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Koloom Reviews [July] Decide It Is The Scam Site

Koloom Reviews [July] Decide It Is The Scam Site

Koloom Reviews [July] Decide It Is The Scam Site -> This article delivers a reality check about a website that claims to provide good quality baby shampoo caps.

Are you searching for a good shower cap for your little one? Still curious about knowing about Koloom Reviews. Stick with us till the end, and we will share all the possible information.

The website appears to be selling some shower caps for the babies. It provides free shipping to countries like the United State, etc.

Although there isn’t anything much clear about the existence of the Portal. So a deep dig inside the website is a must. 

What is a Koloom website? 

It is a website for all those looking for baby shower caps

It does not have a very lucrative or massive collection, though, and the price too appears more.

It provides a free shipping policy but does not have any express shipping even for the people in the United State

The website looks like any other normal portal but lacks in a real social media presence to gain trust and credibility of its customers. Read below to know more about the website.

Specifications about Koloom:

  • Type of Website: It displays a range of shampoo caps for babies in different colours and patterns.
  • URL:
  • Address: David Goldberg, 11385 Rising Star Court, EL PASO, TX 79936 United States
  • Phone line: (740) 258-5907 (10 AM – 5 PM PST)
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping cost: It provides complete free shipping on all orders. It does not offer any express shipping options.
  • Payment mode: It accepts online payments and is empowered by a PayPal wallet.
  • Refund and return: It claims to accept returns, but no timeline or details are shared about it.

Pros of shopping at Koloom:

  • The website provides a range of baby shower caps.
  • It does accept returns although its policies are not very clear.

Cons of shopping at Koloom:

  • The Portal does not appears to be a well structured and designed one as it only offers baby shower caps and nothing else for now.
  • The price of the shower caps also appears to be falling between a certain range and appears too pricy.
  • The Portal claims to have social media presence; however, nothing left was found.
  • The Portal appears to be very new with no reviews or feedbacks to date.
  • The Portal also appears to have an unsafe payment gateway.
  • The Portal’s return section does not clearly specify details. Also returns of bodysuits, gowns is not accepted. But the Portal does not even sell those. So the content of the Portal to appears copied or scripted.

Is Koloom website a Legit or another scam? 

The website does not appear to be any legit one in any aspect as of now. It has many suspicious things. 

We couldn’t get hold of even a single Koloom Review or a video about the Portal anywhere. 

It might be a newly structured website, but for now, it appears to be selling only shower caps and that too normal one nothing special.

So the question is why the Portal is doing that? Another thing its return and shipping section states it cannot accept returns of products which not even exist on the Portal. 

 So it just has a flashy content and nothing in real.

What do the customers have to say about the Koloom website? 

We cannot find any Koloom Reviews as of now. Maybe nobody tied it yet, or it appears as a scam that is why no one wants to go for it.

Final verdict

After reviewing the website in-depth, it does not looks like a real one. Many things raise concerns from displaying only baby shower caps and that too at such cost that is not worth.

I mean which Portal just sells just a few baby shower caps and that too, not even any customized ones. Just a normal bunch of baby shower caps. The about us section also does not clarify which products they want to sell neither their expertise in anything.

So investing in such a suspicious website is a complete no and we do not suggest or recommend going to such portals even. Several big brand websites do provide better priced, and quality baby shower caps with more options for the collection.

So there is nothing tempting about the website, and we do not even know its credibility. So it appears a scam, and we suggest to refrain from investing in it. Do share your valuable feedback or reviews below. Thanks for reading

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