Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews (Jan) Read The Whole Story


Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews (Jan) Read The Whole Story >> Please read this article that claims to share the country’s exact scenario facing too many protests from the people.

If yes, this article can help you to keep yourself updated with the ongoing events or news in the United States.The news shows the videos and many claims related to the arrest of Jenna Ryan. FBI arrests many more people rather than her with the same charges.This article will focus on all the required facts about this case that you need to acknowledge.

Who is Jenna Ryan?

She is one of the real estate brokers living in Texas. According to Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews, she is the supporter of Trump. Jenna shares many videos on the internet, sharing extraordinary factors to live life at its best. But recently, she got arrested by the FBI on 15 Jan. The research states that she chooses the option of a private jet to attend riots on Jan.Before the event, she also posted many videos that prove that she is one of the Trump supporters.

What is the reason behind her arrest?

The FBI officer arrested Jenna Ryan and many other known riots charged as knowingly entering the restricted area. The criminal complaint was filed on 15 Jan. against her in the court of the United States.

Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews states that she posted many pictures of the building with the front camera. And these pictures and videos became the primary evidence in the case. 

She demanded a Pardon from Trump and claims that she does not feel guilty, and found no criminal charges should be charged on what so ever she has done till now.One of the best real estate agents is in custody and giving many interviews related to this event.

What is the agenda of Jenna Ryan?

After the arrest, Jenna Ryan is coming up with many interviews. According to Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews, Jenna gives the talk and clarifies all her point of view with the media.

She feels that fighting for freedom is her right, and no one can claim her guilty and call her a criminal. The news and interviews are spreading all over the United States and worldwide. She claimed that it was the president’s order to go to the capitol that she followed and got arrested. She explained the overall scenario of 15 Jan. when the officer reached Jenna’s home with the warrant.


This article is sharing the details about Jenna Ryan’s arrest, which the hot topic of the news channels. According to Jenna Ryan Realty and Reviews, many people are identified as attending the event and breaking the law.

The FBI officers are claiming to arrest more than 200 people. The protest in the country is getting higher and higher every day. The people attending the event without lawful authorities are now getting punished.What are your opinions about this hot topic? Share your point of view with us in the comment section.

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