Ix Money Xyz Reviews (Mar 2021) Reviews For Clarity!

Ix Money Xyz Reviews

Ix Money Xyz Reviews (Mar 2021) Reviews For Clarity! >> Please read this article to explore some facts about a website claiming its users to earn money by viewing promotional videos. 

Have you heard of earning money by merely watching some random youtube content?

We recently came across a website offering the same, so we thought to bring you the Ix Money Xyz Reviews to introduce the website to the new ones and warn its users.

We have some reasons why we don’t want you to be a part of this United States-based website, and we are sure, after reading this article, you will delete your account with them.

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What is Ix Money Xyz?

Somewhere or the other, we all are surrounded by digital platforms around us, and they are now a part of our lifestyle. This thing can be evaluated from both aspects: Positive and Negative. We all have heard of the positivists, as the internet is filled with them.

For a change, let’s discover a scam and its working below in this blog about Ix Money Xyz Reviews.

Money Xyz is an online platform that will claim to help you earn a handsome amount of money only by watching the content on their webpage. 

For every minute, they will reward you with $0.60. And they have also mentioned on their web page that if you refer the website to others, you will also have the opportunity to earn 40% of their earnings.

Let’s go through this website’s specifications for more technical info related to Is Ix Money Xyz Legit?

Specifications of Ix Money Xyz:

  • This website allows for easy earnings by watching promotional videos. 
  • Contact Details: Missing from the Webpage.
  • Payment Methods: The user will have to enter their card details. 
  • Sign Up to the website to get the earnings started by providing some personal information.

Positive Aspects of Ix Money Xyz:

  • The website has mentioned the recent payments on their webpage.
  • One can easily fetch Money Xyz Reviews on their webpage.

Negative Points about Ix Money Xyz:

  • The website wants the user to enter all their personal information in Sign Up.
  • Contact Details, Address and other owner details are missing from the website. 
  • There is no information about the owner of available promotional videos on the webpage.

Is Ix Money Xyz Legit?

We have already discussed some points which might have helped to get a conclusion about this website. If not, do not miss this section for clear facts which will prove its authenticity. We will first discuss some bullet points, which are the base of any firm or weak websites. 

  • Domain Age: The Domain of this website is registered only a few days ago and is linked with more than one country.
  • Trust Score of the Website: The website has a deficient and weak trust score over the internet.
  • Trustpilot Ratings: The site could only fetch 2.5 Star Ratings over Trustpilot with all the negative reviews.
  • Availability of Ix Money Xyz Reviews: There are many links over the internet describing the website’s low authenticity issues.
  • Social Media Appearance: The site is not available on any other platforms. 
  • Copied Information/Videos: There is no information about the owner or creator of the videos.
  • Relevant Owner Details: The website has no mention of contact details, address or any other information. 
  • Payment Related Issues: The website will ask for your full bank or card details under the name of transferring the generated amount. 

With all these points mentioned above, we can get an idea about Is Ix Money Xyz Legit‘s?

Scroll to the final verdict for the conclusion.

Customer Reviews:

As already mentioned, we have found reviews of the website over the internet and the web page. 

Reviews available on the webpage are all positive and in favour of the website. Users have mentioned that it is the best alternate for the retired people as they can easily earn money by just sitting at home. Also, they have appreciated the concept of this website.

Reviews over the internet are thus opposite. We haven’t found any single reviews of this website over the internet appreciating the same. 

Thus, based on this contradiction, we want you to know that the reviews available on the webpage can be manipulated, which seems to be true in Ix Money Xyz.

Webpage’s Ix Money Xyz Reviews are all fake are thus a publicity term to increase the trust if their users.

Final Verdict:

This article went with the flow and smoothly informed you about all the aspects of a website claiming to reward money in the return of watching youtube videos. 

We have mentioned all the relevant points that state the original motive of this website: to earn money illegally. We also found out that these websites make money by selling user’s personal information during our research. 

Please stay away from this website Money Xyz, as it is purely a newly launched scam, as revealed in this blog about Ix Money Xyz Reviews.

Are you satisfied with us? Have we missed out somewhere? Do let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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