Keystone Color Test {March 2021} Read To Know Testing Way!

Keystone Color Test 2021

Keystone Color Test {March 2021} Read To Know Testing Way! >> Want to know regarding the testing method and the product? Read below and get complete details.

Are you aware of the color test and the identification? Well, you can read ahead and know about it in detail.

Keystone Color Test will help the users to identify the test points of the PCB packages and, along with that, the service troubleshooting. 

These test points are noticed in the United States. The electronics are developed with a color insulator base that helps in quick identification due to high visibility.

What is the test about?

The users need to know that there are new surface test points developed which are being used in the PCB production and testing. There is a wire loop that helps to access the J-Hooks as well as the test probes. The mounting hole diameter of the product is 1mm and the weight 4.54 grams.

Keystone Color Test points are manufactured through the Phosphor Bronze as well as from the Silver plating. This helps the users to get access to superior soldering and low resistance. 

The identification base is created from LCP at high temperatures, which is useful for the SMT reflow operations. The high-temperature plastic makes the terminals suitable for soldering.

The packaging is done with tape and reel depending upon the place of the assembly. 

The users can know about the tests through the web page that offers complete details and specifications. 

Important points regarding Keystone Color Test:

  • Various colored bases are usually 10 in number. The colors are blue, purple, gray, black, white, yellow, red, orange, green, and brown.
  • The test points are of silver plate and the phosphor bronze.
  • If the users want different colors, they can get them in a particular order.
  • The temperature of operation is -60 degrees F to 293 degrees F.
  • The color key is rated as 94-V0.
  • The engineering services will meet the requirements of the customers.
  • The base is of high-temperature nylon.
  • The manufacturer of the product is Keystone Electronics.

Views of people regarding Keystone Color Test:

The product is launched on 10 January 2020 on the portals of Amazon. The product is currently not available and will be restocked soon.

Also, we see that the details regarding the product and the specifications are mentioned, which indicate its usefulness. Along with this, we also see that the United States users also get the product through the keystone page.

Moreover, no reviews regarding the product are mentioned, and we do not find any ratings.

The bottom line:

We see that the product is launched just a year back and has no reviews and ratings depicted on the internet or Amazon. 

Thus, we would suggest the users do some research before they shop products and wait until Keystone Color Test is back in stock.

What kinds of testing products you prefer? Do let us know your views regarding the content in the comments.

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