Is Noon Light Safe (Feb 2021) Read The News Update

Is Noon Light Safe 2021

Is Noon Light Safe (Feb) Read The News Update -> Do you think any safety application can be trusted? Check out this news post and read about one popular safety application and its related scam.

What if your dating experience can be improved in terms of safety? Yes, it is now a possibility, especially for those who are using the tinder application. Noonlight is an application or a platform that is specially designed for people living in the United States. This is an SOS app that shares the information of your exact location to police with the tap of a single button. 

However, many questions are raised against the safety application, and people want to know, Is Noon Light Safe? Read this article to get all the latest updates regarding the application and its related scam. 

What Is Noon Light Application? 

Noonlight is a popular and legitimate application that has partnered with Tinder to provide security when you meet with any new person through Tinder. If you reside in the USA, you can connect this application to Tinder for the following benefits: 

  • You can anytime call emergency services if you feel uneasy. 
  • With the help of the timeline feature of the application, you can share information like when fair and whom you are meeting. 
  • You can also put a badge on your chats which will help people know that you are protected by Noonlight. 

How the application improve your dating experience? 

If you want to knowIs Noon Light Safe? Read Our Post till the end. But before that, find out why this application is considered the safest American application. 

  • This application smartly summons assistance to your exact location by simply clicking on a button. 
  • It saves all the essential details to your timeline, so you are always safe while going out and meeting someone unknown. 
  • Your friends are added to the safety net so that they can also check your details
  • Noonlight also gets connected to other applications for better and faster help in case any emergency arises. 

Fake Noonlight Verification

Due to some fake verification of the Noonlight application, many individuals raise the question that Is Noon Light Safe

Noon light is not a scam application. Any message received from noon light that asks to reveal your identification or profile verification is not from the official moonlight application. 

If anyone you have decided to date on tinder aur Snapchat asks for any link to verify your identity, it is a complete scam. Never reveal your identity or any credit card-related information. Noonlight has also responded to all the complaints made by people. The team of nationals is also working to resolve the scam related to Noonlight.

Visit for more information. 

Is Noon Light Safe?

Noon Light has got a lot of appreciation from American uses. But recently, an issue related to known light came into notice. Many users have complained that they have received sms from moonlight asking for some kind of verification through the link. 

However, we found that Noonlight is not doing any such messages to the application users. It is a cybercrime activity noticed by the application itself, and Noonlight is also replying to customers’ complaints that they never asked for any personal information. 

So, be cautious and don’t reveal any personal information, neither click on any verification link. 


Noonlight is a legitimate and trusted application. Is Noon Light Safe? If this is your question, we undoubtedly say- Yes. Some scammers and hackers are misusing the name of this application. 

All you can do for your safety is not to reveal your personal information like your identity or your credit card details, as Noonlight will never ask for it. 

Have you ever made use of this application? What are your reviews about it? Please tell us in the comments section. 

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