Bra Reviews {Sept 2020} – Is It Safe To Buy? Bra Reviews 2020 Bra Reviews {Sept 2020} – Is It Safe To Buy? >> Need a perfect fitting bra for your body to be in a fantastic shape, read the article.

When everyone faces problems due to covid-19, many other health issues are going on, which needs focus. One of them is cancer that is increasing in the United States more. 

The issues about women’s health are rising, and people are starting to take it seriously. Many protests are going on in Canada regarding women’s health and the rising cases of breast cancer. Many women suffer from this, and the risk increases if you do not take care of your breasts. Bra Reviews has come up with an article on an innerwear product. The product is a bra, and many women ignore the importance of wearing the right bra and how it plays an essential role in uplifting your body shape and keep your breasts healthy.

In this article, you will get to know all the details about this product, and we will also provide an answer to Is Bra Legit or not. 

Additionally, we will discuss the most astonishing brands with a global presence and millions of happy customers. You don’t have to worry about the money as these products are available e-store like Amazon from where you can read the actual feedback of the users.

So, continue reading to explore more about all of these products. 

What is Bras?

The company sells products of the kissy brand as they are the distributors of the kissy. The bras are very comfortable to wear and make sure that it is fit for women with extra fat around their armpits. Thus, the bras are a perfect fit for all and are available in all the sizes and colors. The brand is famous in Canada.


  • It has removable padding.
  • The V-Shape gives comfort to the breast.
  • It has quick dry technology
  • I is made with smooth slim technology 
  • It has broad straps
  • It has modern design i.e., and no stitches are visible
  • It is ultra-stretchable up to 300% of the original bra 
  • The company uses eco-friendly biodegradable material

Specifications of the product:

  • Product type: Inner-wears
  • Quality of the product: Smooth and comfortable
  • Shipping of the product: The shipping is between 7-14 days.
  • Colors of the product: The bras are available in all the colors.
  • Size of the product: The bras are available in all sizes starting from A to E, and from small to 2XL. 

  • The site has a size chart.

  • The site is DMCA Protected.

  • The site has a valid HTTPs connection

  • The site has a trendy look

  • The site offers up to 50% discount

  • The site offers a various online mode of payments

  • Various coupons and offers are there

  • The domain name has a commonly used TLD.

  • It has a terrible trust score of 1% only.

  • Only a few designs and colors are available.

  • Many brands with a similar name are also there

  • Social Media links of Facebook and twitter are not working

  • No critical details like contact number, address or email id is given

  • The domain has a Short life expectancy

  • No information about global shipping

  • The domain name is very recent i.e.; It was registered only 21 days ago.

Is Bra Legit?

The business of running fake websites is rising in the United States, but now people copy brand names and take advantage of customers’ brand loyalty. Thus, it is essential to know if the product we are buying is legit or not.

In our research, we found many red signals like the domain is created only a few days ago, no contact information is available, to whom the customers will give feedback, and how?

Moreover, the Bra Reviews also seem fake as the date mentioned in many reviews is of Jan, May, April, and so on, but the site started operations from July 22, 2020. Isn’t that strange?

We also founded many domain-related issues .ie. the recently created domain is going to expire soon. 

Though the site is not blacklisted yet, it still is too dangerous to buy anything from it.

Thus we hope you get the answer of Is Bras legit. Don’t worry because now it’s the time to get crispy information about best affordable bra brandsPlaytex Women’s Wire Free Bra, Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Sports Bra, and Yvette Sports Bra.  They have already been into the industry for the last couple of years.  

1) Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra: It is one of the best wireless bras for big busts. 


  • Cup Strap Center Belt has 19% Spandex, 81% Nylon.
  • Inner Strap Center Belt has 100% Cotton.
  • Back Cup Lining has 8% Spandex, 92% Nylon.
  • Strap Lining 25% Polyester, 75% Cotton
  • It is hand-washed
  • It has a Full Coverage lining.
  • It has Hook and Eye closure.

  • It gives an excellent natural shape.
  • It has been ranked as #64 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #35 in Women’s Shops on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #2 in Everyday Bras on Amazon.
  • It offers the ultimate lift and support.
  • No information about the countries where it ships

  • This bra has no padding.
  • No size chart available

2) Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Sports Bra: It is the best sports bra for gym that has won millions of women’s hearts.  


