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Is Legit (March) Have Details About site Here -> Look at this article to get an idea of cockfighting violence taking place in some countries!

Let’s know Is Legit website or a scam one.

As you all must be aware of how the Philippines cockfighting has done the violence towards the animals. So, to rescue these animals, and wpc15 have come up with the idea of protecting these animals by offering people to participate in roosters fight.

If you have genuine care and concern for these types of animals used for amusement and circus purposes and do include any violence to animals, you may go to or wpc15 to know how can you help out those animals. But don’t just go and participate, first look whether the particular site is real or not and then deal with it if you find it right.

What Is Wpit18 com Dashboard?

The wpit18 and wpc15 com reports report mentions, where does the fight, takes place, including the roosters.

Before trusting site, please try to read Reviews shared.

Is there any violence done with the animals? Human beings have done many strange events that have taken place. People are using animals for amusement purposes, and people are training animals with a new type of sports with them.

Humans are using these animals for films and circus purposes and another type of period plays. But if people begin using these animals for any amusement that includes violence will be called cruelty. In precisely same this Wpit18 and Wpc15 com Dashboard speaks about the Philippines cockfighting that has caused violence towards animals.

We will later discuss Reviews too!

A brief overview of Wpc15 com Dashboard:

Well, discussing Wpc19, they are a form of the world Pitmasters cup. Furthermore, this particular tournament includes the people or participants who can deliver their roosters’ properly and use them for fighting. 

It’s found that the concerned specific game are ban though it’s not globally band, many countries have allowed banning.

This Dashboard further helps us to understand more about cruelty taking place all around with the animals. Explore this Dashboard to know about the violence and cruelty done with the animals all around.

Read ahead to sense the legitimacy of

Is Legit?

Well, when you browse on Google, the website are found errors which is a bad sign as people are unable to find anything out from As the website is not working and displaying error so it may not be a legit site.

Well, the wpit18 com is found present on Facebook having a few followers, but their post hasn’t been found liked by many people. So we can only recommend you to dive deeply into the website, look at its details and then decide to go for it. Further, there is no reviews and response we can find about on Facebook and online.


So, similarly like, many other organizations and websites are working to protect animals against violence done by humans. As we are not sure about ls Legit, we may search other similar websites and organizations working with the same aim.

It’s vital to be sense the cruelty done with the animals and rescue them against any violence.

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