Is Tim Hortons Scam (March) Read Reviews To Decide!

Is Tim Hortons Scam (March) Read Reviews To Decide!

Is Tim Hortons Scam  (March) Read Reviews To Decide! >> Please read this review to learn about this site’s legitimacy that promises to provide food with multiple offers.

Are you a food lover or looking for the best fast food, doughnut, or other beverages like Hot coffee? This article will inform everyone about an online food ordering platform that we explored on the internet. The platform’s name is Tim Hortons. 

People are aware that there are numerous scam sites in Canada. Is Tim Horton’s among them? If this is the case, Is Tim Hortons Scam or Not Reviews are only for you.

What is Tim Hortons?

Tim Horton, a National Hockey icon, established the first restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian multinational chain of restaurants. Tim Horton, real name Miles Gilbert Horton, is a professional ice hockey player and businessman who launched the famed North American restaurant franchise Tim Hortons.

By December 31, 2018, Tim Hortons is Canada’s biggest rapid restaurant with 4,846 venues in 14 countries. This information is sometimes insufficient to place your trust in a well-known online food platform. Is Tim Hortons Scam? Read this article to check.

What are the specifications of the Tim Hortons site?

  • Website URL-
  • Domain age creation date – December 31, 2018
  • Industry – Restaurants
  • Company Location – Oakville, Canada
  • Contact number- 1-888-601-1616
  • Number of locations4,846 
  • SSL Connection – Valid HTTPS Connection
  • Website popularity – Excellent Traffic 
  • Money-saving offers- Available

Stay tuned for some more updates on the legitimacy. Then go ahead and proceed. 

How do we assess the site’s legitimacy? Let us focus on all the essential factors of legitimacy.

Is Tim Hortons Scam?

  • Domain age – The web domain registered on December 31, 2018, so it is pretty old.
  • Web hosting name – The website domain is similar to the business name.
  • Copied Site – We have seen a lot of pages that looked similar to the one we copied.
  • Legal Address – The site’s location is not a forgery.
  • Website success– The site has drawn a lot of attention on the internet.
  • Customer feedback – Customers seem to be disappointed with their service and offerings.
  • Home page – The website’s about us page appears to be devoid of helpful information.

A scam claiming to become a complimentary gift voucher for such a healthy coffee and doughnut shop, Tim Hortons revealed more than a day earlier.

People are confused that Is Tim Hortons Scam as It requests you to like the page and share this with your Fb friends to appreciate Tim Hortons for the free hot coffee. It seems that trying to scam Canadians isn’t enough for the individuals behind this treasure hunt.


This article’s knowledge evaluates whether the site is safe or a scam. Furthermore, we can say that the site’s offer is entirely a Scam. Many businesses seem to be accurate but are, in fact, illegal. 

We believe we were able to answer your question effectively.  Is Tim Hortons Scam?

Keep an eye on yourself. If you buy anything from a website, you haven’t ever heard of it before. This website’s entirety exhibits all of the information we could obtain that may help you evaluate if Tim Hortons is a trustworthy site or a scam.

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