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Is Phar Sold Mybigcommerce Legit [Dec] Get Review Here


Is Phar Sold Mybigcommerce Legit [Dec] Get Review Here -> This review will give a detailed analysis of a website selling appliance accessories.

Have you shopped on any webstore selling home appliance accessories? There may be several such stores online, but we will be talking about and find Is Pharsold mybigcommerce Legit. It has been selling online for the last twelve years and is known in the United States.

The webstore details will be given to you in this article, and you will come to know all the positive and negative aspects of this webstore. Before buying anything from this store, you will be able to judge the webstore and safeguard yourself from any scam if any present.

Is Pharsold mybigcommerce Legit?

We analyzed the webstore for its legitimacy and found it to be online for the last twelve years. The extended stay of a website on the internet is a significant proof of its legitimacy. However, we were unable to find any reviews online for the webstore that sells accessories for home appliances.

People are although questioning the site owners about their products, and that can be seen in the FaQs section. However, no customer feedback is available anywhere on the web. There is no association present with social media sites too, and the absence ofPhar sold mybigcommerce Reviewsmakes it a doubtful site.

What is

The website has been a mature site and sells accessories for home appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and some devices. The prices are at the reasonable range, and the shipping cost info is not available. The delivery takes around 2 to 4 days, and returns are accepted within 30 days.

The modes of paying include various Credit cards. There is a warehouse address given for the United States. Apart from that, an email id and phone number are also given on the website for the customers.

Specifications of

  • Website Kind – Online Retailers of Home Appliance Accessories Website Country – Australia
  • Shipping info – Not available for charges
  • Returns – Available within 30 days
  • Warehouse Address – 4608, E 12th St Suite A Kansas City MO 6412
  • Email id –
  • Phone – 888 614 6007
  • Payments – Credit Cards like Visa, Amex etc.
  • Social media – No presence

Positive Points of

  • Thewebstore is running on the web for the last twelve years and if you ask, Is Pharsold mybigcommerce Legitor not, then it is hence proved.
  • There is a wide range of accessories available for the appliances we use at home.
  • The returns are available, and you can claim them within 30 days.
  • Contact details are readily available for the buyers on the website.

Negative Points of Pharsold

  • The webstore has given an address of the warehouse that is doubtful, as can be seen by using Google maps. The same location has some other businesses available there.
  • There are nil reviews available for the customers online
  • People find the prices too low to be true.

What arePhar sold mybigcommerce Reviews given by People?

People hardly know about this webstore that is online for the last so many years. It is not well-known among the buyers, and hence you can judge its popularity. There is no presence available on social media, like Twitter, Instagram, etc. that again tells about the website. It has very little customer strength and is rarely known among people.

There is an absence of any feedback on any leading review site too. Seeing all this, it comes to every user’s mind, Is Pharsold mybigcommerce Legit or a scam? Due to its presence on the web for the last twelve years, it is not possible to call it a scam site. Hence, it can be treated as legitimate and genuine for online shopping.

The Final Verdict

As the analysis of the webstore was done thoroughly and research reveals that the site is legit and reliable. There are almost nil reviews available online for the webshop, that sells accessories for the appliance that we use at our homes. Still, it cannot be called as a scam, due to its long presence online.

People may doubt and ask us, Is Pharsold mybigcommerce Legit or not, but our answer will remain the same, yes, it is legitimate. The buyers can very well shop on the website and still if they have doubts they can make their queries using the contact details given on the website, and then proceed. For any comments, please write in the below comment section, and give your feedback. It will be highly appreciated.

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