Keenwalk com Reviews [Oct 2020] Check If It Is A Scam!

Keenwalk com Reviews

Keenwalk com Reviews [Oct 2020] Check If It Is A Scam! >> This review will help you understand the legitimacy of a website selling shoes and sandals at great deals.

Are you looking for some fantastic deals on footwear? Keenwalk has a collection of shoes and sandals and is offering them at great deals. Keenwalk com Reviews will give you a better insight into the quality and customer experience of the brand.

Keenwalk is an online store that was set up in the United States very recently. You have different styles to choose from for shoes, and they are available for both men and women.  

Let’s dive into an in-depth review of the shipping, return, exchange and refund policies of keenwalk com, so that you have a clear idea of the store you are shopping from. 

What is Keenwalk com?

Keenwalk is an online shoe selling store that has a varied collection for everyone. The store delivers across the United States. They have a vast collection of different shoes –  Waterproof shoes, soft leather boots, orthopaedic shoes, Leather retro boots, peep toes, platform shoes, and so many more. Not only this, but you will also get these shoes at excellent discounted prices. 

The website is well-built but is missing some essential details like the contact number and an official address. Even though other policies are mentioned, but there is no one to reach out to except an email address. Also, Keenwalk is not present on any social media platform.

Keenwalk com Reviews speak quite highly of the shoe brand. Both on the website and the Internet, we found positive reviews from customers. 

Keenwalk com Specifications

  • Website:
  • Products: Shoes and Sandals. 
  • Processing duration: 2-5 days
  • Delivery: 7-21 days for the US and Canada.
  • 15-40 days for international shipping
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Returns: Within ten days
  • Exchange: Not mentioned 
  • Refund Period: 2-5 business days
  • Payment Method: PayPal

Keenwalk com Pros

  • Customer reviews on the website and the Internet are positive. 
  • There is a vast collection of shoes and sandals at keenwalk.
  • The website has not been reported of any suspicious activity by any anti-virus on the web. 

Keenwalk com Cons

  • The website is very recently launched. 
  • The contact number and an official address are missing from the website. 
  • No presence on any social media platform.
  • It has only a 1% trust score, which is not a good indicator

Please stay tuned with us to know more about Keenwalk com Reviews.

Is Keenwalk com Legit? 

Keenwalk com was set up on the Internet quite a few days back. We don’t have much information on the Internet for a clear conclusion of the legitimacy of this website. However, we’d like you to be aware of the following points in case you want to shop from here. 

There are no contact details and no presence on social media. There is only a support email id in case you want to enquire about a product or your order. The delivery, especially if outside the US and Canada, can take almost a month. Also, the website has a very low trust score. 

Keenwalk com Reviews are all positive, and customers have good things to say about the quality and comfort. Many of them seem surprised at the quality for such an affordable range. 

Keenwalk com Customer and User Reviews

For a website that was set up only a few days back, Keenwalk com has several reviews. Keenwalk com Reviewsboth on their website and the Internet, are positive.

Customers have all given it a 5-star rating based on the quality of the shoes. There is also a mention of how comfortable the shoes are, even though they are quite affordable.

Our advice for you is to double-check your sources if you shop from here. The website is too new for us to conclude if it is legit or a scam. But, we still want you to be careful and not fall prey to fraud. 

Final Verdict

The vast shoe collection at affordable prices on Keenwalk might have caught your eye. As per the detailed analysis that we conducted, it is not feasible to conclude due to the lack of information about this website. We have, however, highlighted the points that will help you make a better decision. 

Dear Readers, whenever you are purchasing from a new website, you should consult various sources, check customer feedbacks and then go ahead. 

We’d love to hear your experience, if any, with keenwalk com. Please share with us in the comment section below.  

0 thoughts on “Keenwalk com Reviews [Oct 2020] Check If It Is A Scam!

  1. There is a ad on Facebook advertising a lifelike doll. Well I ordered two from different addresses. After almost two months, I received a 6 inch naked doll. It was horrible. And scary looking. Then I received another doll, same thing, except this one at least had clothes. About two days later the dolls arms and legs started falling off. This was going to be my two year old great granddaughters Christmas gift. I have left comments on their site asking people not to order. You will never get your money back. I have hounded them to death. Their email response is laughable. Then I see this ad for the leather boots on keenwalk on Facebook again. Loved the shoes, but I knew it was another scam. Looked into the shipping, and saw the shipping address is totally different than the real keen walk company. No way to contact. Says shipping is out of Ohio, but takes a month depending on US customs. If it’s shipping within the US, why would that be a problem, and why would it take so long. I’ve never been scammed. Thought I was a lot smarter than that. It makes me so angry that people are being ripped off. Times are hard right now. How do we stop this?

