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Jet Body Board Reviews (Sept 2020) Is It Legit Or Not?

Jet Body Board Reviews 2020

If you love being out on the water and surf your heart out, then you must try the Jet Body Board

Surfing out on the beach on a bright summer morning can be relaxing. The difficulty arises when there are no waves present in the waters. Then, the mood can get soiled. A new introduction to the surfing market is the Jet Body Board.

This Jet Body Board Reviews will tell you that the product has gained the notoriety for helping surfers challenge their surfing speeds. It is being manufactured in the United States and has sold over 1000 pieces in the country.  

Since the product has become popular, a lot of scam sites have been selling it at lower prices! So, in this review, we will be discussing Is Jet Body Board Legit! 

What is Jet Body Board? 

The Jet Body Board Reviews will tell you that the product is an extraordinary invention in surfing. You can easily amp up the product jet engine to 20 mph or even 32km/h on the water!

The Jet Body Board is battery operated, unlike the regular boards, and additional batteries can easily extend your joyride. Your speed on the jet board will depend on your weight. You will be able to get 20 mph speed if you weigh 80 kgs and 13 mph if you weigh 90 kgs. 

The downside of it would be that the device would require roughly 2 hours of charging. Also, the one charge will last for only 30 minutes of water time and maybe an extra 30 minutes to get you back to land. It has also been called quiet a bulky device. 

Specifications of Jet Body Board

  • Product type- electric body board  
  • Its dimensions are- 207cm L x 82cm W x 30cm H
  • Various colors also available, to enhance the look
  • It can easily carry up to 200 pounds of net weight 
  • The device can work up to 2-5 hours after charging 
  • Its lithium batteries are removable and water resistant 
  • The batteries may take up to 1.5- 2 hours of charge 

  • The product is available in five colour variants- Yellow, white, orange, green and pink.

  • The device is a game-changer as it is battery operated.
  • It is manufactured within the United States so easily available. 
  • User can only spend a total of 60 minutes use time after charging.
  • The battery requires a minimum of 2-hour charging.

  • It is extremely expensive.
  • The speed of the product depends on the weight of the user.

Is Jet Body Board Legit? 

To answer the Is Jet Body Board Legit question, then we would like to tell you that the product is legit, and there are numerous reviews as well as videos available online. But it is being sold by many websites that are scams and fake! So the buyers can get trapped who is interested to buy this product. 

To avoid any scam, you can purchase the same from authenticated sites such as The various products are as follows:

To provide you with a detailed view, we analyzed these products for you as follows:

FeaturesElectric Swimming KickboardUnderwater Electric Sea ScooterSmart Water Scooter
DesignMagnetic switch design for safety, reliability and waterproof benefitsReliable and waterproof design with superior safety featuresSafely designed to prevent any accidents and its kid-friendly features provide emergency buttons to stop
Battery Indicator5 Grip LCD displays, red light to indicate low batteryTo indicate remaining battery life. It uses 5 displays on LCD screenShows battery life after charging
BuoyancyHydrostatic surface with rechargeable Li-ion BatteryEmergency buoyancy thrust and reliable magnetic switch designRemarkable with safety for all ages and holds up to 100 kgs
Working Time30-60 minutes of working on charging30-80 minutesMore than 30 minutes
Speed5-15 Km/h5-15 Km/h2 speed switch enables 1m/s at high speed and 0.6 m/s at low speed

In short, you must be very careful when purchasing this product as its style and make has been copied by many sites with malicious intent. The offer for the jet body board is at a price of $89 or more at many scam websites. However, its original price is $5000 on its official site “Kymara”. You can purchase them at discounted rates on

What are the views regarding the Jet Body Board? 

The Jet Body Board Reviews aims at telling you that the product has been in the market for over seven years and has garnered a lot of attention. It has been called revolutionary, and there are multiple videos and written reviews available regarding it. 

One customer called this United States manufactured product giving the ‘best of both worlds’ and it is rather easy to control the speed and talks about just having a blast while riding it on the water. Customers also mention about not needing a wave to enjoy the surfing as it is electrically powered. 

Final Verdict- 

The Jet Body Board sounds like an amazing product that a person who loves being on water could enjoy. This device will surely put a dent on your pocket, so it is important to purchase its official site and not 

The scam sites are selling it at unbelievable prices and thus we recommend purchasing this legit product only from its official site.

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  1. BEWARE WHO YOU ORDER FROM….ANGINGEE !!! US ..IS A SCAM. I ordered and recieved a kids blow up board 😡😡😡NOT HAPPY JAN !!! I WILL REPORT THEM. SO , I have no idea what they are like . Just be careful .


  3. OMG I’m a victim of this too, seen the video advertised on Facebook, paid with PayPal. Received the kids inflatables and cant believe iv just found this chat.
    Mine has been sent from England and they want it returned to China before I get a refund.
    PayPal have advised me to note its returned cargo to avoid tax, but this is were the parcel will cost more to send than it’s worth, or it will be held somewhere because it’s not returned cargo! Anyone know what to do for best here guys, were all in the same boat

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