Jagmeet Singh Among Us {Nov} Know the Politician’s Game!

Jagmeet Singh Among Us 2020

Jagmeet Singh Among Us {Nov} Know the Politician’s Game! >> Read news to know which politicians are pro players of the trending game & their fund raising.

Among Us has deeply inculcated its roots in the gaming world and has been popular among many online games. But now, it is flowing in a political river. Recently, American and Canadian politicians took to the internet for a challenge that made Jagmeet Singh Among Us trendy news. 

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the Democratic Party since 2017, called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC- the United States politician, through a Twitter invitation, to play Among Us on Friday at 7 pm EST. 

He also tagged popular gaming streamers HasanAbi and Northernlion in his tweet. Among Us is an online social deduction game developed by Innersloth in 2018. Since then, it has been one of the top games. Scroll down to read more on and how AOC reacted to his tweet.  

Who is Jagmeet Singh?

Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal MP is a Canadian lawyer and has been serving as leader of the Democratic Party since 2017. He also became a Member of Parliament for riding of Burnaby South in 2019. 

Further, in Jagmeet Singh Among Us, he belongs to a political party opposite the Liberal Party, which is the longest-serving and oldest party of Canada. 

On Friday, he tweeted a game invitation for a US representative and asked if she is up for an Among Us game. 

Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and what she reverted?

Usually referred to by her initials AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the United States representative for New York’s 14th Congressional district. She had won the primary election of the Democratic Party in 2018 and came into the limelight.

She is the youngest women candidate to serve in the US congress at just the age of 29. Jagmeet Singh Among Us has become a discussion topic as soon as AOC responded to him on Twitter.

She said that Canadian Members of Parliament and US Members of Congress would vent out to each other in space. What could go wrong with that? She is up for the game and ended with national flags of both the countries’ emoticons. 

How were the live stream and its response?

The five-hour long stream of Among Us on Twitch had some fantastic moments between the politicians and people who joined the stream. 

While playing the game, they talked about politics and different other topics of issues. In Jagmeet Singh Among Us, when live streamers began to ask questions, they answered them too with non-stop killing and murdering each other. 

The point to be noted is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used this stream to raise funds for eviction defence, food pantries, and more. She collected $200k in six-hour streaming by the end. There were nearly 100,000 viewers on her side and 30,000 on Singh’s side. 

Final verdict

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC, US representative once played Among Us on Twitch in October to raise awareness and bring out more votes for US Elections. It was her debut stream, which was a massive hit with 439,000 viewers. 

Talking about Jagmeet Singh Among Us also profoundly impacted as she dedicated the $200k funds to eviction defence and food pantries. 

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