    1. I purchased boots. When they arrived they were not the ones I purchased. The ones sent are so cheap I wouldn’t pay $10 for them never mind $70! When I contacted them I was told they only give store credit. Thank goodness I used paypal. Seller responded through paypal and said I would have to send them back within 10 days to get a refund. I responded asking for instructions on where to return them to and haven’t gotten a response. I took a picture, wish I could show you the difference. What a RIPOFF!

    2. Unfortunately I bought the boots. I don’t think they are leather. No brand anywhere. Not cute. Too big. Have not been able to get anyone to respond. Very frustrating. Should of known better.

      1. I also bought the boots…same experience – after much back and forth today I received the address in China that I am to pay the postage and send with understanding that only when they are received in good condition will I receive any money back. I can only imagine what the shipping would cost. I was also given the option to forgo that process and except 25% back as a settlement. Horrible business.

    3. Keenwalk terrible quality and poor fit—their Refund Policy is actually a NO REFUND POLICY. I took 3 emails before they even responded, and their response was to let me know that the only refunds are for them sending the wrong size—not to be confused with right fit. They also cover damaged after you send photo. The ankle boots were extremely poorly made. Their ads do their best to have the customer think they are Keen Shoes and also infer they are Merkel’s. Neither of those companies produce such crap and have zero customer service. They are not members of Better Bussiness Bureau, you can register your complaint.

  2. I shopped here, received my boots and they are of extremely poor quality, even though they cost me about $70. No contact numbers and no good address to return to for a refund. Lesson learned, I guess…Never again!!!

    1. I too got scammed by them, although the website I used was Keenawalk, with an “a” between Keen and walk. The websites are exactly identical in every way, so I’m assuming at this point that they are run by the same crooks! Ordered waterproof boots that turned out to be probably rubber, (cheap material), smelly, no cushioning with insoles made from covered cardboard, etc. JUNK! They refused to refund my money. Saw the name of an Asian person as payee on my bank website. I purchased through Paypal. I called my bank and told them my story. They said they would pursue the matter if Paypal wouldn’t or couldn’t get a response from Keenawalk. Paypal filed a claim against Keenawalk and they (Paypal) would reverse the charge even if Keenawalk didn’t send them a refund as this was clearly a widespread scam. My bank would have done the same. CONTACT YOUR BANK and let them know what happened. ALSO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! I had checked with them before buying and saw no complaints. I will be doing that. Let’s everyone scammed file a complaint! I will also be contacting Delaware’s Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs office (that’s where the Keenawalk site says their home office is. Keenwalk lists a Calif. address) to file a complaint. Let’s do what we can to get these people who scammed all of us!

      1. ME TOO!!!!!! I too am going to report to PayPal. They have helped me before with fraudulent charges on my account and they were fantastic. Thank you for posting this I had the exact same issue and I’m furious probably more furious at myself for not doing my due diligence before purchasing. Thank you for posting your complaint. Maybe we can save others by doing so. I too am going to contact PayPal.

  3. Ordered boots from Keenwalk said orthotics, received after a month. We’re not in a box just in big envelope. No orthotics, smelled of glue sole just glued on. I do not put much faith in this site. Buyers beware.

    1. I had a similar experience. They are Dollar Store quality at department store prices. Not leather, but “leatherette” – plastic, not mentioned in their specs. There is no cushion or support at all inside, and the boot that came (in an envelope) was not as pictured. They do not honor their “risk free, money back guarantee”. Buyers beware.

  4. I purchased waterproof boots from zahera which is associated with kweenwalk. The picture of the shoe looked great. Too good to be true. The item I received were a poor knock off. Each shoe was a different fit and one insole was glued with a buckle. I worked weeks/months to get a refund. Item came from China and I would have had to return at my own expense to China with no guarantee that it was received or I could get a refund. They finally gave Me 25% of the original cost. These shoes are terrible . Purhaps a homeless person could use them if desperate enough. Buyer beware. There are many adds going thru the internet for like items

  5. I purchased the leather boots from zahera which is associated with keenwalk. The picture was of good quality leather. The boots came and didn’t even resemble the pictured product. Some kind of manmade upper that I wouldn’t have paid $10 for let alone almost $70. I have tried to e-mail them and contact them for a refund with no luck. Don’t waste your money.