  • It has 7% Elastane, 37% Polyamide and 56% Polyester
  • It is imported
  • It has Hook and Eye closure.
  • It could be machine washed.
  • It has bounce control.
  • It could be used for any kind of working running, yoga, jump rope, walking, cycling.
  • It is soft and comfortable.

  • It has been ranked as #3,914 in Clothing on Amazon

  • It has been ranked as #62 in Women’s Sports Bras on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #212 in Plus-Size on Amazon
  • The video of this product is available on Amazon.
  • 22% discount is available
  • No information about the countries where it ships

  • Many other inexpensive brands are also available.

3) Yvette Sports BraIt is one of the best high impact sports bra for large breasts with breathable mesh.  


  • It has Hook and Eye closure.
  • It has 22%Elastane and 78%Polyester.
  • It has a Breathable Mesh Design.
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a moisture-wicking power fabric.
  • It is a perfect combination of sports and sexy looks.
  • It will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • It is available in 5 trendy colors.

  • #20,472 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry on Amazon
  • #10337 in Women’s Shops on Amazon
  • #195 in Women’s Sports Bra on Amazon
  • 4.3-Star Ratings on Amazon
  • No information about the countries where it ships

What does the customer say about Bras? Bra Reviews researched to find out the views of people on the bras, and we found three reviews from the United States buyers that say the bra is fit and comfortable and very lightweight. It gives support to breasts and gives them a perfect shape. The bra is also fir for plus size women as it hides their extra fat on the armpits.

But these are available on the site only, there are no reviews on any other platforms, and the general reviews are a bit critical. So, these site reviews can’t be treated as valid ones

The bottom line:

To conclude, we can say that the brand is highly suspicious and potentially a scam. It is better to buy the product from the actual brand site as claims to be the distributor of Kissy brand, which is very famous worldwide.

As per research, we found many drawbacks in There are no proper shipping policies, returns and exchange policies, absence of about us page, the terrible trust of 1%, and many other issues we have discussed. So, we suggest you go for other legit brands we have discussed in our article.

If you wish to share your Bra Reviews, please feel free to share them in the comment box below.

0 thoughts on “ Bra Reviews {Sept 2020} – Is It Safe To Buy?

  1. 8/13/2020 Do not order these bras. They are shipped from China and it took over 3 weeks for my order to come. When it did there was no packing slip enclosed, the bra was in a package with Chinese writing all over it but little English. There was no way to return this bra and they not only sent the wrong color from what I ordered but I ordered a 2X size and they sent a Small which I couldn’t get my big toe in. This site is a SCAM. Beware of using it. I am out $45.00 for nothing but a scrap of material that I have absolutely no use for and no way to get my money back.

    1. I had the same experience. They are extremely small. If your cup size is anything larger than a B, do NOT order this! I usually wear a 32DD, and I ordered a Medium (based on their size chart). It took about a month for this to arrive and the size is NOTHING like the size chart. There is no way to provide feedback or request a return. I emailed them and heard nothing back

    2. The exact same thing with me I ordered a 2x in beige and received a black size small. I have been back and forth with customer service and they won’t give me an address to return it to.

  2. Completely agree with the above review. I did, however, find an email address to request a return and refund from, only to be told they wanted a photo and a VIDEO of the bra being several sizes too small! Clearly NOT going to happen, so now it’s lawyers at 10 paces!

  3. Worst bra I ever purchased. Due to the pandemic, it is very difficult to shop in person so I risked buying these on line. Terrible fit – the bra basically rides right up over my breasts with any movement of all by me. When I contacted them to try and return them, I was instructed to provide photos of the product, mailing container and a photo/video of what happens when I wear the bra to prove it rides up!! What a joke. To think that I am going to video my breasts exposed by this bra is laughable. What a racket to keep from having a return policy. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. The company is disreputable and very disagreeable to work with.

  4. bras are a blatant rip-off of the Kissy bra. They don’t look the same as in the advertisement, they are a cheap copy. While they are soft and don’t have underwire, they are way too small. I ordered a size large according to my measurements and their size chart and while it fits around my ribcage, my breasts are spilling out the sides and top. I can’t wear the bra comfortably, and that’s supposed to be the whole point of the bra! I sent them an email about it, we’ll see if they get back to me, but as of now I’m out $45.

