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Kairamo Clothing Reviews [Sep] Is Online Shopping A Scam

 Kairamo Clothing Reviews

Kairamo Clothing Reviews [Sep] Is Online Shopping A Scam >> The article includes all the information related to an online fashion store. Please read the details now.

Fashion means the way you want to look, the way you want to set the trend, mostly when a celebrity wears any dress, and it suddenly becomes a trendsetter. The fans and people want to look like them and follow them, but sometimes, it becomes hard to get that item due to the high-cost range. In this article, we will discuss Kairamo Clothing Reviews.

The website is from the United States, where a small group of the team is working hard to provide less cost fashionable items. You may find several online fashionwear stores over the internet, and most of them either are fake or sell low-quality materials. And that is the reason; people sometimes hesitate to purchase online items.

What is Kairamo Clothing?

Kairamo Clothing is an online website that sells multiple types of outfits; in this store, you can get pajamas, lounge set, tops, bottoms, casuals, maxi dresses, etc for women. The company is also running a hot sale segment where a buyer can get expensive items at a low cost.

Several Kairamo Clothing Reviews available over the internet about this shop; they frequently react to any query or complaints. It is essential to gain the trust and bonding among the consumers. They have thousands of ranges on clothing; the casuals are available on various prints and sizes.


  • Physical address – Not available
  • Email Address –
  • Customer care number – Not mentioned over the website.
  • Category of the website – All types of fancy and fashionable items like casual outfits, tops, jeans, summer wears, two-piece, mini and midi dresses.
  • Payment method – Any online payment system like Visa, Master Card, PayPal, and all other reliable online payment systems
  • Delivery time – It depends upon the region-wise, but it takes 25 business days to deliver the items
  • Order cancel – Yes, but you have to submit a cancelation request. After the product is shipped, no return will be accepted.

Pros of Kairamo Clothing

  • The website is offering lots of free shipping option like Free Shipping for orders over $79; postal Shipping and express Shipping will be received within 25 Business days
  • The most amazing part is you can also visit their social media pages; they are available on Facebook and Instagram
  • Daily updates available on the new arrivals over social networking sites
  • Their website is SSL certified, which is safe from any middleman attackers

Cons of Kairamo Clothing

  • The website is not having any physical address or contact number; any direct contact number would be appreciated
  • Although the Kairamo Clothing is available over Facebook and Instagram, there are no Kairamo Clothing Reviews available there
  • The website is not old, and it is only two months old, and that is why there is less involvement of the consumers.

Is Kairamo Clothing Legit?

We noted all the websites’ points and visited the various other platforms also; most of the Kairamo Clothing Reviews found on the internet are found positive. The website is new and has a limited consumer database.

We also check the expert reviews on the internet related to the website, which also shows that the website is safe to place order and they marked it a secured website.

What are the customers saying about the Kairamo Clothing?

It is advised to all customers that always check the website’s consumer feedback before buying any items. Because it will ensure your concern, as in Kairamo Clothing, we found several positive reactions by the customers; it shows that the buyers are satisfied with the online store’s product and response.

We noted one review by the consumer where he mentioned the seller’s quick response, where he gave the wrong order of the product and received the response from the seller within an hour. They solved their issues quickly.


After analyzing all aspects of the and Kairamo Clothing Reviews, we can say that the website is legit. However, it is new and has a limited audience, but what matters is whether a purchaser is getting his ordered merchandise or not. Still, by keeping into account its recent creation, we suggest you do in-depth research before purchasing here.

Though the available comments and video reviews over the internet show that the website is legit and is worthy of trust.

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or have experience with this website, please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. The clothing is utter and complete crap!!! Both the fabric and workmanship is subpar. The sizing is off by several sizes. The return policy contradicts itself several times. It promises 100% satisfaction. It says it will only accept damaged dirty or stained garments for refunds. And it says that the clothes must be unworn, unwashed, have all original tags, no perfume, scents, etc. In other words, Return your damaged, dirty or stained purchases in resalable condition. I hate to think that a lawyer ever read and approved this policy.

    I tried working with the company, but no dice. I am now working with my credit card company to reverse the charges.

  2. Thank you Karen Black~ I almost placed an order~ I’ve learned my lesson the hard way with similar sites. The photos are so deceptive! Cheap Polyester is NOT what we are looking for. Shame on these companies!

