Kilu Fashion Reviews (Feb) Check The Legtimacy Below!

Kilu Fashion Reviews 2021

Kilu Fashion Reviews (Feb) Check The Legtimacy Below! >> Please read this article to collect the information of the website that claims to provide tremendous outfits and other essential products at an affordable price but seems to be a scam.

Kilu Fashion Reviews: Mostly customer have the curiosity to know what new shopping website is coming? 

Today this article is based on the shopping website, and the name of the website is kilu fashion. And it is based on fashion, and here you can get adorable products available on the website.

Kilu Fashion is an online shopping website registered in India. This website is very famous and provides very affordable price on the products. We can use this shopping website very essay way.

But before trusting any site let us check out that Is Kilu Fashion Legit or not?

About website

Kilu Fashion is a website which is recently launched, and they provide so many products like Western Wear, Home Appliance and electronics item. The products are available at cheap rates as compared to other sites and shops.

The company offers outstanding quality of material used in every-single stuff that you purchase from this new site.

Have you ever thought of buying anything from Do you wish to check out this website? If yes, then first research all the essential factors related to the legitimacy of the website. Kilu Fashion Reviews can help you to acknowledge the basic details the website. Stay tuned till end.


  • Website
  • Products list– Electronics items, Home appliance, clothes, etc.
  • Duration of Processing –within 24 hours
  • Delivery – within 7- 9 days.
  • Email id –
  • Refund – Within 30 days of delivery date.
  • Refund – once the inspection of return product is done.
  • Exchange Policy  also available with seven days
  • Payment Method- PayPal, Amex, apple pay etc.
  • Website Create – 30 Dec 2020  

Pros of the website

  • The website works over a valid HTTPS connection.
  • According to Kilu Fashion Reviews, the website claims to offers outstanding return and shipping policies.
  • The website has social media accounts on the various platforms.
  • The website holds valid content on the official page.

Cons of the website

  • The website is too new to trust and invest.
  • The website lacks to share contact details with the customers (only email id is mentioned).
  • The website holds duplicate images.
  • It has few negative customer feedbacks on the internet.
  • The website has high shipping charges for all the address besides India.
  • The website holds too low trust index.

Is Kilu Fashion Legit?

Judging the legitimacy of the site is one most difficult task. The site is not blacklisted and holds a valid HTTPS connection which proves to be a good sign. But at the same it holds some drawbacks which lead towards fraud.

It lacks to share the personal information with the customers to satisfy the queries. It also holds duplicate pictures of the products. The cheap rate of the products counts the points of suspect. The website is too new and holds low trust index with provide the sure answer of the legitimacy.

Therefore, the website is a scam, be safe from such sites that can affect your money and time. 

Kilu Fashion Reviews

Finding out customer reviews is the best way to conclude the site. According to the research, the site holds few negative customer reviews claiming the platform as a scam.

The social media accounts as few numbers of followers and comments that states that the website is just a scam. They also complained that the order never gets delivered it only takes your details and money.

The feedbacks from the users are enough to get the answer of the question that you are worried about. Ensure all the factors if you still wish to visit this scam portal for shopping.


The Kilu Fashion Reviews concludes the website is one of the scam that could attract you towards them by manipulating images and prices.

Missing details, invalid pictures, negative feedback and new domain age are the sign from which you can find out the legitimacy of the site by once. Generally the scam site misses all such factors and customers ignore them to verify.

You need to check every small detail while choosing online shopping from a new portal. Which portal do you usually use for shopping? Are you also addicted to the online shopping? Please let us know your valuable opinion in the comment section below.

Your point of view means a lot to us as it could help other from maintaining distance from such fraud companies.

3 thoughts on “Kilu Fashion Reviews (Feb) Check The Legtimacy Below!

  1. Hai I have ordered 3 products #5100 nu
    On 18thfeb paid cash 897/= online payment but until No response from kilu fashion…

  2. Your product I ordered has not been received yet. Ordered February 2nd 2021. 199 was credited through online payment.And there is no any response when I emailed’s too very bad service..

  3. It is completely fake.i ordered few items worth 2000 inr and paid.But there is no response even after 2 months.

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