Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021 (March) Read The Updates!

Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021

Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021 (March) Read The Updates! >> Is it official or is it fake news? Read this article to be informed about the online games.

Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021? Can players play Roblox again in UAE without any restrictions, or are there still some restrictions imposed? The latest news headlines have popped up various questions in players’ minds. But do not worry because we will address them all in this article today.

Back in 2018, the United Arab Emirates had banned the famous game Roblox in their country because, according to many, the young players were exposed to the vulnerable content. But hopefully, things have changed now. Read to know the latest updates on this topic.

Why was Roblox banned earlier?

Before answering- Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021? We want to tell you why the country banned it in the first place. 

In 2018, on Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi’s orders, the United Arab Emirates Attorney General, the game creation platform, along with many other games, was banned in the country. Roblox aimed at children aged 8 to 15. Reports say that children were exposed to adult language and sexually explicit content on this platform. 

Since all the content on this game is user-created, it is hard to know what the children will be exposed to. Some parents tried to monitor their child but were unsuccessful.

Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021?

Finally, a relief for all the Roblox lovers who are residents of the UAE. The government has officially lifted all bans from Roblox. 

There are no more restrictions imposed while accessing the platform. Users can freely create and enjoy the content created by other worldwide players of Roblox.

We do not know whether this ban is lifted for a limited period or forever. But we hope for our readers living in UAE that this action taken by the government is forever.

Customer Reviews:

Now you know, Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021 or not. But did you see the reaction of people to this?

Roblox fans from all around the world were happy for their brothers from UAE. Many prayed that the game should stay like this forever. Some were confused and asked how long the country lifts the ban and its reason. One user wrote that they unblocked Roblox because the game went public on the stock market.

But clearly, everyone is happy to read this news, although we do not know about the angry parents who had earlier supported the government’s decision to ban this app.

Final Verdict:

So, Is Roblox Unbanned in Uae 2021? Yes. 

Roblox is an American game-creating platform allowing its users to develop their games and share them with others. Parents were worried that this platform exposes their young children to sexually explicit content and adult language. And due to this, UAE had banned the app.

However, it is time for everyone to rejoice and once again experience this innovative and creative platform.

What do you think of this decision by UAE? Is it good or bad? Write a comment below.

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