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Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website {Sep} Check Reviews!

Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website {Sep} Check Reviews!

Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website {Sep} Check Reviews! >> Wish to play a fun & rewarding treasure hunt game, which can make you win a candy factory, read.

If you live in the United States, you must be aware of the company ‘Jelly Belly’ famous worldwide. People like candies, and there is no age bar to eat sweets.

Imagine that one day you wake up and everything you see around you is candies. And, yes, this dream is actually on the verge of coming true. You can now become the owner of a candy factory that is well set, and you do not have to pay a penny for it. You will get details on the Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website.’

Is it shocking? You might be wondering how that is possible, so let me know that the famous David Klien, who was once a shareholder of Jelly Belly company and back in 1980, sold all his stake, is now coming up with a treasure hunt game.

The game is to find a golden ticket in the form of a necklace, and you can be the winner and might become the owner of a candy factory.

What is the game?

The ‘Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website’ game is a treasure hunt. Only 1000 participants are allowed from all the 50 states of the United States, to participate. So, the total participants can be 50000, which is the maximum limit. The ultimate treasure is in the form of a golden necklace hidden in the United States country.

How to enter the game?

You can enter the game with the help of Facebook. Yes, there are groups on the social media website, and you need to be a part of it. Initially, participants will get a riddle, and they need to find the treasure.

To become eligible to find the ultimate treasure, you will have to clear the first riddle. You can then send the location on which you see the prize on the email address.

Is the entry free?

No, to enter the game, you need to pay 49.99$. After that, only you will become part of the Facebook group, related to ‘Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website and no conversation about the game will be private.

What is the reward?

David Klien, the owner of Spectrum Confections, and his partner are organizing this game together. The entry fee is minimal in comparison to the reward.

The response is so good that all California state tickets are already selling out and have reached the last access. David says this hunt is getting a delighted response on the ‘Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website.’

Yes, you need to pay only 49.99$, but in each state, one treasure hunter will get 5000$ that is 100 times the entry fee. The lucky winner who will find the ultimate treasure will become the Candy Factory owner in Florida. Also, you will get a sponsored trip and free education. It will be at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that teaches candy making.

What is the value of the Candy Factory?

David and his partner did not reveal the property’s actual valuation, as it might cause pressure on the real state market and even the stock market. He just told the media that the area is of 4000 sq.ft. and it is in Florida.


The conclusion on Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website is that you can become a participant by applying on this website and buy your entry ticket worth 49.99$ to play a real treasure hunt. The news is not a scam as famous personalities are organizing it, and people are very excited to be a part of it. There will be multiple treasure hunt rounds, and the rewards are life-changing.

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