  6. I purchased waterproof boots from Keenwalk and like most of the previous ratings, they look nothing like the picture, very poor quality, way to small even though I ordered my usual size. The online company site lists a 100% money back guarantee. I contacted them twice stating that the shoes were to small, and I needed to return; no response. Finally I sent a third email stating that since I had not had any response from them, I had no alternative but to contact my credit card company. I did and the credit card company assured me they would take care of the situation. After my last email I did get a response from the refusing a refund. I am still wanting to return these ghastly shoes, of which I ordered two pair, different colors, based on a picture on Facebook. Huge mistake.

  7. Ordered boots from from a Facebook Ad. Paid $70 thru Paypal for what were supposed to be leather boots. Payee on my credit card was to some Chinese guy’s name – NOT Keenwalks.. I knew right then it was a scam but it was already processed at Paypal so I could not rescind the payment. When they finally arrived the boots were made of a plastic vinyl material. They arrived in a plastic envelope. Return inquiry resulted in being told NO REFUNDS . This company is a complete scam as I’m learning most Facebook ads are. Complaint was filed with Paypal. Buyer beware and do your research first.

  8. I also received waterproof boots that are NOT like the image. The boots are ugly color, not the dark brown in photo. Very poor quality with an odor. From the tracking time and locations, I think they came from outside USA. BEWARE. I am trying to get a refund thru PayPal.

  9. Ordered water proof “boots”. They were more like bedroom slippers booties! Smelled like chemicals. Still waiting for a response regarding return and refund.

  10. I rceived a pair of boots that I, too, ordered from seeing an ad on Facebook. Too small, so I emailed Keenwalk to find out how to return them. so far, no resnse from the company. I suspect I may have to eat the $70. Beware.

  11. SCAM!!!!
    Nothing like boots ordered.
    Rip off! Last $70 you will get from me.
    Guess there’ll be more suckers like this old lady… KARMA IS A BITCH KEENWALK

  12. im still waiting on my 10.5 waterproof boots its been over 2 months i guess im not going to get themm m aby the slow boat from china sank covid must have gotten them

  13. Keenwalk is a TOTAL SCAM!!! Plastic shoes glued together!!! They are NOT the shoes that keenwalk pictured !!!!! Stay away!!!’

  14. Going to return these boots for a refund.
    They are not the same as what was pictured. The original photos in the ad are leather; but you will not receive the same item as in the ad. They smell of chemicals and look “cheesy” in real life! Don’t buy!! BUYER BEWARE!

  15. I wish I would have found this site before I ordered 2 pairs of inferior waterproof boots!!!!
    No reply when I emailed regarding initiating a return.

  16. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! I purchased a pair of what appeared to be super cute waterproof boots that said they were leather and comfy orthopedic inserts. What I got was a horrible foul plastic smelling, no inserts, ugly color cheap pair of rubbery looking boots. I’ve been trying for over a week to return them for a full refund. And yes, I paid nearly $70 for them as well. How stupid of me!

  17. I ordered a pair of their boots. Advertised as waterproof soft leather. They are horrible quality and construction. Not leather, a cheap imitation. A definite bait and switch. I have disputed the purchase through PayPal. We’ll see if I get my money back. I definitely should have checked the website over more closely!!

  18. I ordered half a size larger than I wear and they were WAY too small…..they were mailed from China so it would cost too much to return even if they would take them back which according to their website they won’t….only if defective or damaged. My fault for not researching them more….my advice is ‘buyer beware’

  19. I recently ordered a pair of boots and they are of extremely poor quality…they cost approximately$70. No contact number and no good address to return to for a refund. I emailed them multiple times & no response.
    Lesson learned…Never again!!!

  20. DO NOT BUY THESE! I should’ve known. Of course the reviews on KEENWALK were super positive about the shoe. Left one doesn’t fit. Glue is everywhere- poorly made. No foot support. And the material is worse than pleather. On “Wish” they are $10-17, not $70. ???

  21. Waterproof boots are huge and can’t get support to respond. No address to send back and no telephone number so I will find out where I can report this company and see what can be done. I read where they were located in Ohio but someone on here said it came from China.

