Reviews -Is jersey easy website Scam or Legit? Reviews Reviews -Is jersey easy website Scam or Legit? :- we are sharing only for aware of those people who shop online and lose their money.

Is Reviews scam or legit? Let’s find out, First thing first show on their website is registered from 2016, but you can easily find out its domain date 2019/08/18 only four months older, which indicates Reviews It is a scam online shopping website

Over the internet, there are so many scamming websites that steal customer money and could not deliver the product or deliver the utterly different product.

 Everybody loves to shop online these days. And so many online websites also excellent like Amazon, eBay and so on. 

But these trusted websites take so long time to make themselves trustworthy in the mind of customers. There so many other websites that arrive early and building hype over the internet, actually scamming their customers to steal money and customers’ valuable information.

If you want to shop from online websites, then put some points in your mind to avoid any scam or fraud from those online shopping websites. These points are discussed later in this article of reviews.

What is is an online shopping website which deals in electronics, home appliances, toy & games, beauty products, and babies products at a very low price. It comes over the internet or its domain date 2019/08/18 only four months before, but they show on the website its register year 2016, which clearly seen it is a scam website. So do not make any transaction from

How can you say is a scam?

There are so many points which you can check first to find out is any website scam or legit. Those points are given below.

  • Firstly check what the domain date of that particular website is. If domains date less than one year, then it could be a scam.
  • Check out the details of the company and search for anybody who knows about that website and find some user reviews. If anything looks wrong, then it could be a Scam.
  • Check out who is the owner of that website or store or company if they do not mention any owner details, so it is a sign of Scam.
  • Check out their address and search on Google map and try to contact them from the telephone and its customer support. If they do not answer your call or massages, then it is a sign of a Scam.
  • Check out the price of products that they are selling on their website and compare the same item from a reputed site like Amazon. If the price deference very huge, then it is a sign of a Scam. Because of customers attract by huge discount and customers do not research about that website and make a mistake to purchase some products from that website and lose money.

Is scam or legit?

Now we can say about is a scam website by checking above mention points. You have seen all the above points, which indicate that is Scam. Every business wants to make a profit, not make loose. But is giving a huge discount on almost every item, which is expensive on another website like Amazon.

It a scam trick for attracting so many customers in very little time and this scam website is not available for an extended period. This website also does not entirely secure, only showing icons of security, but they not provide any link for checking is it actually safe or not.

So is a scam website that stays away from it or this type of other websites.

How Is Scam harmful to us?

There are so many points which can harm us in various manners, those points given below. 

  • Scam websites do not deliver or deliver wrong and cheaper products.
  • They can sell our financial information to other scammers.
  • They can steal our money from our bank by using our provided information about cards or credit cards etc. 
  • They use our information in any other cybercrime.

How can you protect your money and information?

If you have made a mistake in purchasing anything from those scamming websites, you can protect yourself and money from them by use of below points.

  • Firstly call your bank and block your card and all transection for a few days.
  • Immediately change your all pin and password of your credit and debit card and also net banking.
  • Remove your all information from that scamming website.
  • Share your story on the internet and said to another user to make other customers aware and away from that scamming website.
  • And go for a scam refund to take your money back.


In this reviews, we are sharing valuable information about It is a scam website that can take your hard-earned money from your account. Only awareness can protect yourself and your money from these types of scamming websites. We are not recommending you to shop from that scamming website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us in the comment box and give us your valuable feedback to us.

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