Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Legit (Jan) Is It A Scam?


Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Legit (Jan) Is It A Scam? >> Today you are reading about smart face masks!

Do you want to buy a safe face mask to protect against the Covid-19? First, you need to check that Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Legit or not. The Invisi has its store in the United Kingdom, United States, where you can contact them for any discrepancies.

Many brands are introducing face masks with smart technologies to attract their customers. You should check the authenticity of the face covers before purchasing them.

They also introduce unique and innovative features in the face mask to convince the customers to buy their products. 

If you are keen on buying these smart face masks, you should go through the reviewThis article will let you know about the smart face covers introduced by Invisi, it features, authenticity, and legitimacy.

Is Invisi Smart Mask Legit?

The Invisi online face mask shopping store has its stores in the United Kingdom, the United States to help reach them effortlessly.Invisi has introduced next-generation face covers that are comfortable and highly breathable for the users‘ ongoing protection.The domain was registered around eight months ago. It was reported on May 04, 2020. It seems to be a legit platform.

It has a social media presence on many online platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and others, discussing and reviewing its products.It is an authentic product, but it has not been approved for NHS use. Hence, it is advised to check its details before using it to combat Covid-19. Scroll down the article to know more about Invisi Smart Mask UK Reviews.

What Is Invisi Smart Face Mask?

Invisi has introduced a smart face mask, re-usable as it is a three-ply face mask that comes with elasticized ear loops. Invisi has introduced the ISM5 and ISM30 face masks. The ISM5 face covers are great for people who want to use them as repeated wear. It can last up to five days.

While the ISM30 are premium face masks. These masks are re-usable and four-ply face masks that come with cotton borders, nose wire, and adjustable ear loops. It can last up to thirty days.However, it is advised to check that Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Legit or not before purchasing them from this online platform.

Specifications of Ivisi Smart Face Mask:

  • Website URL: Type: Online shopping store for smart face masks   
  • Contact Number: 44 (0) 203 150 4547
  • Head Office Address: Cumberland House, 80- Scrubs Lane, London, NW10 6RF, UK 
  • E-mail Address: 
  • Contact Timings: Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Pros of Ivisi Smart Face Mask:

  • These face masks are made with smart technology.
  • It is proven to kill up to 99.99% of viruses and germs.
  • The masks are re-usable, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

Cons of Ivisi Smart Face Mask:

  • The face masks are not approved for NHS use.
  • The ear loops of the face masks do not fit well.
  • These face masks are not as breathable as claimed by Invisi.

Invisi Smart Mask Reviews:

After exploring over the internet, we could find a few reviews on Invisi’s smart face masks. Invisi claims that its products are safe and gentle for the users.

The company claims that titanium dioxide activates its products and light, which has proven to destroy algae, bacteria, endospores, fungi, pollutants, spores, viruses, and volatile organic compounds, i.e., VOCs.  

Invisi strives for excellence and also ensures the process of reliable testing of its core technology.It claims to kill 99.99% of germs and harmful viruses and pollutants. However, the safe way is to check its details before purchasing these face masks. 

However, we advise checking complete information before purchasing smart face masks from Invisi.And also, check if Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Legit or not.

Final Verdict:

The smart face masks from Invisi is a unique and innovative product. It is made with intelligent technology to kill around 99.99% of the germs in your environment.

Invisi claims that its products have gone through robust testing that ensures removing build-ups of bio-burden and pathogens on the treated surfaces. Its quality and performance assurance tests are under the criteria of international qualification.

Its products are out-sourced to the recognized and trusted third-party testing facilities, making them the trusted and safe face masks in the pandemic era.However, the safe way to buy the smart face masks is to check Is Invisi Smart Mask UK Legit or not.Please leave comments at the end of our article!

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