  22. Still waiting for my refund. Ordered boots and within minutes realized that there was no mention or photo of the type of sole. Cancelled within minutes. It already charged. I emailed and was initially told they will refund 70%. After my threats to report they said, ok 100%, “kindly wait for some business day”. Still no refund 9 days later.

  23. I too ordered the waterproof boots for around $68. I thought they were Keen when I ordered and quickly figured out that they were not and tried to cancel the order within minutes. The representative said that customers love their boots and they are of the highest quality. NOT! received the boots in a plastic bag from an apt. address in West Covina CA, they were the cheapest vinyl boots you could imagine with glue seeping through all the seams. Smelled absolutely chemical. They said I could return for a refund. Then…the fun started. I started a dispute through PayPal, I sent the boots back to the apt. in CA, but the seller on PayPal said I had to send them back to Vietnam for the refund! That ain’t happening! It would cost me that much to send these pieces of crap back there. The dispute has escalated on PayPal, I wonder if they will decide in my favor. Outfits like this make e-commerce a very sketchy place to shop!

  24. Update: I emailed again and again, in strong language. There is finally a refund on the way. So, not a high integrity company, but seem to be trying.

  25. SCAMMERS. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. We bought a pair of what they showed in pictures and described as quality “Premium Leather” ankle boots. What you see and what you get are nothing more than bait and switch. Extremely poor cheap made shoes. They don’t even come in a box just cheap plastic bag. We were concerned about the length of time it was taking to receive the shoes so we emailed their customer service. They answered us in a somewhat timely manner on two separate occasions. The very day we finally received the shoes and saw that they were junk we sent them emails asking for a return address/label and instructions to return them for a refund. NO ANSWER from them. For several days after we got the shoes we sent many emails requesting information on how and where to send shoes for a refund. NO ANSWER!!! Funny they answered on our concerns as to shipping time but wouldn’t answer us on refund. We finally filed a claim with PayPal and were able to receive a whopping 27.14 refund out of 67.00 the we paid for this junk. We figured a small refund was better than nothing. Do NOT buy from this company. You will regret it. I wish the Feds would investigate this rip off company.

  26. This is a scam! I can’t believe I fell for another CHINESE company cheap product again. The shoes online look great- and they look like leather. BUT it’s not leather! Cheap! Cheap quality and they have a strong smell and they don’t breathe! Lesson learned- DO NOT BUY from CLOTHING and SHOE companies on FACEBOOK! I thought I was purchasing something in the US until I got charged from a company in CHINA. I know the scam- if you ask for moneyback, they tell you to send it back within 10 days but then you are sending it to CHINA! What an expensive lesson!!!

  27. I paid $70 for these inferior plastic shoes that aren’t worth $5. They look nothing like the photo, they were the wrong size, and the manufacturing quality was so poor, that there was exposed glue and cuts in the plastic, no arch support. They claim that they are shipped from Jamaica, NY with a 100% guarantee an full refund and that is baloney. I complained and they said that they would refund 30% of the cost and I could keep the shoes, otherwise I would have to ship them back to China, to an address that they did not provide, even though they were shipped from Covina, CA. The website is misleading and it makes false claims.

  28. I received boots at least one size smaller, not the same design as advertised, I was asked to sent these to China on my expense, I was offered 30% refund if I decide to keep the wrong boots.

  29. same problem as other reviewers above – the product that came was not like the advertised picture – poor material and workmanship , different color and not even close to the quality that was pictured . they offered to exchange for something else in their “store” , so I asked to have the boots that I recieved replaced for the ones that I thought I was ordering that were pictured , but I dont think they can produce what they dont have , proof that it was false advertising ! The boots do have SOME merit , however , at a price more comparable to the quality . perhaps $30 as other sites advertise similar boots that pictures show are similar material and quality , rather than than the $70 that I paid . I thought since I was paying so much more , I would actually get what was advertised .. nope ..

  30. I purchased a pair of really nice looking “Quality leather, waterproof boots” but what I received was a pair of cheap plastic junk that I would never be caught dead in. I paid through PayPal and opened a claim but unfortunately was given a short window to get a return started and provide tracking number and missed out on getting my refund. They shipped out of LA, I waited weeks to get them but when it came time to return them they provided me with a Vietnam return address . I had to pay $25 for shipping, so basically I’m out $25 plus the $70 that I paid for the boots. A total scam!!

