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Jpswitch com Legit [June] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Jpswitch com

Jpswitch com Legit [June] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> In this article, you will read about a website that sells games like PlayStation and switch.      

Are you a gamer? Have you been wondering about purchasing switch or controllers? You must go through a site like Jpswitch. But it would first be better to know is Jpswitch com Legit.

The new generation is so full of playing games indoors. The board games are so old school for the kids nowadays. They do not like playing outdoors even. The choices of games they have are majorly like video games, switches, or PlayStations. Switches are accessible anywhere and everywhere if charged. Thus, they are high in demand now, especially in the United States.

Jpswitch has been selling such games and controllers online. To know more about its reliability, keep reading.

Is Jpswitch Legit?

To be termed a legit, a website is supposed to specify information about the company and its policies. The customer reviews also make a site seem trustworthy. Also, the company not be a scam in any way and has secured payment options.

If all these above-specified criteria are fulfilled, the website is considered to be legit. 

Here, is using HTTPS, which means that this website is SSL certified, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the payment is secured. Besides, there is no review section on the site, which creates doubt about its authenticity. 

Let us probe deeper to know what this website is and what its specifications are.

What is Jpswitch? is a website that sells Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, PS4 PRO. Its mission is to provide its customers with the best quality services tailored to their industry solutions. Moreover, the company intends to provide cost-effective trade services to integrate trade channels and advanced e-commerce technologies. They aim at establishing an automatic billing, time-saving, and transparent shopping e-commerce market.

The company ensures privacy protection of the customer’s data, 100% high-quality products with a hassle-free return, just in case. The 24/7 customer support is the icing on the cake.

Specifications of Jpswitch

  • Website link:  
  • Website type: A website that sells games like PlayStation and switch.
  • Shipping time: Within a day
  • Delivery time: Within 3-7 business days
  • Cancellation: Not mentioned on the website
  • Exchange/ Return: Within seven days from the receipt of order
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Shipping cost: Free Shipping
  • Company location: Not stated on the website
  • Email id:
  • Contact: Not specified on the website
  • Mode of payment: Not stipulated on the website

Who is Jpswitch for

The people who desire to purchase Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, PS4 PRO online are most likely to visit this website. As Nintendo is gaining popularity, the company is selling them in numbers. 

Let us talk about the pros and cons of this website to know about its legitimacy.

Pros of Jpswitch

  • The products are available at a low cost.
  • They are selling trending products of high-quality.
  • The website is SSL certified.

Cons of Jpswitch 

  • They have not provided their address and contact number on the website.
  • The links to social media sites are also missing from the website.
  • The customer review section is not present on the site.

What do the reviews reveal about Jpswitch

There are no customer reviews on the website. Missing the customer review section might be one of the reasons. Furthermore, there is no link to the social networking sites on their page so the customers can connect with them and rely on them.

The contact information becomes a necessity in terms of an online website because when a customer needs to mention an issue to the company, it is the only source. This information is also not available on the site. The mail of the company is provided on the website, which also invalid.

The prices they are offering are also too good to be true. All this information makes this site look unauthentic.


The website has not yet been rated by the WOT (Web of Trust) in terms of trustworthiness. The site is experiencing low traffic on their page and has gotten the domain name registered recently. The missing review section makes this website all the more illegitimate.

After sifting through it, we can say that this website is not yet legit. We do not recommend it for now. However, we have provided sufficient information about the site for our readers to make a wise decision about shopping with them.

Have you made any purchase or are giving it a thought to buy your favorite game from this website? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I purckased the $99 game system on this sit and my account was charged for it but my account on the siite disappeared and I’ve yet to receive a product I believe this site may possibly be fraudulent

  2. In process of disputing with PayPal now. Attempted to purchase XBox one S with Fortnite bundle for my son. Item was paid for with PayPal by June 8. The tracking code for the shipment shows item delivered on May 27–but it wasn’t even ordered until June 8. Seems amazing that they knew I would want this and had it delivered before I even paid for it! Once I “contacted” the customer support through the link provided on the page, my account was updated with a payment failure error code, though the money was clearly drafted from my account. I have sent a new message to them in regards to this. I am unable to escalate to PayPal resolution center until Tuesday. Also, the customer support “team/person” has yet to respond to any messages I have sent them. I will update this review as I find more information out about. I wish I would have seen this article sooner!

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