Is Mapikusa Legit (Oct 2020) Explore the Reviews Below.

Is Mapikusa Legit 2020

Is Mapikusa Legit (Oct 2020) Explore the Reviews Below >> The article, as mentioned above, is about a website that sells various uncategorized items online.

What do you think about online shopping? When was the last time you ordered something online? How do you rate your experience of online shopping? Well, we are sure that these questions must have been asked to your multiple times. Most people in the United States prefer online shopping as compared to visiting the stores physically.

It is convenient and saves a lot of time and hassle, but it also holds some money. Various discounts are going on in the online world that helps a user save some cash. Let’s talk about one website that has a great collection of uncategorized products. You will know a lot about the website after reading our review. The name of the website is Mapikusa. Now, you must be thinking, Is Mapikusa Legit?

We have the answer to your question and a lot more in this article. So, read carefully and know for yourself.

Is Mapikusa Legit?

Is Mapikusa Legit? We tried to find information about the website that helps in proving it to be legit. However, we found that the website has no mention of the contact details, other than an address. Even the address mentioned on the website seems to be a fake one. There is no presence of the website on social media platforms.

The website doesn’t have any contact information mentioned. When we tried to know more about the website’s registration, we found that the website is only three months old. Any website with less than six months of existence seems to be a potential scam. It makes us think that the website is a possible scam. 

Also, the prices mentioned on the website are too low to be authentic. Also, the lack of positive customer reviews makes our suspicion darker about the website. In case you want to know more about the website, read on to learn more about it. 

What is Mapikusa?

Mapikusa is a website that is operational in the United States. One would find a great collection of uncategorized products on the website. These products range from bras to GPS devices to electronics to stationery. There are a lot of products that we can see here. Though, the website lacks an excellent order of keeping the things. It will become difficult for the user to search for something on the website owing to this lack of arrangement.

The website sells various products, and we noticed that all of them come under the affordable range. We tried to find the owner’s information on the website. However, we couldn’t lay our hands on anything. Also, there is inadequate contact information on the website. It makes us think again of the question, Is Mapikusa legit? Read on to know that.


  • URL of the website:
  • Types of products it offers: The website sells various uncategorized items
  • Is the website available on social media platforms: No.
  • Address of the website: 17 Maggie CT, Fredericksburg, VA 22406, USA
  • Phone number of the website: Not mentioned
  • The email address of the website: Not mentioned

Pros of Mapikusa:

  • There is an excellent collection of products.
  • The products are available at an affordable price.
  • The website also offers discounts.

Cons of Mapikusa:

  • No user information is available.
  • There is inadequate contact details.
  • The customers cannot get in touch with the website.

Customer Reviews:

We found many customers condemning the website claiming that they placed a prepaid order on the website but never received it. Some customers even claimed that they were asked to pay more money to receive their products. It adds up to a more negative image of the website. We tried to find some positive reviews to get the answer to the question, Is Mapikusa Legit? but we couldn’t.

Final Verdict

Therefore, based on the factors mentioned above, we think that the website is not legit. There is not even a single factor that will help us in establishing the website as legit. We tried to gain important information about the website that could claim its legitimacy. However, we were disappointed. Thus, we will not recommend this website to our readers. Is Mapikusa Legit? Shopping from this site could make you lose out on not just your money but also your personal information.

In case you have ever placed an order from this website, you can write to us in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Is Mapikusa Legit (Oct 2020) Explore the Reviews Below.

  1. They did take my money but no product was received! I tried emailing alot of times with no response!! Never will I order from them again!!

    1. I ordered in August and haven’t recieved anything yet I’ve emailed them numerous of times and it tells me it’s not a valid email address

  2. I did order a product from this site. The deal did look too good to be true. But, I paid through PayPal. I am going to try and get my money back. I will contact my card company and dispute the transaction. Wish me luck!

  3. I ordered 5 pairs of shoes.. like the shoes of the future it claims and ya I’ve sent multiple emails to these guys and not single reply.. so comes to think that I got scammed my $300.. $300 bucks that I really need atm cuz my house burned to the.groumd and.nothin was salvageable. I’m trying to stay positive telling myself that they will show up in the mail soon cuz its been 5 weeks now!

  4. I ordered for my son’s toy since beginning of September, they even emailed me that they have shipped my order but since then I did not receive it and I emailed them countless times but no response from them.

    1. I place my order 08/16/20 and I got a email saying it was shipped,but never received it. I send 3 email and never got any respond back.

      1. I placed an order the first of September and never received it. Tried to email them but the email failed. Do not order from this website!

  5. Please don’t order from this company, I placed an order on 8.28.20, as of 10.29.20 I have not received my order.

  6. I also ordered an item Oct 23/20 , received an email that my order was shipped & have yet to receive it.
    I went to contact them (yet again) & now MAPIKUSA site cannot be found. Super Scam!!

  7. I ordered a little motorized scooter for my grand daughter. Ordered it on 8/18/2020. Have only received a email telling me they received my order. Have not heard from them yet!

  8. I ordered a toy fory daughter on this sight which I found via Facebook they took my money I waited a few weeks then emailed them asking but the email was sent back toe! I am more than unhappy!

    1. I ordered 2 scooters for my grandkids in September. Emailed several times to be told site can’t be found.
      Will try to dispute charge with credit card

  9. Also Order a item on September 27th. No website to be found now to reply back !!!!???
    SCAM !!!!!
    40$ ? Hard working money down the drain ?

  10. I got scammed by them I ordered to ride on for my grandbabies and dang shame they screw elderly people over or anyone for that matter.

  11. I ordered two things from them and they got my money but never received them and sent numerous emails and no responses. I even contacted the BBB and they shunned me off.

  12. I have order 2 wheeler bike for my grandkids can not get touch with no one email keeps bouncing back take my money get no items

  13. I have order 2 wheeler bike for my grandkids can not get touch with no one email keeps bouncing back take my money get no items I was hoping to have these for Xmas for my grandsons unwell I can’t work spent my last bit of money on these items but be was rip off bullshit

  14. I order a toy for my son in October and got the email it was shipped but still nothing!! Try emailing them and got no responses..only response I got is that this is not a valid email..very upset!! I guess I got scammed ?

  15. I ordered electric three wheels bike for kids in August 2020. I am yet to receive it. I got an email in September that my order will soon be shipped. It never came .My order no is #2445.

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