  31. I ordered shoes through Facebook ad. At the end of the ad several “seals of approval” and other associations were shown by logo. When the shoes arrived, they were of poor quality and didn’t fit. I wrote asking for a return address; I, too, was told no refunds, although the original site said 100% refund guarantee. I purchased through PaypPl, and the payment showed to D*** *** *** ****. I contacted K***.com and was told that Keenwalk is a fraud site. I Communicated several times with the keenwalk website asking for a return address. I finally sent the shoes back to the address from which they came in California. Today I received an e-mail saying that I had to send the shoes to China for a refund. I have filed a dispute through PayPal and am still trying to get resolution–this has been going on for about three weeks. I am convinced that this is NOT a reputable site.

  32. I too ordered shoes from this website. They are of very poor quality. The support team told me I could only return them if they sent me the wrong side. I sent them a picture of there return policy. They sent me an email saying I had to return them to China! I emailed them back and told them I would be putting a negative review on every website I could, that I was very disappointed and will make it very clear to people that they are not a keen website, your description and quality are very inaccurate and not sure how they sleep at night cheating people! Haven’t heard back yet and probably won’t.

  33. I did the same thing as so many of us here. I bought two pairs of what looked like nice boots in the ad promising quality leather, $67. They arrived wrapped in black plastic garbage bag material, with a mailing label slapped on it. Facebook (or in my case, Instagram) sure knows how to target. I communicated with the company via Paypal. I plan to now escalate through Paypal and my credit card company. I hope the word gets around. Clearly, buying off Facebook ads
    is not a good idea.

    1. Hi Barbara.
      The same exact thing happened to me. I also bought two pairs and I’ve been going round and round with them. Right now they are offering me a 40% refund and I can keep the boots. I’m not sure what to do. Do you mind if I ask if you did escalate this through PayPal and if they will refund your money?


  34. On September 16; 2020, Keenwalk sent PayPal a USPS tracking number and my account was credited for the price of the shoes. It is now October 27th and the post office has not received a package. Their refund policy indicates that there is a charge of 30% of the purchase price.

    I wouldn’t trust them !

  35. I too was a fool for ordering these knock off shoes. I realized they were a scam after ordering the shoes on Facebook. Well I notified the company just minutes after ordering the shoes they advertised and the company said “ there is a 30% charge for cancellation of your order “. I told them that is wrong for not even receiving a product. They said that’s their policy if cancellation within 6 hours of ordering. They asked me if I wanted to proceed. I will be disputing the charges with paypal. These guys are crooks and scammers!! BUYER BEWARE, RUN LIKE HELL AND DONT LOOK BACK!!!!!

  36. I made a Big Mistake and ordered 2 pairs of shoes before checking their reviews. I cancelled the order within an hour and called my credit card company and put a hold on the transaction. I have been fighting with this company for 3 months trying to get my 70% refund back. They keep giving me all kinds of excuses for not being able to refund my money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A SCAM!!

  37. Keenawalk or Keenwalk, they seem to use both names is definitely a scam. I bought what are advertised as waterproof ankle boots with support soles. They are made of thin plastic including the soles and have no support or protection from the ground whatsoever. The company DOES NOT accept returns even though their website expressly promises an ‘iron clad easy return policy’. Its easy to see why they don’t, as no-one receiving these boots would want to wear them. They are the cheapest, flimsiest quality. You may as well wrap a plastic bag over your feet for all the comfort and protection you will receive. Any good reviews you read have to be fake. I posted a terrible review on their web page which was never listed. I paid through pay pal and filed a complaint. I was told I would get a refund if I returned the boots. Problem is, although they have a distributor in the USA, they require the return be sent to Vietnam and they won’t pay until they receive the boots. I sent them by US mail – for $25 – but the chances they will admit receiving them is slim. Pay Pal should flag this company as not legit. Maybe if they get enough complaints they will.

  38. I just received a boot from Keenwalk last month, but they got a small defect inside the shoes, so I contacted them to ask how to fix this problem. They replied so quickly and asked me to take the picture, but it’s hard since the defect is inside the shoes and it’s too dark, not enough space for me to take photo. Then they offered resending me the new boot without returning anything, but I declined as I no longer wanted them. I returned them and I just got my refund yesterday, a bit long process but fine.

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