Joe Rogan Alex Jones Tim Dillon (Oct) Why Get Banned?


Joe Rogan Alex Jones Tim Dillon (Oct) WHy Get Banned? >> This article will help you understand the ongoing controversy in the United States.

Have you also been listening to the conspiracies of Joe Rogan for a long now? If yes, here he comes with another plot that revolves around Joe Rogan Alex Jones Tim Dillon. They have recently been creating the news all over the media. It has become a topic of the month that needs more things to explore, and there are some things available related to this, as we have given below. 

They’ve succeeded in being a hall of fame even at the United State‘s crucial time having elections over the corner. Let us try to know what is all behind the issue. 

A Brief about Joe Rogan Alex Jones Tim Dillon

As per the records, Jones has been banned by the renowned music app “Spotify” and later by Facebook and YouTube in around 2018. He has been known for being a conspiracy theorist for a long. On the other hand, Tim Dillon has been making controversial comments on the shooting held at Kenosha this year. 

So there two people who are known for their controversy were invited by Joe Rogan is one of his globally famous podcasts known as “The Joe Rogan Experience.” It was the 1,555th episode of his podcast, which aired on October 27, Tuesday. This episode was 3 hours with Joe Rogan, Alex Jones Tim Dillon together.

What is the conspiracy?

Undoubtedly, the podcast did receive a great response from the audience. But it also made many people think that these two controversial people were invited as a guest to a show or even given a platform to them, especially to Alex Jones. It led to outrage overall social media within a few hours of the podcast. Hate tweets started propagating everywhere on Twitter about Joe Rogan, Alex Jones Tim Dillon.

Who is to be blamed?

The people can’t be blamed for their outrage against Jones because of his past controversies. He even claimed in the past that the shoot of the sandy hook was staged. The Austin parents are also suing Jones for falsehood claiming and creating problems for the people. He is always critically renting everything.

Talking about Tim Dillon from the United State, he is a standup comedian, an actor, and also a writer. He also has his podcast named “Tim Dillon is going to hell.” He had various controversies going around him all the time. In his podcast, he made specific comments over the protest of “Black lives matter” and received a significant amount of criticism for his remarks.

Noticing all this, we can say that the general public’s hate towards Joe Rogan, Alex Jones Tim Dillon seems pretty valid.


Concluding everything that has been said, we can say that maybe it was not a very great idea of Joe Rogan to bring Alex Jones and Tim Dillon on the podcast. It raised a new outrage among people, and nobody is sure how far it will go. Being elections on the corner, it might turn out to be more dangerous than expected. 

What are your views regarding this? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section regarding Joe Rogan, Alex Jones Tim Dillon.

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