont full fill the order or will be shipped after 1 month with missing parts .
    I will rather pay more and get some thing usefull

  3. Don’t buy from Kpouy, the are a scammer, they offer you to sell you and then they don’t send everything. I bought a hammock with the stand and send me only the hammock and then they told me that they cannot send me the stand, they offer you a full refund but you need to pay the shipping back to them, you email them and they answer you the next day or two or three days after. I don’t recommend nobody to buy from them.

  4. All above are true. They do not ship the merchandise, the product does not match the picture. Then they offer 5% refund!! It is completely absurd they are stealing from the customers!! Completely a scam. It is too bad I did not find these reviews before ordering from them.
    ? ? ?

  5. DO NOT BUY! This is a total scam. Terrible quality and misleading information. I bought a hammock and was the worst purchase I’ve made online EVER.

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