Kansas Mask Study {Oct} A Case-Study On Wearing Masks!

Kansas Mask Study 2020

Kansas Mask Study {Oct} A Case-Study On Wearing Masks! >> This article tells you about research conducted by Kansas University regarding face masks.

The Kansas Mask Study was conducted recently, which has led to many fruitful results about the benefits of wearing face masks in public places. This study is supposed to clear doubts of people who don’t find face masks useful. 

This experiment was conducted by scholars, researchers, and professors of Kansas University. If you want to know about the results of this experiment, please keep on reading. This research and its results are gaining traction and credibility in the United States

What is Kansas Mask Study?

In the Kansas state of the United States, nearly eighty officials rejected imposing a statewide mask mandate. This mandate entails that wearing face masks must be compulsory in public places where social distancing cannot be followed, like tightly packed indoor spaces. Some counties have a mask mandate, while some don’t. 

Recently, the Kansas University or KU conducted a study or research about the effects of wearing a face mask. Take a look at the results of the Kansas Mask Study below.

Results of the Kansas Mask Study

Some significant results and observations of this study are given. Please take a look at them below:

  • According to the research, a professor at KU, Donna Gunther, has claimed that wearing face masks will reduce the daily cases by seven cases per 1, 00,000 people.
  • An average of 6.5-8.5 fewer cases per 1, 00,000 cases were observed in Johnson county.
  • The researchers claim that the data also shows that in regions without a mask mandate, the spread of infection is relatively higher.
  • Researchers claim that maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet will reduce the risk of contamination as the respiratory droplets will not transmit in that distance.
  • Wearing a face mask will significantly lower down the chances of the droplets entering the body.
  • Doctors also comment that wearing face masks is crucial and doesn’t cause any damage.
  • According to the research and the Kansas Mask Study, the spread of infection was reduced by nearly 50% in counties with a mask mandate than those without.

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt that face masks are crucial when it comes to protecting yourself from the rapidly spreading infection of the Coronavirus. It’s widely known that wearing face masks lowers the chances of getting infected. 

However, you can see many people, from ordinary citizens to celebrities and government officials, without face masks in public. A lot of people have doubts about whether face masks have any effect or not. There were concerns about whether a statewide mask mandate should be imposed in Kansas State, as not many people believed in the importance of the face masks and called the mandate unnecessary.

The results of the experiments conducted by Kansas University or KU, however, confirm that wearing face masks can significantly lower the spread of infection. All the significant results of the Kansas Mask Study are given above; please look at them. 

Let us know what you think about this experiment or study in the comments section below. 

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