  3. Please update this article . I just received my clothes after 60 days the material is nothing like advertised nor is the patterns i was ripped off 135 for clothes I wouldn’t buy at the thrift shop.
    It really isnt that hard to make patterns and make garments . This was a waste of money and the seamstresses time.

  4. Do not buy anything from this company. Product is junk and it ships from China. Took a month to get my dress and the fabric is thin, it’s too small and I just got taken with the high shipping and no way to return the product. Never again.

  5. Took two months to get my order, then it turned out to be awful! The colors were all WAY off, and ugly! The fabric is cheap, and the quality is shoddy at best. The dress was supposed to be a cotton blend, but it’s more like windbreaker material and it isn’t even hemmed! Fighting now to get my money back.

  6. When asked on Instagram where these clothes shipped from, I was told California.

    I want a refund for this crappy clothing, and I filed a PayPal dispute. After them trying to get me to accept these clothes at a discount (offered 3 different discounts 3 different times), I was granted a full refund if I shipped the clothes back to 608 Huiyuan Building, No. 68, Huangshi West Road, Baiyun District Guangzhou, GUANGDONG 510000 CN !!!!!!!

    This place is a TOTAL Scam.

  7. I live in the U.S. and ordered after seeing positive reviews in a Facebook ad. In the comments, several people asked where their product is manufactured – the response was from Los Angeles. However, my order shipped from China. When I added this comment on their Facebook page, they deleted my comment and blocked me from commenting further. So people should be aware that any negative reviews have likely been deleted. I did receive my order in a bout 25 days – so that was accurate. The quality is not good – I purchased three items and they are all of a cheap polyester quality. What they market as a ‘sweatshirt’ is not of typical sweatshirt material, but of shiny polyester.

  8. SCAM!!!!!
    KAIRAMO CLOTHING sells cheap, poor quality merchandise, colors, fabric and sizes are NOT as advertised.
    They WILL NOT honor the 30 day return policy on their website either.

    I ordered three items ($104) and waited about 30 days to get the items. this is NOT a US BASED COMPANY EITHER, as they claim to be. The merchandise came NOT from LA (as they claim) but rather from China. (I have tracking info to prove it). When I contacted customer service for a refund they day I opened my package, they refused my request to return it (saying they only accept damaged, defective or items that are stained with holes, etc????) . When I responded I would dispute the charge with my CC company, they offered me $15, then $25 to keep my order. I refused and said I wanted the entire purchase price refunded and an address to return the items they said the cost to ship wasn’t worth it to them and I would have to ship it to an address in DUBAI!!!! this was the reply:

    Dear customer:

    USD$40 is our maximum compensation. If you insist on return, please pay for the freight of return. This is our return address No 47, 107 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – UAE +852 81990571

    So, I disputed the charge, will be posting this review EVERYWHERE and report them to BBB.

  9. Total Scam!! Do Not Buy!!! Clothing is see through, thin and plastic. There is no cotton anywhere in the fabric and it’s shiny!!! The worst clothes I have EVER seen!! Took 2 months for the clothes to arrive and when o tried to return the clothes they refused. I sent them a picture of their return policy that says 100% satisfaction guarantee and that you can return. Even when presented with the picture from their own site they still will not accept my return. Please don’t fall for this scam. The picture they show is NOT the clothing you get!

  10. I fell for it as well. The reviews were great, shipping from LA, great. So $96 and 2 months later I receive my order. Three tops that I would never wear. The fabric isn’t a “cotton blend” as they claim. It’s a shiny fabric with a print stamped on it. They are refusing a refund. So frustrated. What should I do now??

  11. I am so sorry that I ordered from them. It took close to 3 months to get my shirts which are nothing like the pictures on the website! One shirt looks like a clown outfit! The fabric is odd.

    I must have emailed them 6 times to find out where my shirts were. Here is what they said: Don’t worry, your package is in transit. It may take a few days for the USPS to be updated. The USPS website also has a statement about the delay. Please understand. The virus did cause trouble for our sellers. All we can do is pay attention to your logistics updates. We feel so sorry.

    I just emailed them to get my money back, but I know that it will be difficult to return, so I’m probably going the credit card route. Has anyone had luck getting money back thru their credit card? Going thru them will be a joke. I’m not sending it back to Dubai or GUANGDONG . Good luck!

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