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We women have distinguishing tastes regarding clothing, jewellery and other wearables. Have you ever met anyone who likes antique style? 

Ancient America resorted to natural stones and beads for weaving jewellery and other accessories, which when worn now, gives a rustic look and an appeal of a different characteristic to the wearer. 

Big, colorful, stones with equally mesmerizing beads when threaded together into several strings come out as heavy wearables. Not everyone is comfortable pulling off those. 

So, if you are into ancient designs and retro look, then certainly this new web store is for you. 

Introducing, ‘’, the concept emerged in the United State and got registered as a niche e-commerce business catering with a large bag of designer antique pieces of numerous utilities.

What is

Kegate’ is an high end fashion jewellery store for men and women who remain a class apart, sporting a confusion of retro and modern look.

Every piece is an intricate and unique outcome of carefully researched work and there’s an exclusive section of ‘Cody Snaderson’ collections. 

Apart from Cody Sanderson, there are also other designers who have contributed their remarkable works of art made from natural gem stones, corals and so on, adding value to this recently launched online store.

How does it work?

The products look vibrant and eye-catchy and would suit anybody with a bold personality. The best part is it’s all environment friendly and handmade.

You can purchase your desired items by paying in advance through PayPal. That’s the only payment mode, the company accepts. Fortunately, has a SSL certification which ensures secure encryption of data.

The company has been prudent enough to furnish it’s contact details, which goes as, / (850) 387-0110 / Aaron Jones

8444 Spencers Trace Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32244 United States

Hours: Wed-Saturday 12-5pm

A return policy of 30 days is clearly mentioned in the website, with several terms and conditions; with a return address same as their physical location. 

So, after all this store doesn’t belong to the group of scammers emerging from China.

Who should buy from here?

It’s a niche segment that is dealing with, so the people who would fancy antique designs and components will surely find space here.

Natural gems and stones also add astrological value to a person’s life for believers in stars and astrology.

Why is it famous?

According to kegate reviews, the store gives you an up market feel and of course the pictures look real. The images are self explanatory and every individual scene is marked with the name of the designer and a short description which is praise worthy.

The price range looks quite affordable and there is not any explicit mention of sales or discounts which is a positive sign.

The website is well built with a convincing ‘About Us’ page, the company is transparent about their work and doesn’t sell anything else other than the products related to the business, it deals with.

What are the negative remarks about it? actually isn’t a viable store that’s because on checking, it’s found that it’s a recent launch and it’s content, addresses and structures are shared by other websites too. What should one make of it?

The owner(s) or the source domain information is concealed which develops scares. Many customers have complained of not receiving the items after payment, which is equally appalling.

The website asks for a lot of customer information, which many fraudulent companies do. Never divulge any, because they can be misused.

is kegate com legit?

No doubt, looks quite appealing to the visitors and the cheap prices are enough lure people to buy in, but it is not a legitimate site to shop from.

It’s not the only antique selling store. You can find similar products in known web stores like, better to shop from there.

This new launch doesn’t have any external links to share or social media handles where it’s presence can be shown. Why is it a hush-hush affair?


Astonishingly, the physical address and the owner’s name are all made up in There’s no trace of any of them in the real world.

You will find a black portable deodorizer being sold at $73 here, while it’s actually available for more than $200 in other known web stores. So, cannot be trusted at all.

Please do share information and comments in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Lost $99 to them just last week. Now the website no longer exists. Hard lesson learned for us. PayPal wouldnt even resolve the case for us w/ a refund. We lost our money.

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