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Is Sony Dancing Speaker Legit 2021

Is Sony Dancing Speaker Legit (Jan 2021) Scroll Down >> As mentioned above, the article talks about a device that works both on music and functionality.

Sony is one trusted name when it comes to speakers and electronic gadgets. These days Sony has come in the news again as it is all set to bring in the cute robots back. The new addition to Sony is the ‘Rolly.’ 

Let us know more about these products in the town’s talk in the United States. We hope that you get an adequate amount of knowledge through this article. So, let’s get started with this article to know more about this cool gadget. 

Through this article, you will also get to know the answer to the question, Is Sony Dancing Speaker Legit?

Is the product Legit?

We tried to find the factors that establish the credibility of Sony dancing speakers. However, it seemed like a fragment of imagination when we tried to see the product’s whereabouts. No website was selling this product; there were no review articles published about it. No users were talking about the product. We still found some videos about the product in which the users seem to be showing a demo of the product.

So, not many factors talk about the product’s authenticity and make us dicey about the product’s real credibility issue.

What is Sony Dancing Speaker?

We tried to gather some factual information for Sony Dancing Speaker Review. The name of Rolly sells Sony Dancing Speaker. It is one egg-shaped robot that will help in combining music with some exemplary functions. It is a great device that will help you rotate and spin the machine.

Also, there are two bands of coloured lights that you can see on the device when it is played. There are also cup-like wings that can open and close when the music plays.

There are various operating modes of the device, which also includes the functionality of Bluetooth. This device can play music when it is connected to the mp3 player or phone/ computer. 

There are also motion files that are created that help in loading the music on Rolly. The device also comes with a G force sensor that helps detect whether the instrument is being played or is kept in an upright position. 

The device has 2 Gigabytes of flash memory to enable the storage of the files. Till here, we seem to be impressed by this robot’s features and strongly think of it as a replacement for the iPod. However, the question remains, Is Sony Dancing Speaker Legit?


  • Device: It is a robotic music and functionality device.
  • Does the device move: Yes
  • Is the device compatible with phones and computers: Yes
  • Does the device enable hands-free calling: Yes
  • Which are the compatible languages with the device: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, etc.
  • Price for pre-order: pounds 220/ pounds 299


  • The device is compatible with the phone/ computer.
  • The device enables hands-free calling.


  • We couldn’t find any purchase links for the device.
  • The device doesn’t have a strong social media presence.

Customer Reviews:

Is Sony Dancing Speaker LegitDespite many searches for the device’s reviews, we couldn’t find many customer reviews available on the internet for the device. It is one red flag that we surely cannot ignore. 

Thus, we will not recommend that our readers go for such a device with a strong user fanbase. Even the reviews that we managed to find are almost a decade old so, it is a bit dicey about how and where to find this device.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, though this device was a rage back then, now it is not that much in the news. Is Sony Dancing Speaker Legit? Let’s talk about this. The device was sold in a vast number during the time that it came out. However, there is no talks about this device by Sony either.

So, we think it will be a bit hard for you to find this device on the internet or the market anymore. So, as much as we like the concept behind this and adore its cuteness, the truth is that this device doesn’t have a strong foothold in the market right now.

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