  5. I requested 2 large. They sent two small with no information on how to return!!! Package contained very little english .

  6. Total scam! Wish I’d seen this review before ordering. It took several weeks to receive order. The sizing is all wrong. Of course, they will not take returns or give refunds. According to their support letter, they save those only for their “dearest customers”, of which I evidently am not. So I’m out $45 as well! Bra was so cheaply made I could not have worn it even if the sizing had been right.

  7. I had the exact same experience with sizing, fabric, no packing slip, etc.; although mine came within two weeks. It is WAAAY too small. I am currently in a friendly email conversation with their customer support, but I can see I should have checked these reviews BEfORE I ordered! I’m afraid this will be a very expensive reminder to check reviews before I trust ordering anything online from an unknown company. I will let you know if they do end up refunding my money, but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. I also purchased a bra from Kisly. It arrived in a decent amount of time, but didn’t fit and there is no info anywhere on how to return. Wouldn’t purchase. Like Cathy Darden, I’m also out money.

  9. I too have been duped by them. I ordered a large in Beige color, that’s not what I got. It took a month to arrive and when I took it out of the package it was Black, not Beige and a size small! There’s no way that can fit me! I searched for a contact us button, the video chat suddenly wasn’t there. I did find an email address and wrote to them about them sending the wrong size and color. Never heard anything from them. Sooooo I’m out $45 bucks. DEFINITELY A SCAM! Buyer beware

  10. I requested a refund three hours after purchase. After they told me they would keep $5, for processing, they said they would send a refund. A month later no money so I sent another email. Two weeks after that they finally got back to me and said my order had been processed and there was nothing they could do…even though I asked for the refund almost two months prior!
    Now I have no product and am out the money! Super pissed, do not buy anything from this company!

  11. DON’T ORDER THESE BRAS!!!! I was so excited about these bras but the excitement turned to, “What have I done?” when I finally received them. They took several weeks to get to me like reported above. I ordered a 2X and they fit more like a medium. There was no return information. I paid with PayPal but when PayPal did the dispute they said they would refund my money when they received them back. $63 dollars to return two bras (To China) worth $78 dollars. Needless to say I’m stuck with two bras that don’t fit and I’m out $78 dollars. Not sure what I’m going to do with them now. These folks are laughing all the way to the bank. I hope I make at least one person rethink sending their hard earned money.

  12. I made the mistake of ordering one of their bras through a Facebook ad. I was extremely disappointed in the product when it finally arrived, echoing many of the comments placed already — poor sizing, poor quality, no way it would work. It took months of emails & sending pictures to them to finally get a procedure for returning the product. I went to a UPS store to package & ship the item & found that it would cost 4 to 6 times (up to $246) to ship it back to Kowloon!

    My suggestion is to not order in the first place. The second would be that if you already have, just forget trying to return it. You will just end up having to eat the original cost & be, hopefully, wiser in ordering products from those kinds of ads.

  13. What a rip off. I am out $78 for 2 bras and. $17.25 for return shipping that was returned back to me today.
    The sizing is WAY OFF. Address doesn’t exist according to the USPS. The company makes it nearly impossible to return, and then the address they give for a return doesn’t exist!
    Do not order from this company.

  14. I, too, had the same experience regarding quality, fit, and length of time to receive the product. I was advised to contact a dispute resolution email. After the initial contact, I was told I needed photos proving I had the product and photos of the package including the tracking numbers. That was the beginning of months of back and forth with them insisting I had to return the product to Kowloon. However, the return address on the package was a New York address. No matter how many times I told them and proved to them with the photos, they insisted they only ship from Hong Kong. As another person commented, mailing from the U.S. to Hong Kong is extremely expensive and defeats the whole purpose, which I suppose was their plan to begin.

  15. Beware of buying from this company. 5 months later and the goods weren’t delivered. Tracking doesn’t work and apparently the goods were returned even though no delivery attempted and I had been in touch with the company on several occasions. They won’t refund or replace. Customer service is exceptionally poor. Not sure if a scam but certainly don’t waste your money trying to find out

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