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Is Sneaker Addicts UK Legit {Jan} Read Reviews To Order

Is Sneaker Addicts UK Legit 2020

Is Sneaker Addicts UK Legit {Jan} Read Reviews To Order -> For the naïve consumers online, this article is meant to have an impartial informative tone with no idea about such hoax websites.

We all want to earn good money and want to pamper ourselves by splurge a little on stuff that we love, right? I am sure nobody would deny this fact. So this article is centred on those bunch of crazy sneaker fans who just cannot resist whenever they see a pair of sneakers and answers Is Sneaker Addicts UK Legit. Then you will relate that just one pair is not enough.

So here is to all my crazy sneaker fans. In this review article, we are here to discuss a sneaker selling website. Let’s see if this United Kingdom-based sneaker selling brand is worth buying from or it’s a scam.

This brand named Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews focuses mainly on sneaker distribution. Below mentioned is the in-depth analysis of the website to find out the reality of this website.

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Is Addicts UK a legit brand?

The website of Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews has a secured link and has a valid SSL certificate. The website has a life of only a year, which is a red flag. As typically, a simple website would have a life of more than a year. There is not a social media presence on the website at all, which is another red flag. The website’s full content is copied and pasted from another website and confirm if Is Sneaker Addicts UK Legit.

Usually, a scam website doesn’t make an effort to write the website’s explicit content and write it to have an illusion of appearing as a real website.

We have not found any customer feedback online, even after searching for a decent amount of time on the Internet. Still, for SEO search, this website is not optimized. At the bottom of the website, it says that Shopify powers the brand. Typically, to have an illusion of a real website, a hoax website fools innocent customers by using names of big brands like Shopify to authenticate.

What is Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews?

So, Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews is a sneaker selling brand that sells sneakers only, targeting sneaker lovers. These shoes are not inexpensive to draw customers; they are just about every other sneaker’s price on the market.

The Specification of this online website:

  • Product Type: Online Fashion Store
  • Url of the website:
  • The brand does not share contact information.
  • The standard shipping cost is not mentioned on the website by the brand.
  • Payment mode: Any debit or credit card.
  • The Return Policy and Refund Policy are available for this brand, but comes with certain conditions apply.

Pros of buying from Addicts UK Reviews:

  • The Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews is dedicated to a niche product that is a good idea.
  • This online website is safe for the users to surf.
  • The online webpage lacks variation.

Cons of buying from Addicts UK Reviews:

  • The online website layout is not appealing at all.
  • The details that a company should reveal has not been revealed by the brand—the absence of transparency.
  • The website content is plagiarized.
  • The website life is shorter than usual genuine websites.
  • The brand shares no contact information.
  • The website owner is probably trying to conceal its identity.
  • There are no customer reviews online.

What are people saying about this website?

There are no customer reviews online as this Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews has relatively new. The website is not even optimized for seo. The website also lacks a social media presence, so there is nothing to refer to for the new website visitors to believe that it is worth buying from. Hence, due to this, this brand is quite unreliable.

Final Verdict:

After considering all the facts above, the website seems highly unreliable. Thus it is highly advisable to keep away from such websites. The brand has not made any effort to design the website either; the website content is also copied from other websites.

Generally, a hoax brand creates a temporary website for a brief period to pull the website down, whenever the brand wishes to. Thus this website Sneaker Addicts UK Reviews has every possible point of a scam website.

Therefore, as you do not obtain anything in exchange for paying for the item, it is advisable not to engage or have any transaction on this website.

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